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First Contact

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Event NameFirst Contact
The first contact event in the Memory Alpha (Star Trek) universe marks an important historical milestone. Marks the first official meeting between two different species. Most notable is Earth's first contact with the Vulcan species in 2063. - an event that changed humanity's place in the larger galaxy forever. This interaction heralded the arrival of a new era of exploration and diplomatic relations with various alien species. Instilling both fear and excitement, the First Contact event proved to be the starting point for the formation of allies, enemies, and ultimately the creation of the United Federation of Planets. It testifies to the potential for peaceful interstellar communication and the search for commonalities across vast differences.


Memory Alpha is the core of Star Trek universe lore. The name comes from the planet-sized library of the entire Federation's cultural history and scientific knowledge. Memory Alpha has grown into a massive database of topics from the Star Trek universe, including characters, ships, species and episodes.

This is a wiki-style site, which means fans around the world can help build a comprehensive archive of all Star Trek channels, including the original series, the animated series, the movies, and all sequels. Her attention to detail has made her an indispensable resource for Star Trek fans looking to deepen their understanding of this beloved science fiction universe.

Memory Alpha is more than just a fan site; is a massive, interconnected database that testifies to the enduring popularity of Star Trek and its impact on many fans around the world.