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San Andreas

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CitySan Andreas
CountryUnited States
Postal Code95249
Location NameSan Andreas
San Andreas, a fictional American state in the GTA universe, is overflowing with opportunities for adventure and mayhem. With diverse neighborhoods inspired by iconic landmarks in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Las Vegas, players can explore the seedy ghettos of Los Santos, the vast desert of Red County, and the twinkling lights of Las Venturas. High-speed car chases through winding streets and violent gang warfare, reflecting the brutal underground culture, add to the intriguing chaos of San Andreas. With diverse and visually stunning landscapes like Mount Chiliad, San Andreas is more than just a game world. It is a realm of endless exploration where the spirit of freedom spreads from streets and highways to deserts and hills.


San Andreas, a well-constructed state in the Grand Theft Auto universe, combines elements of real American states and cities. The look and feel is similar to the west coast of the US, especially California and Nevada. Due to the different climate and geography, San Andreas is made up of 3 strikingly different major cities: Los Santos, San Fierro and Las Venturas.
Los Santos is a huge city reminiscent of Los Angeles and known for its rich celebrity culture and endless sea of ​​suburbs. Hoods, gang fights and established wealth aptly describe this city. The city of San Fierro, which resembles San Francisco, has steep streets, trams and fresh and diverse nature. His persona is as modern and vibrant as his real-life underworld counterpart.
Las Venturas is famous for its gambling culture that mimics the glitzy glamor and fun of Las Vegas. The city is bustling with high stakes and high people; an adult paradise steeped in corruption and risk.
The vast countryside and remote deserts between the three cities are full of unique landscapes, mysteries and characters. With the state ruled by a criminal underworld, San Andreas is full of compelling stories and intense experiences for adventurers to explore the tumultuous journey of a GTA character.


San Andreas in the GTA universe is a state that artistically approaches California in terms of style and geography. It appears in various forms in several games, including GTA: San Andreas and GTA V, and has become a symbol of widespread criminal activity in pop culture.
San Andreas, as most fans know it, was first introduced in 2004. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas of the same name. A departure from the cityscape of Liberty City, it was a striking depiction of late 1990s California, composed of three distinct cities: Los. Santos reflects Los Angeles, San Fierro channels San Francisco and Las Venturas is very similar to Las Vegas.
Los Santos offered players a glimpse into the gang culture of Los Angeles, while San Fierro acted as a hub for cyber culture, offering a subtle contrast to the hippie vibe. Meanwhile, Las Venturas was a place where money and vice met, revealing the city's infamous addiction to gambling. Interspersed between the cities are quaint towns, mysterious forests, hidden mythologies, and vast deserts that reflect California's varied topography.
In 2013, GTA V revisited San Andreas, but the focus was on Los Santos and the surrounding countryside of Blaine County. This iteration saw the return of previously explored themes such as gang warfare and new elements such as a sharp critique of modern Hollywood, satirically renamed Vinewood. The main update was a huge realistic geography that players could freely explore, taking the immersive experience to new heights. Overall, the evolution of San Andreas within the GTA universe reflects the franchise's growing aspirations to present a sophisticated, engaging and satirical portrait of American life. The State is a testament to the storytelling genius of Rockstar Games, offering players an exciting and unforgettable taste of the West Coast underworld.


A perpetually sunny state filled with diverse cultures, San Andreas gets its name from the San Andreas Fault that cuts across the landscape. The sidewalks are packed with busy pedestrians from all walks of life, from the snobbish and wealthy residents of Vinewood to tattooed urban gang members.
The state is densely populated, and the three main cities of Los Santos, San Fierro and Las Venturas all offer a unique insight into life in San Andreas. Los Santos mimics the real Los Angeles, filled with street art, music and the sounds of urban life, while San Fierro, inspired by San Francisco, impresses with its sparkling bay and architectural diversity. Las Venturas, a gambler's paradise and the answer to Las Vegas, lures you into gambling with its dazzling casinos. Diversity in San Andreas reflects not only the diversity of people, but also the geography. The panorama of the village is dominated by Mount Chiliado. The wild nature of forests and deserts provides a perfect backdrop for high-speed chases, unlike the confines of cities.
San Andreas is a world in which you can get lost or find yourself - richer in its tricks, absurdities and even crimes. Despite its often brutal setting, this particular part of the GTA universe also manages to provide a humorous and satirical commentary on American life. No matter what draws you to the state, San Andreas is always entertaining, providing a playground for every imaginable getaway.