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Mass Effect 2

General Info

Mass Effect 2 logo
AwardsVGX Award for Game of the Year
GenresAction role-playing
ArtistsDerek Watts, Matt Rhodes
WritersDrew Karpyshyn, Mac Walters
Game NameMass Effect 2
ComposersJack Wall, Sam Hulick
LanguagesEnglish, French, Italian, German, Spanish
Directed ByCasey Hudson
Game EngineUnreal Engine 3
Produced ByCasey Hudson, Derek Watts, Dusty Everman
Release Date2010-01-26
Game PlatformsMicrosoft Windows, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360
Publisher NameElectronic Arts
Country of OriginCanada
Publishers Websiteshttps://www.ea.com/
Mass Effect 2 is an action RPG developed by BioWare and released in 2010. Known for its enchanting sci-fi story and varied gameplay, players find themselves in a vast universe traveling across the galaxy. In this sequel, Commander Shepard, the protagonist of the game, is resurrected by Cerberus, a dark organization whose sole purpose is to ensure human supremacy in the universe. Shepard is on a mission to investigate and thwart a mysterious series of alien abductions. He must recruit and assemble a diverse team of professionals, each with unique abilities and compelling expertise. With a perfect blend of intense combat, complex moral choices, and a character-driven storyline, Mass Effect 2 offers players a truly immersive game world where every choice has consequences.


'Mass Effect 2' game screenshots
'Mass Effect 2' game screenshots
'Mass Effect 2' game screenshots
'Mass Effect 2' game screenshots
'Mass Effect 2' game screenshots
'Mass Effect 2' game screenshots


Mass Effect 2 is an action RPG that puts players back in the space shoes of Commander Shepard, an elite human soldier tasked with saving the galaxy from an imminent threat. Custom built by the player, Shepard forms a motley crew of aliens and humans across the galaxy.
Unlike its predecessor, Mass Effect 2's story is non-linear, focusing more on character development and moral decision-making. Players' chat choices and actions directly affect team loyalty and climax. The game also introduces a complex resource scanning system that encourages ship upgrades and research. The game features tighter shooting mechanics, more varied missions, and a story that boldly explores themes of self-sacrifice and morality through coercion. Mass Effect 2's highly interactive universe, compelling storyline, and character-driven narrative made it one of the most successful games of its time, loved by fans and critics alike.
Mass Effect 2 successfully expands on its predecessor's universe, adding richness to its characters and depth to its story, ultimately immersing the player in one of the most fascinating sci-fi adventures to date. Whether you're strategizing in the heat of battle or navigating complex political negotiations, Mass Effect 2 provides an unforgettable journey across the galaxy.



The gameplay mechanics of Mass Effect 2 were significantly improved compared to the first episode. You start off as Commander Shepard, tasked with assembling a team to save the galaxy from a seemingly unstoppable force known as the Collectors.
The third-person shooter elements of the game involve strategic use of your character's unique combat skills, which can be upgraded as you progress. These skills include core aspects such as technical, biotic, and combat skills, adding an aspect of strategy and thinking to each enemy encounter. An integral part of the combat is the cover system, where you need to play tactically to survive the fiercest battles. You'll be joined by squad members, each with their own specific abilities that can be mastered in combat, adding depth and strategy to combat. Mass Effect 2's AI has been fine-tuned to provide a more complex combat experience.
Mass Effect 2 is also essentially an RPG. The game encourages player choice. Every decision you make affects the universe around you. Dialogue options shape personal relationships and affect the overall outcome of the game. As a commander, your reaction to situations largely determines your morale, which is calculated specifically as Paragon or Renegade points.
The inclusion of mini-games such as collecting resources to improve your spaceship and skills also adds to the immersive gameplay experience. The Mass Effect 2 universe invites you to explore with multiple star systems, planets and side missions to reward your curiosity.
In short, Mass Effect 2 is a perfect combination of tactical combat, resource management, decision-making and amazing universe exploration, giving you a deep and immersive gaming experience.

Gameplay video


BioWare's Mass Effect 2 begins with the shocking destruction of the SSV Normandy, protagonist Shepard's galactic ship. Shepard is believed to have died in a deadly attack by a mysterious alien race known as the Collectors. But in reality, Shepard is revived by the Illusion Man, the head of a secret organization known as Cerberus.
Over the course of 2 years, Cerberus undertakes the miraculous task of bringing Shepard back from the brink of death through a project known as Project Lazarus. When Shepard awakens, he is faced with the enormous responsibility of assembling a specialized team to deal with this new alien threat. The plot thickens as Shepard races against time to recruit and win the loyalty of a motley crew of assassins, scientists, mercenaries and former enemies. Each squad member needs Shepard's help in dealing with personal grievances, strengthening the bond between Shepard and the squad.
During this galactic journey, Shepard also discovers a sinister plan by the Collectors to conquer and harvest entire human colonies to create a new Reaper, an ancient and powerful alien race previously encountered in Mass Effect.
This sets the stage for one of the game's most iconic missions, called the Suicide Mission. Shepard and his team must travel through the Omega-4 Relay, a path no other spaceship has ever returned from, to infiltrate the Collector's homeworld and ultimately stop the Collectors' dastardly plans. This selfless mission could very well mean the death of Shepard and his allies, hence the moniker.
This story is full of decisions that change the course of the plot and the outcome, allowing for many endings. This is one of the hallmarks of Mass Effect 2, providing each player with a unique narrative experience through the choices and relationships that are nurtured throughout the game.


The development of Mass Effect 2 was an ambitious undertaking driven by BioWare's commitment to innovation and taking the RPG genre to the next level. Determined to surpass the success of the original Mass Effect, the development team worked to refine and improve every aspect of the game, from the graphics to the gameplay mechanics and narrative depth.
A lot of effort has gone into revising the combat system. BioWare wanted to strike the perfect balance between tactical strategy and a visceral shooting experience. This led to the introduction of a new cover system and a greater variety of enemy AI, making combat more dynamic and engaging. Mass Effect 2's visual art has also been greatly improved. As such, Unreal Engine 3 has been fully utilized with detailed character models and stunning planetscapes creating a truly immersive gaming experience.
The development aimed not only to improve the game mechanics, but also to strengthen the depth of the story. BioWare introduced the concept of the "suicide mission", a narrative device that strongly tied the actions of the character during the game to the end of the game. This added a unique sense of urgency and consequence to player decisions. Overall, fans and critics alike appreciated the improvements in Mass Effect 2, praising it as a worthy sequel that not only appealed to fans of the original game, but also opened up the fascinating Mass Effect universe to a wider audience. The dedication of the development team resulted in a game that was improved in every way from its predecessor, offering a balance of familiar and innovative features that resonated with players around the world.


Mass Effect 2, developed by BioWare and published by Electronic Arts, was released in 2010. month of January. This highly anticipated sequel delivered a captivating and cinematic gaming experience that appealed to new and returning players alike. With game mechanics improvements, improved graphics and exciting gameplay. storyline, Mass Effect 2 expanded upon the unique universe created in the first game.
The main character of the game, Commander Shepard, returns to fight the emerging threat. Players were deeply immersed in a rich story that required difficult decisions with far-reaching consequences. Packed with compelling characters and intense action sequences, the game's story provided a level of player engagement that set a new standard for the sci-fi RPG genre.
The main feature of Mass Effect 2 is the character creation system. The complex web of relationships and personal stories allowed for a deep exploration of the game's various characters. Along with the reputation and moral choice system invited players to determine the direction of their journey.
In terms of technical characteristics, the improved graphics engine and improved controls have greatly improved the gaming experience. Combat felt fluid, abilities had more impact, and galaxy exploration was more immersive.
Mass Effect 2 received widespread acclaim upon its release and won numerous industry awards. Its success cemented the series' place in the pantheon of great video game franchises, enthralling millions with its epic intergalactic saga.


Mass Effect 2 was released to critical and player acclaim. The game was mostly praised for its improved battle system, rich narrative, and well-crafted character development. The iconic morality system, which gives players the freedom to make choices that directly affect the game's story, was also praised for its refinement compared to the previous installment. The voice acting and stunning visuals were highly praised, especially for conveying deep emotions and the overall gameplay experience.
However, the game was not without rivals. Some fans felt that the longevity and replay value of the main storyline was sacrificed to focus more on side issues. Additionally, some saw the simplification of RPG elements as an unwanted step towards traditional action games.
However, these criticisms did little to dampen the overall positive reception. The game has won several awards, including Game of the Year, Best Xbox 360 Game, and Best RPG from various stores. Its overall success cemented its position as a worthy successor to the Mass Effect series and set a new benchmark for sci-fi RPGs. Its massive appeal and immersive universe have maintained its popularity, making Mass Effect 2 a beloved classic in the gaming world.

Cultural impact

The cultural impact of Mass Effect 2 was immense, setting a new standard for defining narrative and player in the gaming environment. The depth of the story and the complexity of the moral decisions presented to the player were praised, and critics and fans praised it as a charmingly cerebral counterpoint to the typical shoot 'em up genre.
Mass Effect 2 has raised the level of difficulty in character creation. It enhanced the already rich tapestry of races, histories, conflicts and cultures presented in the original Mass Effect. The player can delve into these layers of the story, forming alliances or creating enemies based on their choice. The game has made an indelible impact on popular culture. It has particularly influenced other science fiction games and media with its unique world-building and character development. It unleashed a wave of fan theories, fan fiction, and cosplay, creating a passionate and dedicated fan community.
Mass Effect 2's high-risk mission concept, which requires players to prepare and execute a "suicide mission," was considered unique and revolutionary. This premise has since been picked up by other games and reflects Mass Effect 2's cultural footprint. The introduction of a variety of different companions has led to representation in the gaming industry. Mass Effect 2 expanded the progressive dialogue about gender, sexuality, and race in video games. The diversity of the character list not only increased the richness of the gaming universe, but also opened up new horizons for the portrayal of video game characters.
Therefore, Mass Effect 2 is a milestone in video game culture. It reinforced that video games, like other narrative media, can offer powerful stories that resonate with players and make lasting contributions to the broader cultural discourse.