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Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

General Info

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City logo
AwardsBest PC game at E3, Ultimate Game at the Year at the Golden Joystick Awards
ArtistsAaron Garbut
WritersDan Houser, James Worrall, Donald Love
Game NameGrand Theft Auto: Vice City
ComposersLex Horton
DevelopersRockstar North
Directed ByNavid Khonsari
Game EngineRenderWare
Produced ByLeslie Benzies
Release Date2002-10-29
Game PlatformsMicrosoft Windows, PlayStation 2, Xbox, Mac OS, iOS, Android, Fire OS
Publisher NameRockstar Games
Country of OriginUnited Kingdom
Publishers Websiteshttp://www.rockstargames.com
In Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, players take on the role of Tommy Vercetti, who has just been released from prison. Set in the 1980s, the nostalgic game is filled with bright colors, iconic music and memorable characters that capture the glitz and excess of the era. It offers an expansive and fully detailed urban view of Vice City, inspired by Miami, full of shady underworld bosses, flashy cars and a fast-paced lifestyle. Players navigate the city's criminal hierarchy, meet various characters, complete missions and form strategic alliances. This game maintains the clean and easy-to-use interface, impressive graphics and captivating storylines that players have come to expect from the Grand Theft Auto series. The versatile gameplay allows players to freely roam Vice City, complete missions or enjoy city development. Experience Vice City and leave your morals at the door, it's going to be a wild ride!


'Grand Theft Auto: Vice City' game screenshots
'Grand Theft Auto: Vice City' game screenshots
'Grand Theft Auto: Vice City' game screenshots
'Grand Theft Auto: Vice City' game screenshots
'Grand Theft Auto: Vice City' game screenshots
'Grand Theft Auto: Vice City' game screenshots


Grand Theft Auto: Vice City is an action-adventure video game that immerses players in a world full of life and possibilities. You take on the role of Tommy Vercetti, a man who has just been released from prison and quickly finds himself caught up in the organized crime network of Vice City.
Filled with palm-lined streets, sparkling beaches and iconic 80s architecture, Vice City is your open-world playground. The game features detailed urban spaces filled with civilian NPCs going about their daily lives. You can freely follow the main narrative campaign focused on Vercetti's pursuit of success in a city of corruption and crime. You can also get off the beaten path and explore what Vice City has to offer at your leisure.
There are many additional activities to take part in, from vigilante missions to buying real estate and even participating in one-off heist events. The game's action ranges from car thefts, mafia boss errands to daring shootouts with rival gangs.
Noted for its satirical depiction of the 1980s era, including fashion, music and lifestyle, the game emphasizes personal freedom in an interesting and captivating story. Layered with humor, controversy, and an unforgettable 80s soundtrack, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City is a phenomenal and immersive addition to the action-adventure genre.



Grand Theft Auto: Vice City immerses players in a massive open world that recreates the glamorous neon and seedy underworld of 1980s Miami. The game is multi-dimensional and covers a wide range of activities, from large-scale car theft (as the title suggests) to character interactions that make up the overall story of the game.
As the main character Tommy Vercetti, players take part in a series of missions and tasks that arise from the plot, combining elements of action, driving, third-party shooting and stealth. The premise clearly supports a criminal lifestyle, requiring the player to engage in illegal activities in order to progress through the game.
However, Vice City doesn't just focus on the criminal aspect. Interacting with the open world, discovering hidden packages, buying real estate in the city, dressing up in numerous character outfits, just walking around and enjoying a huge selection of music from radio stations all add depth and richness to the game. Realistic environmental elements such as weather changes, day and night cycles, pedestrian traffic and busy city life contribute greatly to the immersive game environment.
Many different vehicles, including cars, motorcycles, helicopters and boats, provide a versatile gaming experience. You can switch between story missions and free roaming for a varied and versatile game.
Also worth noting is the fact that players have the option of hand-to-hand combat and a huge range of weapons, each tailored to different situations the player may encounter, with 80s music playing in the background. Overall, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City's gameplay was praised for its fast-paced action, strategic decision-making, brutal storyline, and open-world exploration. It's an engaging mix of explosive action and narrative quests that make ruling Vice City an unforgettable journey.

Gameplay video


Grand Theft Auto: Vice City allows players to explore a tropical paradise full of glitz, glamor and an organized criminal underworld. Set in the fictional, neon-lit Vice City of 1980s Miami, the plot revolves around Tommy Vercetti, a loyal former member of the Forelli crime family.
Crime family boss Sonny Forelli sends Vercetti to Vice City for a major cocaine deal that leaves Vercetti out of both cocaine and money. Backed into a corner, he sets out to find out who's behind the organization and in the process tries to build his own criminal empire.
As Vercetti fights his way through a tangled web of biker gangs, Cuban and Haitian drug cartels, and corrupt politicians, he unravels the layers of Vice City's criminal underworld. This experience clearly highlights the excesses of the consumerist lifestyle and materialism that the 1980s were known for.
As he builds his criminal empire, Vercetti gradually takes over power from other criminal organizations in the city. At the same time, he is sent on numerous missions related to murder, extortion and drug trafficking. As the story progresses, Vercetti takes complete control of the drug trade and crushes anyone who dares to cross his path.
The climax reveals a chaotic power struggle as Vercetti is betrayed by his lawyer and close friend. Either way, he emerges victorious and conquers the criminal underworld of Vice City to become the most powerful hub. Vice City offers a fascinating plot of betrayals, power plays and an eternal hunger for dominance.


Grand Theft Auto: Vice City is developed by Rockstar North, a leading figure in the gaming industry known for releasing high-quality and immersive video games. The idea for Vice City originated in 2001, when the development team began looking for ideas for new and innovative parts of the Grand Theft Auto series. With a bold premise to recreate the great style and charm of the 1980s and the authentic essence of Miami, the project turned out to be huge.
The development process was marked by extensive research and meticulous planning, with team members traveling to Miami, delving into various suburbs and even renting hotel rooms to capture a tangible representation of the city's culture. More than 8,000 photos and several hours of footage were taken to make the recreated city as authentic as possible. The team had a major influence on popular culture, especially in the movies, music and television of the 1980s. The storyline borrows heavily from films like Scarface and Carlito's Way, and the cinematic influence is evident in the game's narrative style. The game's soundtrack, which carefully selected iconic songs from the era, also helped set the mood and tone of the game.
Significant advances have been made in AI and game mechanics, with NPCs acting faster and new character abilities such as the ability to purchase property. This expansive gameplay had a direct impact on the longevity and open-world feel. The driving force behind the development of Vice City was the desire to deliver a game that would revolutionize the player experience in the action-adventure genre. The end result was a groundbreaking testament to the team's ambition and artistry, a game that has since been hailed as one of the best video games ever made.


Grand Theft Auto: Vice City was officially released in 2002. October 29 Rockstar Games wanted to capitalize on the success of Grand Theft Auto III and the global gaming community was not disappointed. Founded in the 1980s, Vice City is a stunning representation of Miami, with neon lights, wide beaches and stunning views of the city. The plot revolves around Tommy Vercetti, a character who seeks power, money and control in the city. With an all-star voice cast including Ray Liotta as the protagonist, Vice City felt more cinematic than its predecessors, and the game allowed players to explore a richly detailed world filled with plenty of side-quests and interesting content to enhance the gameplay experience. to improve . When released, the game was widely acclaimed for its soundtrack, gameplay, and open-world design. It has been recognized as one of the best video games of all time and has sold over 17.5 million copies worldwide. However, Vice City has received a fair amount of controversy for its depiction of violence and drug abuse themes. Despite these controversies, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City's impact on the gaming industry is unparalleled and remains a classic beloved by fans worldwide.


Upon its release, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City received widespread acclaim from critics and gamers alike, who praised its expansive open-world gameplay, diverse missions, and ambitious story. He raised the standards of the gaming industry with his parody-oriented storylines depicting 1980s Miami and detailed city designs that were considered amazing at the time.
Reviewers often highlighted the successful integration of classic 1980s pop culture references into the story and soundtrack, enhancing the overall immersive experience. It was widely acclaimed for its blatant depiction of violent and criminal activity, which, while controversial, was seen as essential elements that added to its authenticity and appeal.
The technical aspects of the game were not without critical acclaim. Many reviewers noted an improvement in graphics and sound quality compared to its predecessor. Despite some criticism of minor technical issues and the repetition of some missions, these were generally not factored into the game's overall success.
A cornerstone of the Grand Theft Auto franchise, Vice City truly shaped the future of sandbox-style action-adventure gaming. Its contributions to the industry and acceptance by the gaming community underline its status as one of the most important games of its generation.

Cultural impact

The cultural impact of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City is immense, shaping not only the gaming landscape, but also having a resonant impact on popular culture. It's a game that heralded a sea change in the industry and marked the evolution of open world gaming. Set in the vibrant era of the 1980s, it captivated gamers with its neon aesthetic and captured the essence of the popular culture of the time.
Its bold depiction of crime, violence, and depravity has been praised and criticized, sparking a wide-ranging debate about the ethical implications of video games and their influence on public behavior. The game's non-linear, open-world gameplay design demonstrated the potential of games as a storytelling medium, reinforcing the idea that video games can be more than just children's play. GTA: Vice City has also had a significant impact on popular culture, especially music and movies. An eclectic soundtrack featuring hits from the 1980s helped rekindle interest in the music of that era. Many players who wanted to relive the nostalgic experience of Vice City ended up discovering these songs and bands further down the road. The soundtrack has become a cultural icon in its own right, influencing other types of media to incorporate similar musical styles into their work.
Also worth noting is the visual style of the game and the story, which is reminiscent of popular films of the 80s, especially crime films. The game's cinematic narrative and aesthetic choices have inspired several films and TV shows, cementing its place in the cultural zeitgeist.
GTAVC's impact goes beyond the gaming industry. Its influence can be seen in music, cinema, fashion, and even philosophical debates about morality and freedom. GTA: Vice City has left an indelible mark on modern culture thanks to its vivid depiction of a certain era, satirical narrative, immersive gameplay and bold themes.