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Item NameID Card
In the Metal Gear universe, the ID card is a vital means of identifying personnel at various classified military installations. These cards are the key to accessing locked doors and secret information. Each card is personalized with the details of a specific person, including name, surname, photo, rank and other important information. The advantage of this technology lies in the encryption, which performs different levels of security verification. Using an ID card allows agents to remain undetected, increasing the likelihood of a successful mission. However, deception and trickery are often used, as agents can use stolen or copied maps to infiltrate secret locations. From a broader perspective, the ID card represents the complex web of politics, espionage, betrayal, and ever-changing power in the Metal Gear series.


The ID card is an essential element of the Metal Gear universe, acting as a key device that provides access to the various security doors on Big Shell and Shadow Moses Island. Initially, Metal Gear Solid's design includes an integrated circuit that stores and processes information through an integrated chip.
Acquiring this card gives players significant advantages in the game. Uniquely identifies each staff member with access to high security areas, which increases the realism of in-game missions. The importance of this element increases with each task. In addition to providing access to locked rooms where weapons, ammunition, or medical supplies are stored, the ID card is essential for sneaking into enemy quarters, adding to the stealth element of the game.
However, its use is highly dependent on the appropriate level of security set at each port, often requiring multiple ID cards. For example, the ID card obtained by the main character Solid Snake gets a level 4 pass, giving access to most areas of Shadow Moses Island.
The ID card complements the tactical espionage missions that are the pinnacle of storytelling and gameplay in the Metal Gear Solid series. This makes it an indispensable part of your inventory to unlock hidden levels of gameplay and storytelling. In order to fully immerse players in the realistic and immersive gameplay of the Metal Gear universe, understanding the strategic use of the Identity Card is essential.

Creation and Development

The concept of the Metal Gear universe ID card item was not originally intended as an integral part of the game. The original design of Metal Gear focused on combat and survival strategies without the use of special access tools. However, as the game progressed, it became apparent that a system was needed to restrict access to certain areas, giving the military base environment a more authentic feel, so the concept of the card was introduced.
The inclusion of ID cards added another dimension to the overall gaming experience. In addition to excelling in combat and stealth, players had to figure out how to use their ID card. This further emphasized the game's famous tactical espionage gameplay style.
Metal Gear 2's ID card feature has been enhanced with multiple levels of cards that allow characters to access different areas based on their allocated slot. This was a major improvement to the game and was very player friendly.
In addition, Metal Gear's ID card concept has also greatly influenced other game projects over the years. From a security measure at a heavily guarded military base to a tool for unlocking secrets and game progression, the ID card has seen an ingenious twist. Its success made it a staple of the Metal Gear series, and its influence can be seen in many subsequent games. The ID card, a creation born out of the need for a more detailed and realistic game environment, has now become an integral part of the Metal Gear universe.

Cultural Impact

Originally introduced in Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake, the ID card element quickly became popular in popular culture due to its innovative interactivity and gameplay complexity. Having a significant impact not only on the stealth game genre, but also outside of the game itself, it has acquired an iconic identity within the game mechanics.
Despite its simple appearance, the ID card has great power in gameplay. It allowed players to hone their tactical espionage skills, master lockpicking, and limited access to areas. It has expanded the boundaries of traditional adventure games, creating great curiosity and alertness among players. Meanwhile, on a broader cultural scale, the ID card has played an important role in shaping our understanding of digital encryption and security systems, embodying the sensitive but critical nature of personal identification. Cultural penetration, often cited in popular media, emphasizes the connection between gaming, technological innovation, and society, making the Metal Gear ID card an enduring symbol of interactive gaming.