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Los Santos Triads

General Info

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Faction NameLos Santos Triads
The Los Santos Triad faction, originating from Hong Kong and the greater Asian underworld, is considered the dominant force in the Los Santos underworld. They are highly specialized in organized crime and engage in various illegal activities: arms smuggling, counterfeiting and offshore gambling. Their infamous reputation and unforgiving language make them both feared and respected throughout the city. The Los Santos Triads are highly skilled in the martial arts, and their deadly effectiveness in hand-to-hand combat is a testament to their vindictiveness. Despite their violent attitudes, they share a deep bond of brotherhood and loyalty that embodies their unique code of honor. Thus, the Triads are one of the most intriguing and threatening groups in Los Santos.


The Los Santos Triads, headquartered in San Andreas, are a prolific and influential Chinese crime syndicate. Hailing from China's Guangdong Province, the Triads have become a prominent criminal force in the Los Santos underworld. Led by a shrewd leadership, the Triads control a variety of criminal enterprises, from drug trafficking to arms trafficking, taking full advantage of the city's corruption and chaos.
The modus operandi of the Triads is organized and secretive, demonstrating deep roots in tradition and loyalty. Membership is usually familial or through close ties, which reinforces their silence from law enforcement. Their business is run through a complex network of shelters and companies, making Los Santos their personal playground.
Despite their dangerous nature, triads also act as legitimate businessmen. Protected behind the facade of legal operations such as casinos and shipping companies; their influence permeates every corner of Los Santos. Bound by blood and oath, the Triads' ruthless rule over the city continues and promises dire consequences for those who dare stand in their way. This ruthless and efficient crime syndicate continues to be a major player in the underworld of Los Santos.


The Los Santos Triads originated from an Asian criminal organization made up of several immigrants, mostly from China. Their origins date back to the late 1980s, when this group started a small-scale operation, initially to survive, which later grew into one of the most powerful crime syndicates in Los Santos.
Over the years, the Triads have become notorious for their brutality and ruthlessness. They ran a variety of illegal businesses, from drug trafficking to high-profile heists, expanding their underground empire and establishing a foothold in Los Santos. This rise also brought conflicts with the city's existing gangs, leading to numerous gang wars that became an important part of Los Santos' history. In the late 1990s, the triads experienced a power shift with the introduction of more strategic and business-oriented leadership. During this period, the Triad's influence in the city increased dramatically. The new leaders set up a number of legitimate businesses as fronts, significantly increasing their illegal income. The Triads also formed alliances with several prominent criminals in Los Santos, further increasing their authority and respect within the city's underworld.
However, the organization's rapid growth also led to internal disputes and power struggles. The leadership faced opposition from senior members, leading to violent clashes. Despite these internal problems, the Triad managed to maintain its unity and used these disputes as a tool to further strengthen its ranks.
Currently, the Los Santos Triads represent one of the largest criminal organizations in the city. Their influence extends to many aspects of the Los Santos underworld. With respect and reverence, they embody the horrific reality of urban organized crime. Despite numerous efforts by law enforcement, the Triads continue to thrive and demonstrate their unyielding power and influence in Los Santos.

Notable Members

Member #
Ran Fa Li
Wu Zi Mu
Su Xi Mu
Little Lion
Big Poppa


The Los Santos Triads, a powerful faction in the ever-expanding Grand Theft Auto universe, are largely centered in Chinatown, Los Santos. The city's narrow, labyrinthine streets mimic the bustling neighborhoods of real cities, giving it a unique vibrancy that sets it apart as a Triad area. The heart of this district is a square adorned with traditional arches and lively streets borrowed from an iconic Asian aesthetic. The neighborhood is home to numerous businesses allegedly affiliated with the faction, adding layers of intrigue to the day-to-day operations.
The position of the Triads in Los Santos is their strategic location. Their proximity to the city's port allows efficient control of incoming shipments, taking advantage of local and international trade. Along with an intricate network of alleys perfect for running from pursuers, the Triads of Los Santos have cemented their place in the city's stronghold. Regardless of the activity surrounding them, these streets reflect the never-ending hustle and bustle of the Triad's history and add to the rich tapestry that makes up the intriguing underworld of the GTA universe.

Legacy and Impact

The Los Santos Triads have greatly influenced the cultural and criminal landscape of the Grand Theft Auto universe. Their continued presence demonstrates the complex balance of power, influence and survival in the criminal underworld. The Triads brought a unique combination of organized crime and history from another part of the world and applied it to the streets of Los Santos, making a lasting impact on the city's crime syndicates. In addition, they have infused elements of Chinatown into the local culture, creating an unprecedented fusion of East and West that also echoes aspects of street art, food and music.
In particular, the Triads left their mark on the residents of Los Santos, who in turn contributed to the legacy of the Triads through their portrayal in films, books, and video games; most iconic being their inclusion in the Grand Theft Auto series. This media attention made the Triads the epitome of an exotic, ruthless, yet colorful crime syndicate in the popular imagination. Although their methods were brutal and merciless, the incredible resilience of the Los Santos Triads allows them to survive and adapt.