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Robert E. O. Speedwagon

General Info

Robert E. O. Speedwagon logo
Job TitleFoundation Leader
Birth Date1863-01-01
Birth PlaceNew York City
Knows aboutStone Mask, Ripple technique, Stand users
Alternate NameSpeedwagon
Character NameRobert E. O. Speedwagon
Member of OrganizationSpeedwagon Foundation
Robert E. O. Speedwagon is a main character in JoJo's weird universe, first introduced as a formidable foe and later one of her most trusted allies. Speedwagon demonstrates a strong sense of loyalty and selflessness, becoming an unrelenting source of support for the Joestar family for generations. He rose from a difficult and fearful past to fame and notoriety by founding the Speedwagon Foundation. His organization contributes significantly to several scientific discoveries and supports key players in the fight against supernatural threats. His steadfast ally, moral compass, and resourceful nature underscore his character, making him one of the series' most memorable figures. Surprisingly, despite not having Stand or Ripple abilities of his own, Speedwagon survives numerous encounters with powerful supernatural beings, highlighting his resilience and bravery. His remarkable transformation from street thug to philanthropist reflects his ability to change and adapt, making him a fascinating and multifaceted character.


Robert E. O. Speedwagon is definitely one of those characters in the quirky JoJo universe that leaves a lasting impression on both the story and the audience. From his origins as a street thug on Ogre Street, Speedwagon undergoes a remarkable transformation to become a loyal friend, confidant and supporter of the Joestar family. His unwavering loyalty and keen sense of honor set him apart as an undisputed force among the strange happenings in the Joestar universe. Beneath her tough exterior lies a kind heart that is completely at odds with the hierarchy of street life she was originally a part of. Despite his humble origins, Speedwagon has an innate sense of justice that is first activated when he meets Jonathan Joestar. He becomes Jonathan's staunch ally, willing to risk his life many times for him.
Speedwagon is also shown to help defeat Dio Brando, showing his ingenuity and courage. But beyond these traits of his personality, what sets Speedwagon apart is his heritage. The Speedwagon Foundation she created carries the story of JoJo's quirky universes through the decades, making her influence permanent and everlasting. An ordinary person caught up in extraordinary events, the Speedwagon character becomes a beacon of humanity and friendship in JoJo's unusual world of strange adventures.


Robert E. O. Speedwagon is an iconic figure in the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure franchise who has served as an essential ally of the Joestar family on several occasions. Born into poverty in the dangerous back alleys of Ogre Street, Speedwagon took to a life of crime and quickly gained a reputation as a cunning and fearless gang leader. But her life took a drastic turn after she met Jonathan Joestar, whose unwavering kindness and unbreakable spirit revolutionized Speedwagon's outlook on life. Speedwagon has turned from a street villain into a loyal sidekick and a strong defender of justice. After his adventures with Jonathan, he went to America and founded the Speedwagon Foundation, a conglomerate that spanned industries ranging from oil drilling to medical research. But beyond its commercial success, the foundation has played an important role in supporting the Joestar family in their ongoing battle against paranormal threats.
Speedwagon's rise from a life of crime to a philanthropic tycoon is not just a rags-to-riches story, but one of redemption, friendship and unwavering loyalty. Although he doesn't have Stand or Ripple's abilities, Speedwagon's wisdom, courage, and resourcefulness make him an unbreakable force in the JoJo universe. So his character reminds us that you don't need superhuman abilities to be a superhero, and that a change of heart can truly change the world. This versatile Speedwagon character continues to cement his status as a perennial fan favorite of the series.

Creation and Development

Robert E. O. Speedwagon is one of the most iconic characters from Hirohiko Araki's quirky yo-yo universe. He is a character who goes from street thug to loyal companion and beyond, reflecting Araki's character development skills.
In the manga, Speedwagon is introduced as an antagonist, the leader of a notorious London street gang. Initially, his violent and aggressive persona was designed to embody the harsh conditions of life in Victorian London. But her character takes a dramatic turn after meeting Jonathan Joestar. Impressed by Joestar's noble spirit and kindness, Speedwagon not only renounces his crime, but also becomes one of Joestar's bravest allies. This impressive character trajectory was meant to portray the transformative power of kindness.
Further development of the Speedwagon character occurs in the second part of the manga series Battle Tendency. Speedwagon is not only an ally in this part, but also a commentator, providing invaluable information during the fight. He also founds the Speedwagon Foundation, an organization that provides aid to the Joestar family throughout the series. Speedwagon doesn't have the main abilities of the Stand series, so Araki uses his status as head of the foundation to keep himself relevant to the story.
Speedwagon's continued popularity among fans is a testament to the success of character development and development in JoJo's quirky universe. His transformation from fearsome street villain to lovable sidekick resonated with fans. She embodies the idea that people can change, which is a central theme of the series. Despite his supernatural abilities, Speedwagon manages to display courage, kindness, and unwavering loyalty. Ironically, his normality adds more color to Jojo's strange world, making him an unforgettable character.

Character Profile

Robert E. O. Speedwagon is the main character in the popular manga and anime series JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. Originally introduced as a villain in the first installment of the series, Phantom Blood, Speedwagon quickly becomes an indispensable ally and lifelong friend of protagonist Jonathan Joestar.
Born in poverty amidst the chaos of Ogre Street, Speedwagon survived by hanging out with criminals and thugs. His struggles have turned him into a hardened mischievous figure with an unyielding sense of survival. But beneath his tough exterior lies a heart of gold, as Speedwagon has an unwavering sense of morality and loyalty.
Speedwagon's journey from lowly gangster to loyal sidekick reveals his remarkable character arc. Despite having no supernatural abilities or "stances," his courage, wit, and firepower contribute greatly to the Joestar's battles. Armed only with his razor-sharp hat as a weapon, he defeats foes far more formidable than himself, showing his supreme courage and determination. Also, after receiving a huge fortune from the American oil industry, he starts the Speedwagon Foundation. His foundation often helps the Joestar family by providing important financial and informational resources that play an important role in their battles.
In addition to extraordinary bravery and loyalty, Speedwagon's intellectual prowess and insight are essential elements of the story's development. Above all, he acts as the narrator of the story, providing vital insight into the complexities of the situation and the inner workings of the characters.
With his prolific transformation, extraordinary courage, and unparalleled loyalty, the Speedwagon character is the show's moral compass, exemplifying virtue in a chaotic whirlwind of wacky adventures.

Story Arc

Robert E. O. Speedwagon is a pivotal character in the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure universe, appearing in the first episode of the series. In the storyline, Speedwagon has become a victim of cruel circumstances, forced to live the life of a street thug on Ogre Street. But her meeting with the main character, Jonathan Joestar, changes her life forever. Born and raised in the harsh realities of London's East End, Speedwagon had to quickly adapt to the dog-eat-dog world in order to survive. His early experiences fueled a survival instinct that was as sharp as the secret razor blades in his hat. But beneath his rough exterior, he carried a moral compass that yearned for goodness and justice.
Speedwagon's meeting with Joestar was a turning point for him. Despite initially being adversaries, Joestar's nobility and heart of gold led to a change in Speedwagon. Become Joestar's invaluable companion in the battle against the Stone Mask and its vampiric influence.
Speedwagon's clever skills played a very important role in this journey. This helped Joestar understand combat not only as an exercise in strength, but also as a combination of mind and strategy. His role was further perpetuated by the creation of the Speedwagon Foundation, which he becomes a vital ally of the Joestar family in their subsequent fight against supernatural forces.
By the end of the Phantom Blood arc, Speedwagon transforms from a hardened street thug to a loyal ally and wise friend. This transformation highlights the power of empathy, kindness, and determination, virtues that are at the core of Speedwagon's character and, by extension, the entire universe of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure.

Cultural Impact

Despite being a supporting character in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, Robert EO Speedwagon has made a significant cultural impact, especially in anime communities and internet culture. Speedwagon is a constant source of support and encouragement that has endeared him to the public.
Although he appears to be a street thug at first, his loyalty and resourcefulness soon become apparent. Speedwagon quickly transforms from comedian to wise and reliable guide and becomes a fan favorite. His character from humble beginnings to a brave and honest man is an inspiration to many.
But it's his iconic catchphrases and offbeat storytelling that set him apart. His exclamations of "OH MY GOD" and "AWESOME" have become very popular fan memes that have gone viral on social media.
Speedwagon also has a lasting impact on the story itself, with its actions leading directly to major moments in multiple arcs. This direct influence on the plot made Speedwagon a beloved character and influential relic in the series, further cementing his position in popular culture.
Her character embodies resilience, loyalty and the power of friendship, the main themes of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure series. The cultural influence and appeal of Robert E. O. Speedwagon's character continues to resonate with audiences and anime fans alike.


Robert E. O. Speedwagon's legacy in the quirky JoJo universe lives on through his character development, philanthropic contributions, and creation of the powerful Speedwagon Foundation. Taken from the gritty streets of New York, Speedwagon's transformation from hardened street thug to Jonathan Joestar's trusted confidant is a fondly remembered growth arc. He further cements his reputation as a truly righteous and loyal friend by donating his wealth to help the Joestar family in their supernatural encounters. But it's his creation of the Speedwagon Foundation that really gives this eccentric reformed fighter an indelible place in the series. A renowned organization that has done extensive research into the phenomenon of the bench and has been instrumental in providing assistance to bench users around the world, it forms the basis of many of the storylines in the series. The influence of this venerable foundation runs deep into the core story of the JoJo's Bizarre universe and seeps further into different pockets of the story, proving that the influence of a mobster on Ogre Street can be truly extraordinary.