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Friday Night Funkin Universe

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Week 3: Pico School

General Info

Week 3: Pico School logo
Event NameWeek 3: Pico School
Week 3: School of Pico Friday night's Funkin' Universe is a high-energy battle of rhythm and rap against Pico, the fiery red-headed hero of Newgrounds. Set in a unique and nostalgic school setting, it features a mesmerizing mix of three catchy songs: Pico, Philly and Blammed. Bursting with adorable animations and an injection of Pico's fierce personality, the event offers an impressive and fast-paced challenge that's sure to leave you on the edge of your seat. Meet Pico in this spectacular 3-week event where only the most precise beats and the highest notes will secure your place in the winner's circle!


Friday Night Funkin' is a popular rhythm-based indie game created by a team of four developers. The game takes on a unique world where musical battles are everything. Players follow the story of a boy named Boyfriend, who is determined to prove that he is the protector of Girlfriend's ex-rock star father, Daddy Dearest, through intense musical battles.

An attractive part of the game is the weekly battles with various characters, including Mom Mearest, a former pop icon of the 80s; Pico, the boy's school rival; and popular internet icon duo Tankman and Whitty. These battles are replayed to catchy songs that test the player's rhythmic skills to victory.

One of the charming factors of the game is its nostalgic appeal, setting and style reminiscent of old-school flash games and rhythm games, with immersive pixel visuals and a catchy soundtrack. These factors, among many others, have made Friday Night Funkin a staple of today's indie gaming culture.