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General Info

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Faction NameChaos
In the Megami Tensei universe, the Chaos faction is a dynamic and unpredictable force. This faction believes in unlimited freedom, survival of the fittest, and infinite power potential. They value the concept of gaining power through personal growth and experience and often face a faction of the Order that is more structured and disciplined in achieving their goals. Members of the Chaos faction are usually demons who are free-spirited by nature and value individualism. They embody the primal and instinctive aspects of existence and embrace the unpredictability of the universe. This does not mean that they are inherently evil, rather they represent the inherent chaos and primal nature of existence itself. Joining the Path of Chaos means embracing freedom over order, force over rules, and personal ambition to achieve common goals. It's not an easy path, but it promises the allure of true freedom and power.


The Chaos Faction in the Megami Tensei universe is more than just a faction; it is a complex ideology that represents the survival of the fittest and the desire for primal freedom. At the heart of chaos is the essence of choice, the potential for growth, and the relentless power of liberation. It is a perspective that criticizes any control or limitation and supports an environment where personal growth is driven by natural instincts and competition.
Allies of Chaos are inherently inclined towards an extreme form of self-expression. They believe in unlocking their unlimited inner power and reject any predetermined order or hierarchy. It is this spirit that attracts the various demons and entities in the games, fostering a unique mix of personalities that further enriches the diversity of the Megami Tensei realm.
But chaos does not necessarily indicate a lack of morality. This can be seen as contradictory and destructive, but alignment also encourages good and selfless deeds because it comes from the individual's will and not as a response to external pressure. Liberation is the highest form of existence for this faction; chaotic existence is not anarchy, but freedom from the shackles of society, a choice of self-realization.


The alignment of chaos in the Megami Tensei universe is based on an ideology of freedom that supports the right of individuals to determine their own destiny. They believe that humanity should not bow down to higher divine or demonic beings, nor be held back by rules and order. The main principle of Chaos is the survival of the fittest, every entity, human or demon, must fight for its place in the world.
First introduced in Megami Tensei II, Chaos was originally associated with demons. However, it was not anti-human, but rather anti-authority, and the proponents strongly opposed the God-ruled scheme. This faction advocated continuous conflict as a catalyst for growth and evolution. Those who follow Chaos in these early installations often appear ruthless but ambitious.
Chaos is further developed in Shin Megami Tensei. Represented by Lucifer, the leader of the rebellion against God in the Christian tradition, Chaos opposed established tyranny and oppressive structures. It may seem ruthless and violent, but Chaos seeks to free individuals from all forms of oppression, empowering them to become powerful enough to equal the gods and demons. Chaos tuning found in later games such as Shin Megami Tensei IV reinforces these principles. However, said brutality is presented as a natural process, including purification through combat. The Chaos faction essentially promotes a world where power is accumulated and respected without artificial limitations. It may not be a peaceful path, but one in which individuals freely determine their own destiny.
Although the Chaos belief system is often misunderstood or viewed negatively due to its ruthless approach, it offers an interesting perspective on individual growth, freedom, and the deconstruction of oppressive structures. It remains an important element that enriches the complexity and depth of the Megami Tensei universe.

Notable Members

Member #
Mother Harlot


The geography of the Chaos Faction in the Megami Tensei universe is as amazing and diverse as the creatures and gods that make up its habitat. Places associated with Chaos are often physically associated with chaotic or destructive elements, further illustrating the ideological divide between the Chaos and Law factions.
Chief among them is the sprawling and rampant Makai, a demonic world with significant connections to Chaos. Resembling an endless city of ruins, it is majestic in its ruins and reflects the raw, wild energy of its inhabitants. Crashed and burned skyscrapers stand as a stark monument to the messy beauty of the world. Other places associated with Chaos have a peculiar, otherworldly beauty. They distort conventional ideas about geography and make a mockery of the predictable and orderly landscapes seen in the mortal realms. In these regions, a forest can catch fire without cause or harm, or the ocean can swirl and shift with the current flowing in either direction.
Such a geographical extremity must embody the chaotic will of its inhabitants - a landscape governed not by the laws of nature, but by the will of the most powerful. However destructive or ephemeral, for the Chaos dwellers these landscapes represent the ultimate freedom promoted by their ideology, revealing their belief in the survival of the fittest and their pursuit of unregulated individualism.

Legacy and Impact

The Chaos faction in the Megami Tensei universe represents the struggle for personal freedom and the right to control one's own destiny, making it an irresistible choice for players looking for freedom of choice. His influence was huge, influencing not only character arcs, but also the structure of the game's world. Chaos' ideological bent of valuing individualism, freedom, and power resonated with players around the world, giving the franchise a long life in the competitive space. One of the most important contributions of the Chaos Faction is its ability to challenge social norms and systemic structures of the game, encouraging critical thinking in players. This dynamic has resulted in a rich, layered and complex narrative experience that players find engaging and challenging. The legacy of the Chaos Faction has firmly cemented its place as a cornerstone of the Megami Tensei universe, and its impact on gaming culture is deep and lasting.