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Dull Blade

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Item NameDull Blade

The Dull Blade from the Genshin Impact universe is a unique weapon with unparalleled potential. Despite its seemingly unremarkable name and ordinary appearance, this knife has latent power. As one of the starting weapons, the Dull Blade carries the heaviest burden at the beginning of the journey. While it's only a 1-star weapon and doesn't offer any special abilities or base damage bonuses, it's still a useful tool for new adventurers. Due to its simplistic design, the Dull Blade is considered a symbol of raw potential that can be transformed into a deadly weapon with time and experience.


The Dull Blade is a simplistic but important weapon in the Genshin Impact universe. It is reminiscent of a bygone era, carries an extraordinary history and symbolizes stories of perseverance, determination and indomitable spirit.
Sleek and unadorned, the Dull Blade may lack the shine of a freshly forged sword, but it's anything but ordinary. The worn blade embodies unstoppable and unyielding resilience. It has withstood hundreds of battles, conquered countless opponents, stood the test of time, and is still going strong. The weapon serves as a stark reminder that even the sharpest blades can dull over time, but their spirit prevails. In Dull Blade, dexterity and strategy are more important than looks. It subtly encourages the user to be more confident in their own abilities rather than promising a razor sharp edge.
The dull blade is a symbol of perseverance and faith, making it a treasure of the Genshin Impact universe. It can command respect and recognition and is an emblem of wisdom and resilience for those brave enough to use it. It doesn't promise instant victory, but it does guarantee growth, tenacity, and fighting spirit, essential aspects for every energetic adventurer in the game.
The raw, weathered weapon is a testament to the core values ​​of the game, which is that power comes not just from the outside of the object, but from the mind.

Creation and Development

A cornerstone of the Genshin Impact universe, the Dull Blade is intended as a casual entry-level weapon that players may initially overlook, but it has a unique innate and versatile role in the game.
During the design phase, developers created Dull Blade with potential and growth in mind. They wanted a sharp contrast between the naming of a mundane, meaningless existence and the promising possibilities of development. Therefore, they chose a simple design - a simple iron blade without any ornaments or decorations. The key was to capture a recognizable and common look that players have come to appreciate over time. In terms of development, the main goal was to help Dull Blade players explore different fighting styles early in the game. It was deliberately soft to give beginners a chance to understand the basics of fighting. However, as players' skills grow, Dull Blade is on a path of serious improvement and continues to grow.
This point sums up an inspiring metaphor: it shows that despite initial limitations and challenges, with continued dedication and commitment, extraordinary results can be achieved. It symbolizes potential, adaptability and constant growth. Dull Blade is more than just a weapon; it is these ideologies that manifest in the virtual entity. This is a testament to the creative ability of the developers to closely connect game elements and deep meanings. Essentially, it bridges the gap between the direct gameplay elements and the depths of the vast conceptual story within the Genshin Impact universe.

Cultural Impact

Dull Blade, while seemingly insignificant, made an interesting cultural impact in the dynamic world of Genshin Impact. As the default starting weapon for many players, its presence in the game sets the stage for every traveler's journey.
It is an iconic symbol that represents the humble beginnings of each player. This is proof that you started from scratch and then gradually became the owner of the most powerful weapons in the game. It is not considered an obsolete thing, but a fond memory, a humble recollection of the early days. In addition, Dull Blade's simple yet elegant design has influenced the aesthetic taste of many players. Its simplicity has become synonymous with beauty, and many fans have incorporated the theme into their personal game settings and clothing. It is this nuanced symbolism and connection to the player's beginning that makes the Dull Blade not only a weapon, but also an emblem of development and personal growth within the Genshin Impact fandom.