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Mass Effect: Andromeda

General Info

Mass Effect: Andromeda logo
AwardsBest RPG of 2017 (Game Debate), Best Game No One Played of 2017 (Giant Bomb)
GenresAction role-playing, Third-person shooter
ArtistsJoel MacMillan
WritersMac Walters, John Dombrow, Cathleen Rootsaert
Game NameMass Effect: Andromeda
ComposersJohn Paesano
LanguagesEnglish, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Russian, Polish, Portuguese
PlaymodesSingle-player, Multiplayer
Directed ByMac Walters
Game EngineFrostbite 3
Produced ByFabrice Condominas, Mike Gamble, Casey Hudson
Release Date2017-03-21
Social Mediahttps://www.facebook.com/masseffect
Game PlatformsMicrosoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One
Publisher NameElectronic Arts
Country of OriginCanada
Publishers Websiteshttps://www.ea.com/games/mass-effect/mass-effect-andromeda
Mass Effect: Andromeda takes you to the Andromeda galaxy of unimaginable vastness, far from the Milky Way. As a Pathfinder, you wake up from a 600-year slumber in a universe where you are an alien. Your journey is filled with the question of survival, tasked with finding a new home for humanity. How far will you go to change the course of humanity's future? The game features an intriguing story, deeper character development, tons of weapons, and amazing unknown worlds to explore. HDR lighting effects, animations and 4K rendered landscapes make the visual journey immersive. Mass Effect: Andromeda is not just a fight for a new home, it's a fight for hope, freedom and family.


'Mass Effect: Andromeda' game screenshots
'Mass Effect: Andromeda' game screenshots
'Mass Effect: Andromeda' game screenshots
'Mass Effect: Andromeda' game screenshots
'Mass Effect: Andromeda' game screenshots


Mass Effect: Andromeda is an action-adventure game that takes you to the Andromeda galaxy far beyond the Milky Way. Here you take on the role of Pathfinder, the leader of a troop of military-trained scouts with extensive upgrade and customization systems. This is the story of the next chapter of humanity, and your choices in the game will ultimately determine the survival of the human race in the Andromeda galaxy.
As you explore this vast and uncharted territory, you will come face to face with a mysterious new race of aliens. Your ability to establish strong diplomatic relations with them or wage war against them will have a drastic effect on the rest of the game. Equally important is your interaction with the crew, which will affect your personal story and the ultimate fate of humanity in the new galaxy.
Mass Effect: Andromeda has a massive character customization system that gives you complete control over what your character says and does during gameplay. With an incredibly compelling storyline, complex combat, and highly complex characters, Mass Effect: Andromeda lets you shape the entire experience to your heart's content.



Mass Effect: Andromeda, the latest installment in the popular Mass Effect series, transports players to a vast new world packed with gameplay features. The game takes place in the Andromeda galaxy and is thrown into a completely unknown area where survival is the main goal.
The gameplay is an evolutionary advance over its predecessors. Character development remains the most important aspect, facilitated by a revamped skill system that allows players to improve their skills and abilities alongside their crew. Not only do you level up, but you also develop skills over time, giving you a fully immersive gameplay experience as you mold your character to your preferred play style. Combat, as always, is an integral part of the Mass Effect universe. Andromeda has significantly improved the dynamics, making it smoother and more ferocious. It gives you more mobility with jumpjet and allows you to use the environment to your advantage with the cover system. In addition, A.I. upgrades make your opponents more formidable, keeping you on your toes throughout your journey.
A new addition to the game is the Nomad rover, which you will use for planetary exploration. Driving around alien planets in search of resources and other points of interest is an exciting experience and adds another layer of depth to the game.
The crafting system is robust and allows players to search for resources and blueprints to create powerful equipment and weapons. Often the rewards are surprising and create a sense of exploration and excitement. The settlement system also allows players to create new homes and outposts as they colonize new worlds.
All these features make Mass Effect: Andromeda a versatile and addictive game. It is a game that allows players to set their own journey and destination in a galaxy far, far away.

Gameplay video


In Mass Effect: Andromeda, the player wakes up from a 600-year cryogenic sleep and finds himself in the Andromeda Galaxy, far from the familiar comforts of the Milky Way. The game's main character, Scott or Sara Ryder, is part of the Andromeda Initiative, an ambitious project launched to populate a new world. Their father, Alec Ryder, is a Pathfinder on the Human Ark, responsible for finding a suitable new home for humanity.
But Andromeda is not what it looked like in the first scans centuries ago. The "Golden Worlds", originally considered ideal for humanoid life forms, are now inhospitable and threatened by deadly alien fauna from a hostile new race known as the Kett. In addition, the landscapes of these worlds are adorned by massive sky structures called "vaults" by the colonists, whose purpose is unclear but seemingly related to the vitality of these worlds.
As the new Pathfinder after the tragic events, Ryder must explore this alien galaxy, search these vaults, establish outposts and make first contact with various alien species. Ancient technology from a forgotten race known as the Remnant is the key to making golden worlds habitable again. But the Ket, led by their ruthless leader, the Archon, also seek this technology for their own insidious purposes.
Ryder's journey involves discovery, diplomacy and often desperate struggle. Along with their motley crew, a group of multi-species survival experts, Ryder becomes a beacon of hope for humans and aliens alike in the ruthless Andromeda galaxy. As Pathfinders, their decisions will determine the future of humanity and determine the fate of Andromeda. Mass Effect: Andromeda is a story of exploration and survival in an alien galaxy where your choices have far-reaching consequences.


Mass Effect: Andromeda was a complex process that took years to develop, but it showed the true dedication of BioWare's development team to creating an exciting addition to the Mass Effect series.
In the early stages, the team wanted to give players a completely new experience. So they decided to place Andromeda in another galaxy, which allowed for different alien species, fascinating new worlds, and new storylines. Starting from scratch was definitely difficult, but the team saw it as an opportunity to innovate.
Bioware has implemented advanced technologies to better realize its ambitious vision. They used the Frostbite engine, which is different from the Unreal Engine previously used in the series. This change improved the visual presentation of the game and allowed for more complex environments. However, this also created additional challenges as the RPG mechanics were not unique to Frostbite and had to be included separately.
The game also introduced new gameplay elements. Traditional D-pad commands to teammates have been replaced with a dynamic AI system. This allowed squad members to react on their own, making combat encounters more realistic and engaging. The Mako vehicle from the original Mass Effect has also been brought back with improvements to explore the vast landscapes of Andromeda.
Player feedback was important in the development of Andromeda. Following the outcry from players regarding their dissatisfaction with the facial animations after the game's initial release, BioWare quickly released patches to improve them. This shows the developer's dedication to creating a quality experience for players.
Despite several setbacks, the development of Mass Effect: Andromeda shows BioWare's commitment to pushing the franchise to new frontiers. It's a testament to their courage to innovate, their dedication to listening to player feedback, and their enduring passion for creating complex and immersive gaming experiences.


Mass Effect: Andromeda 2017 March 21 published by BioWare, a famous game development studio owned by Electronic Arts. This standalone adventure is the fourth installment in the prestigious Mass Effect series, although it does not directly follow the story of the first trilogy. Instead, it creates a new story arc that revolves around the Andromeda Initiative, a project to colonize the distant Andromeda galaxy.
During the events of Mass Effect 2, a flotilla of Arks containing various living creatures departs the galaxy on a 600-year journey to Andromeda. We follow the adventurous journey of the Ryder brothers, who wake up on Andromeda to find that things haven't gone as planned. They soon find themselves in a desperate fight for their survival and the future of their new found home.
Mass Effect: Andromeda received mixed reviews upon release, with both critics and players praising its exploration, combat, and character development, while criticizing the animation, storyline, and glitches. Despite the spawning issues, BioWare has continued to support the game by releasing patches to improve the overall player experience.
Ultimately, Mass Effect: Andromeda offered something new to series veterans and newcomers alike: a galaxy of new opportunities and challenges to explore. This fresh start retained many of the core elements that made Mass Effect stand out in the first place: diverse and deep characters, morally complex choices, and a universe rich with science and possibility.


Mass Effect: Andromeda received mixed reviews from critics and players upon its release. Praised for its expansive universe, engaging combat, and complex character customization, the game delivered in many ways what was expected of a Mass Effect title. However, it has also been criticized for its technical shortcomings and narrative flaws, including underdeveloped characters and plots.
The game's progression system and combat mechanics were celebrated, and players enjoyed the jetpack feature, which added a new dimension to the game. The multitude of skills and abilities available allowed players to tailor their experience to their preferences, which many enjoyed. But for some, Andromeda fell short in other areas. Flaws were a common criticism at launch, as the game's animations and graphical issues affected the immersive experience of BioWare's games. Also, the story and characters, often referred to as the cornerstone of the Mass Effect series, failed to live up to expectations. Critics and gamers alike said that some of the characters lacked depth and that the story lacked the compelling emotional beats of its predecessors.
Despite the criticism, Andromeda has a loyal fan base that appreciates the game's innovation and continuation of the beloved Mass Effect universe. The answer to Andromeda underscores BioWare's high hopes for the legendary franchise and pushes the boundaries of how story and gameplay merge in a sci-fi RPG.

Cultural impact

Mass Effect: Andromeda has made a significant impact on popular culture with a diverse and compelling narrative that resonates deeply with a large fan base. A key aspect of its cultural footprint is its innovative approach to storytelling and character development, which set new standards for RPGs.
Andromeda's impact extends beyond the gaming community. It has influenced various areas of popular culture such as literature, film and television. The authentic portrayal of various foreign cultures, political dynamics, interracial relationships and exploration of complex social and economic issues gave the game a cultural relevance that transcended the medium. By presenting a discourse on diversity and representation, the game offers a progressive insight into the role and impact of video games on society.
The game was also praised for thoughtful conversations about inclusion. Many fans were excited by the possibility of creating characters of different races and sexual orientations. This flexibility not only allowed players to engage with the game, but also fueled a broader social discussion around issues of diversity and inclusion.
Mass Effect: Andromeda's story has been heavily involved in fan-made content, inspiring a great deal of fan fiction, great cosplay, and fantasy. The scope of the game is truly vast and has spawned numerous related novels, comics, and even board games. Andromeda's influence really illustrates the great cultural resonance that a carefully crafted video game can achieve.
Mass Effect: Andromeda's cultural impact is ubiquitous and long-lasting, from its active engagement with important social issues to its many expressions of admiration from fans. As gaming continues to evolve as an art form, Andromeda's impact on popular culture cements its role as a pioneer of narrative RPGs. It encouraged players to ask questions, think and imagine, highlighting the game's far-reaching implications both on and off the field of play.