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Star Trek: Bridge Commander

General Info

Star Trek: Bridge Commander logo
GenresSpace simulation
Game NameStar Trek: Bridge Commander
PlaymodesSingle-player, Multiplayer
DevelopersTotally Games
Game EngineTotally Games Custom Simitar engine
Release Date2002-02-27
Game PlatformsMicrosoft Windows
Publisher NameActivision
Country of OriginUnited States
Publishers Websiteshttps://www.activision.com
Star Trek: Bridge Commander is an immersive space combat simulation game that allows players to experience the Star Trek universe from the bridge of a spaceship. As captain, players have full control over their ship and crew, can delegate duties to officers or directly control steering, tactics, engineering and other systems. The game's storyline, written by DC Fontana and Derek Chester, offers a thrilling adventure involving the destruction of a star and its aftermath. Players can participate in both single-player campaigns and multiplayer battles with various Star Trek races, ships and technology. The game emphasizes strategic thinking and leadership and offers an unprecedented Star Trek experience.


'Star Trek: Bridge Commander' game screenshots
'Star Trek: Bridge Commander' game screenshots
'Star Trek: Bridge Commander' game screenshots
'Star Trek: Bridge Commander' game screenshots
'Star Trek: Bridge Commander' game screenshots
'Star Trek: Bridge Commander' game screenshots


Star Trek: Bridge Commander takes players on an epic interstellar adventure as they take the helm of a Federation starship. From the comfort of the driver's seat, players gain first-hand experience leading reconnaissance efforts into the frontier of the unknown, as well as fierce encounters with hostile alien races.
The player takes command of the Galaxy-class ship USS Sovereign and completes classic Starfleet missions with a cast of characters. The game allows the player to interact with officers, delegate tasks and make critical decisions, encouraging them to display the effective leadership and tact synonymous with a Starfleet captain.
One aspect that sets this game apart is the compelling storyline that unfolds. The story was creatively crafted to include a realistic representation of the Star Trek universe. The story immerses the player in a world torn between peace and war and invites him to shape the galaxy's destiny.
The game features stunning visuals and offers a highly immersive experience. Users are presented with excellent 3D renderings of familiar environments such as the bridge and familiar characters that look stunningly realistic. Immersive gameplay, intriguing diplomatic dilemmas and thrilling battles captivate the player and provide an unprecedented Star Trek gaming experience. Without a doubt, Star Trek: Bridge Commander is a triumph of gaming, a special treat for Star Trek gamers and fans, and adds to the impressive chapter of the Star Trek legacy.



In Star Trek: Bridge Commander, you play as a Starfleet captain in command of the USS Dauntless and the USS Sovereign. The game is a combination of strategic decisions and tactical maneuvers, emphasizing the player's ability to strategically navigate the vast expanse of space.
The tactician needs to maneuver his ship, prioritize his targets, manage shields and effectively use the weapon system to achieve victory in various combat scenarios. The game allows you to control the ship from different perspectives, the bridge gives you a first-person perspective of the commands given to the crew, and the tactics mode gives you a third-person perspective, ideal for ship-to-ship combat.
In terms of strategy, you have to make decisions about resource management, fleet coordination, and delegating tasks to crew members. You also have a delicate responsibility for diplomatic dialogues that can change the balance of power and alliances.
Additionally, the game features multiple paths and alternate paths to victory, allowing players to make important decisions that drastically change the storyline and relationships with different factions. Every decision you make will bring you closer to your goal or hinder your journey.
Despite the complexity and depth of the gameplay, Star Trek: Bridge Commander manages to create an intuitive control scheme that makes it accessible to casual gamers and die-hard Star Trek fans alike. An engaging storyline, critical decision-making, and strategic and tactical elements make this a truly immersive Star Trek experience.

Gameplay video


In Star Trek: Bridge Commander, you start out as a new commander who takes over the role in the unfortunate circumstances of a freak accident involving your predecessor. Take command of the starship USS Dauntless, an area of ​​operations in an unstable area known as the Maelstrom. It's an interesting time in the galaxy because the balance between the most powerful forces in the cosmos is so unstable.
Your main task is to investigate the cause of the sudden destruction of a star in the Vesuvius system, a catastrophe that destroyed the surrounding planets and claimed millions of lives. This tragic event was the same accident that claimed the untimely death of your mentor, Captain Robert Wright. The plot thickens as you find evidence of deliberate intervention that led to the destruction of the Vesuvius star. The intrigue intensifies with the rise of the Cardassians who seem to have interests in the Maelstrom region. Parts of the Romulan Empire seem to have similar interests, adding layers of mystery.
During the game, you will face a variety of challenges, including difficult diplomatic negotiations, exciting battles and space exploration, carefully designed to match the authentic atmosphere of Star Trek. You can enjoy iconic moments from Star Trek history, such as encounters with the Borg and visits to iconic locations such as Starfleet Command and Romulus. While the story revolves around the exploration of Vesuvius, the game also touches on themes of political betrayal, manipulation, and power struggles. This gritty story reflects the complexity of the Star Trek universe, putting you in situations where every decision affects the delicate balance of the galaxy.
During the game, you not only search for phantom clues, but also observe, learn and become a leader in a field of relentless unpredictability. It's not just about fighting, it's about building loyalty, understanding your adversaries, and navigating the turbulent waters of interstellar politics. The journey of Star Trek: Bridge Commander, your journey, is really a manifestation of the Star Trek philosophy: boldly go where no one has gone before.


When developing Star Trek: Bridge Commander, the developers focused on giving fans of the franchise an authentic team experience. It was very important to stick to the canon of the series. As a result, the developers consulted with Star Trek's technical directors and invested a lot of time in scripting missions and creating complex enemy AI to feel real and challenging.
Another important aspect was the development of the ship's systems. In keeping with the authentic feel of Star Trek, the developers have created game mechanics that allow players to assign power to various naval systems such as shields, weapons, and engines. This option allowed players to adapt different strategies and tactics, providing a deeper gaming experience.
The results were especially taken into account when developing the game. The designers tried to implement high-end graphics while maintaining a high level of stability. For this, they used the innovative Totally Games engine, which can generate epic space battles with amazing special effects, but requires little computing power.
The game also featured voice acting from Star Trek actors such as Patrick Stewart (Captain Jean-Luc Picard) and Brent Spiner (Lieutenant Commander Data). It helped players fully immerse themselves in the Star Trek universe.
Finally, the development team continued to respond to feedback from beta testers and fans, making timely adjustments and improvements that greatly contributed to the game's brilliance and success.


Star Trek: Bridge Commander was released in 2002. on February 27th, causing quite a stir in the Star Trek gaming community. Developed by Totally Games and published by Activision, the game gave fans a unique opportunity to sit in the captain's chair, pilot spaceships, engage in combat situations and deal with space-time anomalies.
It offers two types of gameplay: a story mode and a fast-paced battle mode. Story Mode takes players through a 30-mission campaign filled with tales of fighting the Cardassians, Romulans, and other races. On the other hand, the quick battle mode allowed players to customize their fleet and engage in battles against the computer or other online players. The game was particularly praised for its realistic depiction of the starship's interfaces, physics and AI behavior, which remained true to the original TV show. Its appeal is further enhanced by the ability to command a variety of Starfleet ships, each with their own unique strengths and weaknesses, requiring a strategic approach to overcome challenges.
An interesting fact is that Star Trek: Bridge Commander was the first Star Trek game to achieve commercial success, paving the way for future Star Trek games. However, it was also the last game in the series to be released by Activision, marking the end of a remarkable era of Star Trek digital entertainment. Nevertheless, the game gained a cult following and continues to thrive in the modding community, ensuring its legacy in the Star Trek gaming galaxy.


Reception of Star Trek: Bridge Commander was generally positive, with fans and critics praising it for its immersive gameplay and faithful representation of the Star Trek universe. Several gaming publications have praised the game for its deep and detailed storyline, challenging scenarios, and players' ability to pilot their spaceship.
Many players enjoyed being able to complete missions that truly represent the essence of Star Trek, including diplomatic negotiations, exploration, and space combat. The addition of a multiplayer mode that allows players to pilot the famous spaceships of the series and compete against each other in exciting and strategic spaceship battles has further increased its appeal.
The game's graphics and sound design have also been praised for their high quality and authenticity, giving players the feeling of being directly involved in an episode of the iconic franchise. The voice acting of familiar actors from the series added to the realistic atmosphere and overall gameplay experience.
However, not all reviews were favorable. Some players criticized the game's sometimes complicated controls and felt that the customization options for the stars were limited. Some of the missions, according to players, were more tactical than action-oriented, which may not be to everyone's taste.
Despite a few setbacks, Star Trek: Bridge Commander has definitely left its mark on the gaming scene, especially among Star Trek fans. Offering an addictive gameplay that combines strategy with quick decision-making, it perfectly captures the Star Trek experience and promises an unforgettable virtual time in Starfleet for every die-hard player.

Cultural impact

Since its release, Star Trek: Bridge Commander has contributed greatly to both the Star Trek franchise and the wider gaming community. The game's innovative interface, which allows players to pilot their own spaceship, set new standards for immersion and interactivity in science fiction video games.
Within the Star Trek community, Bridge Commander is credited with increasing fan involvement in the franchise. By putting players in the captain's chair, the game allowed fans to more fully inhabit the Star Trek universe and strengthen their connection to the series. The game has also been praised for its faithful depiction of the Star Trek story, with critics hailing the storylines as valuable additions to the franchise's canon. In addition to Star Trek fans, Bridge Commander has also influenced many other space simulation games. The real-time tactical combat system, attention to detail, and emphasis on strategic decision-making have since been replicated in several games.
In addition, the game rekindled players' interest in space exploration and astrophysics. By presenting complex scientific concepts in an accessible and entertaining way, Bridge Commander has contributed to a greater public appreciation of these fields.
Thanks to mods and community-created content, the game continues to improve, and its cultural impact is still felt. Among Star Trek gamers, developers, and fans, Star Trek: Bridge Commander is a great example of how video games can enrich and expand established franchises.