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Speedwagon Foundation

General Info

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Faction NameSpeedwagon Foundation
The Speedwagon Foundation, founded by Robert E. O. Speedwagon, is a powerful and influential organization in the JoJo's Bizarre Universe. Known for their vast wealth and resources, they dedicate their lives to helping the Joestar family and their allies. Their mission is twofold: to support research into the supernatural and the unknown and to provide critical medical care. This dedication continues from generation to generation. The Foundation conducts extensive research on cabin users and mystical phenomena that play a vital role in the fight against Dio Brando and his followers. Emphasizing philanthropy and research, the Speedwagon Foundation symbolizes humanity's resilience and courage in the face of the mysterious and terrifying.


The Speedwagon Foundation is an integral part of JoJo's quirky universe. This hugely influential organization was founded by the indomitable Robert E. O. Speedwagon, a character who transitions from an antagonistic role before identifying with Joestar's noble cause and devoting his life and great fortune to it.
The Speedwagon Foundation's main goal is to support the Joestar family and their allies in their relentless fight against the supernatural forces of evil. This includes a wide variety of tasks, including researching Stando's mystical powers, medical care, archeological digs, and more.
The Foundation's reach is expanding globally, bringing significant resources and superior technology to support the efforts of the Joestar line. Their determination to eradicate evil and preserve humanity is reflected in their determination, embodied when they risk their actions, defying international law, in order to save life.
Throughout the series, the Speedwagon Foundation has proven to be a bastion of hope and an indispensable ally. Their unwavering devotion to the Joestar family, vast resources, and unwavering courage make them an invaluable part of the defense against the treacherous enemies that threaten the world of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure.


The Speedwagon Foundation is an important organization in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, the critically acclaimed manga and anime series. Named after founder Robert E.O. on behalf of Speedwagon, the history of this fund is as fascinating as its activities.
The Speedwagon Foundation was founded shortly after Robert Speedwagon discovered oil in America. The philanthropist, enriched by his oil fields, used his resources to create an organization dedicated to medical research and peacekeeping.
The history of the foundation is closely related to the brave origins of the Joestar family. After discovering Jonathan Joestar's struggle with supernatural forces, Speedwagon made it his mission to help and protect the Joestar line. As a testament to this promise, the foundation has provided the Joestar family with advice, equipment and support for generations.
He helped retrieve the Stone Mask, a dangerous artifact capable of creating immortal beings, to prevent it from falling into the wrong hands. He was also responsible for discovering, researching and fighting against the menacing colonists.
As the story unfolds, the Foundation continues to adapt to the ever-evolving threats to humanity. Despite heavy losses over the years, such as the tragic loss of agents to fight booth users, Speedwagon's foundation remains strong. It funds and investigates every phenomenon related to the stands and closely monitors potential threats.
The Speedwagon Foundation remains a beacon of hope from the beginning to the current timeline of JoJo's wacky adventures. His rich history and relentless pursuit of peace and justice make him a key player in the JoJo universe.

Notable Members

Member #
Robert E. O. Speedwagon
Mario Zeppeli
Erina Pendleton Joestar
George Joestar II
Dirk Strangenheim
Steven Steel
Lucy Pendleton Steel
Norisuke Higashikata IV
Diego Brando
Hot Pants


Despite its global reach and influence, the Speedwagon Foundation is primarily based in the United States. Its headquarters are in New York, one of the largest commercial, financial and cultural centers in the world. With a strong geographic advantage, the Foundation can continue its philanthropic efforts and research missions from this strategic location. Branches are spread all over the world, so there is a wide network, which is very useful for sharing resources and effectively managing international business. From the harrowing conditions of Antarctica, where the Foundation discovered the mysterious Pillar Men, to the sunny streets of Morioh in Japan, the Foundation's geographic footprint has been instrumental in supporting JoJo's adventurers on their various missions. This well-established network of bases around the world helps deliver quick assistance to those in need, which can turn the tide of battle when it comes to interacting with stand users. The diverse geography also helps to explore various phenomenal events in a strange universe that includes many landscapes, phenomena and regions. The Foundation continues to explore new territories in new areas and enrich its geographical network. Their constant exploration of uncharted territories underscores their belief that no one will be left behind in the fight against evil.

Legacy and Impact

The Speedwagon Foundation's influence on the quirky JoJo universe is deep and multifaceted. The organization certainly plays a vital role, from in-depth research into the abilities of the stand and ham, to the vital missions of helping JoJo's family. It kept the study of hamon alive even as stand users became famous, preserving an important element of the universe's history. Meanwhile, advances in medicine and technology made it possible to recover from serious injuries, and an intelligence network constantly gave the protagonists an advantage over their enemies. Its influence is not limited to conflict boundaries, but extends to community outreach, including philanthropy and advocacy. Preserving the values ​​of Joseph Joestar, the Speedwagon Foundation is a testament to the indomitable human spirit in the face of strange adversity.