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Grand Theft Auto III

General Info

Grand Theft Auto III logo
ArtistsAaron Garbut
WritersDan Houser, James Worrall, DJ Pooh
Game NameGrand Theft Auto III
ComposersCraig Conner, Stuart Ross
PlaymodesSingle player
DevelopersDMA Design
Game EngineRenderWare
Produced ByLeslie Benzies, Dan Houser
Release Date2001-10-22
Game PlatformsPlayStation 2, Xbox, Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, Android, iOS, Fire OS
Publisher NameRockstar Games
Country of OriginUnited Kingdom
Publishers Websiteswww.rockstargames.com
in 2001 The release of the action-adventure game Grand Theft Auto III pioneered the open-world genre in the video game industry. The game takes place in the fictional Liberty City, largely inspired by New York. The game's protagonist, a quiet character named Claude, must rise through the ranks of the city's underworld after being betrayed by his girlfriend during a bank robbery. GTA III features non-linear, narrative gameplay where players can choose missions to continue the overarching story, as well as embark on side activities and exploration missions. Innovative 3D graphics, immersive storyline and freedom of play set new standards in the gaming world.


'Grand Theft Auto III' game screenshots
'Grand Theft Auto III' game screenshots
'Grand Theft Auto III' game screenshots
'Grand Theft Auto III' game screenshots
'Grand Theft Auto III' game screenshots


Grand Theft Auto III, commonly known as GTA III, takes players on a harrowing adventure set in a large fictional city called Liberty City. Players assume the role of a petty criminal trying to climb the ranks of the city's underworld.
An open-world action-adventure masterpiece, the game marks the series' transition into a 3D environment. Players are free to roam around various urban environments, complete missions carried out by famous criminal characters, or simply cause mayhem with immersive game mechanics.
GTA III revolutionized the rules of the game with story-driven games, cinematic cut-scenes and gritty storytelling. The basis of the game is its missions, each of which has its own independent story. However, player choices can lead to unique paths and outcomes that encourage replayability.
The game offers a wide variety of vehicles to explore and an unprecedented level of interaction with the urban environment. Police responses based on incidents, changing weather conditions and the day-night cycle add realism.
From car thefts to bank heists, GTA III introduced elements that have become staples of the franchise ever since. It promises an adrenaline-filled journey through the underbelly of the city, reflecting the often grim reality of city life. It's a game that set a standard for the open world genre that others still aspire to today.



Grand Theft Auto III revolutionized the world of interactive entertainment with its immersive gameplay, giving players a sandbox-style universe known as Liberty City to explore in depth. As the main character, players have the freedom to go on quests or just wander around to discover hidden game items.
The game introduced the appearance of three-dimensional environments, a huge leap forward from its predecessor. The navigation mechanism is mainly on foot, but various vehicles such as cars, ships and even a helicopter make moving around the city more dynamic. The linear storyline of the game is developed through the implementation of missions of different characters. The game also boasts a Wanted system, which is used as a punishment for illegal events. As the number of crimes committed increases, the law enforcement response increases to six stars, making it much more difficult for the player to escape from the prison. During gameplay, the player can also interact with non-player characters, adding to the game world.
Weapons and combat systems are a big part of this game. A variety of tools, from baseball bats to explosives and flamethrowers, allow players to strategically complete missions. Additionally, controlling a character's hit points and saving gameplay allows for replayability and reduced losses.
Grand Theft Auto III isn't just about completing missions. You can freely participate in many activities such as taxi driving, fireman, street racing and vigilante mini-games. Most interestingly, the game has a radio system where different stations play different genres of music and catchy commercial parodies that enhance the overall gaming experience.
A large part of the game's popularity is due to the freedom and flexibility it gives the player. Grand Theft Auto III created a new pinnacle of virtual realism and set the benchmark for future games in the franchise and its ilk.

Gameplay video


Grand Theft Auto III introduces us to the dark and gloomy underworld of Liberty City, a vast and sprawling urban jungle filled with wisecracking characters, criminal activity, and plenty of mayhem. The main character is a silent character, a common criminal who is believed to have been killed in a botched robbery by his girlfriend.
The main character is involved in the criminal underworld, works in various criminal organizations and performs dark tasks to earn a living. As the protagonist rises to power in the criminal underworld, he takes on dangerous jobs from mobsters, yakuza leaders, and various other shady characters in order to get revenge on his treacherous ex-girlfriend.
During his journey, he would transform from a villain to a feared and respected underworld figure. We see Liberty City through his cold, calculating eyes, a city where anyone can be friend or foe, where loyalties shift in an instant and to survive means breaking the law and betraying trust.
The game offers a thrill ride full of heightened thrills, adrenaline-pumping action, and dirty, gritty noir charm. Grand Theft Auto III revolutionizes the open world genre with its mature and engaging storyline, giving us an intimate look into the heart of darkness in Liberty City.
In these dark streets, the main character weaves a web of crime, betrayal and revenge. He must navigate this chaotic world, relying only on his wits, agility and a full arsenal of weapons. Her choices will affect not only her own fate, but Liberty City's as well. In Grand Theft Auto III, it can change in an instant if you are the hunter or the hunted. The closer you are to power, the more dangerous your existence.


Grand Theft Auto III (GTA III) is a huge leap in the evolution of the Grand Theft Auto series. The transition from a top-down perspective to an incredible and complex yet complex 3D universe opened up new horizons for enriching fascinating stories and game mechanics.
Development of GTA III began in 1999, shortly after the release of Grand Theft Auto 2. This time, Rockstar Games decided to take a revolutionary step and offer players unparalleled freedom. This ambition led to the adoption of a 3D approach that, while technically challenging, provided the tools needed to create an immersive environment. Conceptual plans include a fully interactive city full of life and activity, populated by different characters with different tasks and personalities.
At the center of this ambitious project were DMA Design (later Rockstar North) in Edinburgh and Rockstar Games in New York. They were responsible for the most difficult work - the massive game world and mission design. Advanced graphics techniques were used to depict the fictional city of Liberty, increasing realism and interactivity.
As for the plot, the team has chosen a cinematic approach to storytelling. With Hollywood acting talents such as Michael Madsen, Kyle MacLachlan and Robert Loggia, each character was given an individual personality and storyline that helped create a dynamic and vibrant game world.
Despite initial skepticism about the radical shift from 2D to 3D, GTA III has since been praised for its innovative approach. It has set a new benchmark in the world of action-adventure gaming, culminating in an immersive and endlessly entertaining gaming experience.


in 2001 October 22 Grand Theft Auto III by Rockstar Games is a game that pushed the boundaries of interactive entertainment. Based on its predecessor's freedom-focused gameplay, this title was the first 3D entry in the series, introducing for the first time a fully explorable, living, breathing 3D city that would form the basis of subsequent titles.
Grand Theft Auto III packs the rich tapestry of American culture into the dark, rain-soaked streets of Liberty City, giving players a dizzying sense of freedom and power as they ascend into the underworld of criminals. This sandbox-style game attempted to break traditional expectations of the gaming medium by immersing players in a dynamic and open world where story, gameplay, and environment are seamlessly intertwined.
Upon its release, Grand Theft Auto III was met with critical acclaim and was heralded as a groundbreaking title that changed the landscape of video games. The revolutionary approach to gaming resonated deeply in the popular industry, paving the way for future open-world games. Despite initial controversy over its violent themes, the game's legacy remains etched in the annals of gaming history, a testament to its qualities that still resonate more than two decades later. During this period, the release of Grand Theft Auto III was more than a game, it was the beginning of a new era of interactive entertainment.


Grand Theft Auto III was critically acclaimed and quickly became the defining title of the early 2000s. Critics praised its innovative 3D gameplay and the unprecedented freedom it gave players to explore an urban environment rich in detail and vibrant, filled with numerous neighborhoods and personalities. and spheres.
The game was praised for its compelling story. It expertly weaves a gritty and engaging story full of memorable characters, dark comedy and plenty of twists and turns, perfect for a mature audience.
The innovative open-world design gave players the freedom to complete missions in a variety of ways, adding a strategic dimension to the game that players greatly appreciated. The game's mission design variety was also praised, ensuring that the gameplay never feels repetitive or stale.
Final success was also seen in the sound design. The unprecedented inclusion of multiple radio stations, each with unique playlists and entertainment locations, has contributed greatly to the game's immersive world.
However, it was not without controversy. Due to its depiction of violence and illegal activities, the game has sparked many debates regarding video game ethics and censorship. However, this did not prevent commercial success. Grand Theft Auto III has sold millions of copies worldwide, cementing its status as one of the most influential video games of all time.

Cultural impact

Grand Theft Auto III not only changed the gaming landscape, but its cultural impact was not limited to the gaming community. As one of the first open-world games, it established the level of freedom given to players, allowing them to freely explore Liberty City rather than being limited to a linear path. This innovation changed the technological ways of game development and inspired many games to incorporate open world design into their gameplay.
But Grand Theft Auto III's cultural impact wasn't just technological. By satirically replicating and exaggerating the bleak realities of urban America, he planted the seeds of narrative games. By giving his characters complex motivations, backstories, and personalities, he emphasized the importance of storytelling and character depth in video games, paving the way for a series of games characterized by complex narrative and character development.
In addition, the game has received a lot of media attention and public debate due to its controversial nature. It contains violence, crime, and adult themes, and has drawn criticism from various groups and sparked debate about appropriate video game content and the potential effects of games on players. While this led to increased regulation of game content, it also increased awareness of video games as a form of adult entertainment.
Despite such controversies, the cultural impact of Grand Theft Auto III is undeniable. From delving into game narratives to boldly navigating controversial themes, it has had a dramatic impact not only on how video games are made, but how they are perceived by the public. As such, its legacy continues to shape the gaming industry even two decades after its release.