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Joseph Joestar

General Info

Joseph Joestar logo
Job TitleReal Estate Tycoon
Birth Date1920-09-27
Birth PlaceNew York, USA
Knows aboutHamon, Stand, Vampires
Alternate NameJoJo
Character NameJoseph Joestar
Member of OrganizationJoestar Family, Speedwagon Foundation
Joseph Joestar is the main character in the series JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. As the hero of Part 2 and the main character of Parts 3 and 4, Joseph's over-the-top personality combined with his heroic deeds make him an unforgettable part of the JoJo universe. From a young age, Joseph displayed his cunning and unusual fighting style, often using his unique Ripple abilities, which he honed through intense training. A born trickster, his humorous and unpredictable nature often catches his enemies off guard, making him a formidable opponent. Growing up, Joseph learns to control his impulsive nature by fiercely protecting his friends and family. But he retains his characteristic zest for life, which lends vigor and determination to their fight against powerful foes. His longevity as a character shows a multifaceted portrait of the hero as he evolves from a reckless youth to a wise and thoughtful elder. As such, her story echoes the central themes of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure about the vitality and resilience of the human spirit.


One of the most iconic characters from the Jojo Bizarre Adventure series, Joseph Joestar displays a combination of courage, wit and humor that sets him apart from traditional anime characters. Born into the prestigious Joestar family, Joseph initially carries the weight of his heritage with a rebellious spirit and youthful bravado, becoming a fan favorite for his strategic fighting style and comic relief.
In the second installment of the series, "Battle Tendency," Joseph is tasked with defeating powerful supernatural threats. Unlike his grandfather, he defies the standards of the stoic hero, using dashing, sharp, and undeniably clever strategy to outsmart his enemies. His tactical skills, inspired by his unique Hamon energy techniques, allow him to defeat his opponents in the most unpredictable and hilarious ways. Joseph's character develops dramatically as the series progresses, transforming him from a reckless young hero to a seasoned warrior with a deep sense of responsibility. Despite his hardened exterior, his caring nature and reliance on offbeat humor remain, showing the lovable but evil nature beneath his stern facade. This multi-layered character development gives Joseph Joestar considerable depth, making him an iconic figure in the universe of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure.


Joseph Joestar is a prominent character in the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure series, known for his quick wit, wicked smile, and ability to manipulate people and situations. 1920 Born in London and raised by his grandmother Erin after the tragic death of his parents, Joseph grew up to be a man of extraordinary courage and intelligence, which was reflected in his performances throughout the series.
Joseph's journey actually began when his grandfather, Jonathan Joestar, was killed by one of Stonemask's vampires. This shocking tragedy instilled in Joseph a deep desire for revenge and led him to master the Wave, a power his grandfather used to fight his supernatural enemies. The undulation gave Joseph immense power and many undulation-based techniques that he used strategically in his adventurous escapades. Although his unusual sense of humor often overshadowed his true strength, he was a very resilient and resourceful man. He had an uncanny ability to predict the movements of his opponents and was able to outwit his enemies in the most unimaginable ways on more than one occasion. Joseph Joestar's wit, courage and sheer determination throughout the series revealed the indomitable human spirit.
Having moved to New York after the second series, it shows a quiet life, but the charisma and heroism of the past is never far from him. Her life is marked by extraordinary events, unpredictable feats and encounters with various interesting characters, adding an exciting and action-packed chapter to JoJo's strange universe. Joseph Joestar's character JoJo's Bizarre Adventure embodies an unlikely hero—brash, angry, and undeniably charismatic—who navigates strange places with strategic genius and cutting-edge courage. The legacy he left continues to influence future characters in the series. It's his charismatic blend of bravado, cunning and humor that makes him one of the series' most memorable characters. Although age is catching up with him, the spirit of the young adventure hero Joseph has never left Joestar. It really captured the unpredictability and boldness of JoJo's weird universe.

Creation and Development

Joseph Joestar, the hero of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure series, was created by Hirohiko Araki and first introduced in the series' second arc, Battle Tendency. Araki intended to give JoJo a Western, specifically American, twist that set him apart from his English grandfather, Jonathan Joestar. Arakis designed the character of Joseph to be naturally intelligent, using guile and wit to defeat his enemies, a stark contrast to Jonathan's honorable and outspoken nature.
Araki's conception of Joseph's character was further inspired by Hollywood action heroes with charisma, quick thinking and physical strength. Araki wanted Joseph to be a character who could make the audience laugh even in the heat of battle. This sense of humor becomes one of Joseph's most important qualities throughout the series, creating tension and humor in intense combat situations.
In order to create Joseph's character arc, Arakis created a compelling narrative structure that sees Joseph transform from a brave, albeit intelligent, young man into a wise figure in the series. This expansion spans multiple arcs of the series and showcases different sides of his character. Araki also created Joseph's iconic Ripple ability, a unique power that stems from his strong breathing technique and unyielding will, reinforcing the theme of inner strength and resilience in the face of adversity.
Joseph's character development, his journey from youthful arrogance to mature wisdom had an indelible impact on the series. His intelligent, brave and sometimes humorous demeanor gave the series a unique flavor, making Joseph Joestar one of the most beloved characters in the universe of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure.

Character Profile

Joseph Joestar, the grandson of Jonathan Joestar, is one of the most iconic characters in the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure series. Born in London and raised in America, Joseph is as adventurous, witty and aggressive as his grandfather.
As a character in Battle Trend, Joseph displays the courage and determination that characterizes the Joestar family. He successfully fights ancient and powerful pillars using not only his physical strength and Hamon abilities, but also his quick thinking and unpredictability. His unpredictable yet strategic fighting style often provides comic relief, but also always keeps his enemies and audience on edge. But it's his personal growth over the course of the series, from a cocky and youthful fighter to a mature and responsible figure, that sets him apart. As the older man in Stardust Crusaders, Joseph assumes the role of tactical team leader, displaying the same hilarious irreverence of his youth. In this era, Joseph rules both Hamon and Stand, the psychic manifestation of life energy known as the Purple Hermit.
The deep connections between Juozap and his nephew Jotar Kujo add to the importance of his character. Both his fights and strategies, while outrageous at times, are mostly aware of the safety of his loved ones. From the infamous catchphrase "Your next line is..." to the endearing moments, Joseph Joestar is a truly remarkable character.

Story Arc

Joseph Joestar is the main character in the second installment of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, Battle Trend, and appears regularly in the third and fourth installments, Stardust Crusaders and Diamond Unbreakable. 1920 Born in London, England, Joseph is the grandson of Jonathan Joestar, the hero of the first part, and the son of Elizabeth Joestar.
His character is very different from his grandfather as he is shown to be a trickster with a funny attitude. But he has deep insight and intelligence and a strong commitment to destroying the evil that threatens his family and the world. These qualities manifest uniquely in his combat, using strategy and unpredictability to defeat physically superior foes. In Battle Trend, Joseph's main storyline, he travels to Mexico and Italy to fight the Pillars, ancient super beings who are the creators of the stone mask that turned his grandfather's brother into a vampire. Joseph finally succeeds in defeating the men of the Pillar with his quick and unpredictable strategies, but not without great loss and sacrifice.
Back in Stardust Crusaders, Joseph matured considerably and took on a smaller role, showing a fierce protectiveness of his daughter and grandson. Despite his age, he encounters DIO, an old enemy of the Joestar family. He continues to support the Joestar family in Diamond Is Unbreakable, showing his unwavering determination and concern for the future of his bloodline. JoJo's storyline is a journey of constant growth, courage and sanity, an ever-evolving tapestry that gives depth to the story of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure.

Cultural Impact

Joseph Joestar is a character from the popular manga and anime series JoJo's Bizarre Adventure whose influence has reverberated beyond his narrative role. This influence is evident both among fans of the franchise and in the wider pop culture landscape.
Joseph is widely known for his larger-than-life personality and unconventional flair for strategic combat, using unorthodox tactics, using sheer bluff and deception over sheer force, demonstrating the power of humor over force. This unconventional heroic archetype resonated deeply with fans and inspired many manga and anime creators, leaving an indelible mark on the genre that would soon lead other characters to display unconventional traits of intelligence and agility.
His catchphrase "Your next joke is-" reflects Joestar's uncanny ability to predict enemy movements and reactions. The phrase and its ability to outsmart opponents has spawned many memes and internet culture moments that have influenced the modern digital age.
Joseph Joestar's character design and fashion sense have also greatly influenced the anime and fashion industry, particularly his iconic headgear and gloves combination, which is often referenced or imitated in other works.
Joseph's continued popularity is a testament to his character's powerful influence, demonstrating how imaginative character creation can transcend the boundaries of the original medium and permeate other aspects of entertainment and culture.


Joseph Joestar is a man whose influence reverberates throughout the JoJo's Bizarre Universe. His cunning and unorthodox tactics against powerful foes leave a lasting legacy. His invention of the breathing martial arts Ripple provides a solid foundation for future characters, and his never-shut-down attitude favors courage and determination. He survives catastrophic struggles and always bounces back with even greater enthusiasm, symbolizing the indomitable spirit of humanity. His joie de vivre, sharp style and wit endear him to both the audience and the characters. Joseph's influence is not limited to natural ability, as his nurturing instruction helped shape the moral compass of the other characters. His dynamic personality leaves an indelible impression on those around him and fosters a spirit of resilience and courage in the face of danger. As such, Joseph Joestar's legacy is multi-faceted, a beacon of wit, courage and versatility, embodying the quirky yet endearing charm that is at the heart of JoJo's quirky universe.