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Magic: The Gathering - Chandra

General Info

Magic: The Gathering - Chandra logo
AuthorJames Asmus, Jed MacKay
GenresFantasy, Adventure
PublisherIDW Publishing
IllustratorFrench Carlomagno
Issue Number3
Release Date2019-01-01
Number of Pages28
Original TitleMagic: The Gathering - Chandra
Comics Issue NameMagic: The Gathering - Chandra
Country of OriginUSA
Publisher Website URLhttp://www.idwpublishing.com
Chandra Nalaar - Planeswalker, Pyromancer, Hero - Storms onto the scene in Magic: The Gathering - Chandra! Emerging from the unstable plane of Kaladesh, Chandra's life is full of troubles, trials and triumphs in the MTG multiverse. A rebellious and brilliant pyromaniac, she's passionate and powerful, making her one of Magic's most beloved and enduring characters. The comic book series vividly brings Chandra's story to life, showcasing her fiery personality, interactions with iconic MTG characters, and explosive power. The stunning artwork helps highlight the dramatic and fiery world in which Chandra plots her way. An enchanting journey for veteran players and newcomers alike, this series offers an unprecedented exploration of Magic's vibrant multiverse.


Magic: The Gathering - Chandra Comics follows the story of fiery young Chandra Nalaar, one of the multiverse's most powerful Planeswalkers. The story delves into Chandra's relentless quest for freedom, righteous anger and fiery spirit.
Chandra's story is one of emotion and evolution, with her hometown in the oppressive region of Kaladesh as the backdrop for her tumultuous journey. Born with an innate talent for fireworks, Chandra's life takes a major turn when her skills explode, drawing the wrath of the overbearing consulate. Her fierce determination and rebellious nature allow her to overcome these trials, making her a formidable fighter. These comics offer readers an adrenaline-pumping adventure that mirrors the fast-paced gameplay of Magic: The Gathering. In addition to this face-to-face journey, the comics delve into Chandra's psyche and her relationships with other characters, giving fans a nuanced insight into this beloved character.
Magic: The Gathering - Chandra Comics, featuring rich and vibrant artwork that matches the game's distinctive aesthetic, is a must-have for fans who want to understand the complex history of this vast universe. Whether you're a seasoned Planeswalker or an avid newbie, this comic series is sure to engage you as Chandra sets the multiverse on fire.


In the Magic: The Gathering - Chandra comic series, we are transported to an extraordinary realm following the fiery and relentless Planeswalker - Chandra Nalaar. Through his eyes, we see epic battles, fantastic landscapes and complex political machinations. Hailing from the Kaladesh region, Chandra is no stranger to conflict, but the scale and scale of the skirmishes she faces in these places is on a higher level. Vital alliances with other Planeswalkers such as Ajani Goldmane, Gideon Jura, and Liliana Vess are formed as they face the many enemies that threaten the multiverse. Through it all, Chandra must also confront her past, juggle her complicated family relationships, and come to terms with her pyromancer skills and emotional turmoil. We see her determination and indomitable spirit making her a beacon of light in very dark times. This central story is interwoven with intricate subplots, giving readers a deep insight into the MTG universe, delving deeper into the story and creating awe and a sense of discovery. A must-read for fans, this series promises a whirlwind journey full of magic, energy and the power of the human spirit.


The creation of the Magic: The Gathering - Chandra comics showcased phenomenal collaboration between the creative team. The visuals were expertly brought to life by Harvey Tolibao, known for his work on X-Men and Green Lantern. Vivid illustrations brought Chandra's character to life, capturing her fiery spirit and dynamic combat. Each panel is extremely detailed and immersive, allowing readers to experience the events first hand.

On the other hand, the fascinating storyline is written by the acclaimed comic book author Vita Ayala, who intricately weaves a story full of exciting encounters and emotionally charged moments. Ayala has successfully crossed the planes, introducing characters familiar to Magic: The Gathering players and introducing new ones along the way.

Readers also had the chance to experience the rich, immersive color poured into every page by colorist Ian Herring. His input ensured that Chandra's magic was as bright and bright red as possible against contrasting backgrounds. The collaboration really managed to faithfully translate the complex story of Magic: The Gathering into an engaging comic book series.


Magic: The Gathering - Chandra is an immersive comic series that delves into the past and present of one of Magic's hottest characters: Chandra Nalaar. In this visually stunning series from IDW and Wizards of the Coast, acclaimed writer Vita Ayala and talented artist Harvey Tolibao offer a new perspective on the complex history of an aircraft carrier and her struggle to come to terms with her pyroromantic abilities. Spanning multiple planes of the multiverse, the series offers fans an immersive story filled with extraordinary action, emotional depth and extraordinary performances from other beloved magical characters. The comic series is not only a delight for wizards who want to delve into the history, but also for newcomers, enriching their understanding of the epic wizarding world. Following in Chandra's flaming footsteps and feeling the heat of her passion and power is highly recommended with this fascinating series. It adds significantly to the literary world of Magic: The Gathering, keeping fans engaged until the last page.


The release of the Magic: The Gathering - Chandra comic book has shocked the gaming community. Featuring captivating storytelling, intense combat, and art that captures the vibrant essence of the MTG universe, these comics offer an immersive exploration of the beloved Planeswalker pyromancer Chandra Nalaar. The storyline delves into his behind-the-scenes journey, the tumultuous journey through the planes, and the intense emotions that drive his actions, creating a rich narrative tapestry that will delight old fans and new readers alike.

Each comic is a testament to the richly detailed universe of MTG, filled with powerful spells, enchanted artifacts, and complex alliances. The illustrations bring the fantastic environments of MTG Glider to life, from the fiery landscapes of Regatta to the haunting beauty of Innistrad. The addition of beloved characters like Jace Beleren and Ajani Goldmane adds depth to the plot and pushes the story forward with unexpected twists and turns.

What sets Chandra comics apart is their focus on character development. Readers can join Chandra on her exciting journey, witnessing her struggles, triumphs and evolution into a terrifying planeswalker. Whether you're a seasoned MTG player or an avid comic reader, the Magic: The Gathering - Chandra comic book series promises an unforgettable journey of adventure, magic, and discovery.


Since its debut, Magic: The Gathering - Chandra has been met with great enthusiasm from new and old fans of the franchise. The story, created by Vita Ayala and illustrated by Harvey Tolibao, combines elements of action, emotion and strategic gameplay into an epic adventure. The beautifully detailed artwork has been praised for its dynamic character portraits and immersive settings that effectively enhance the player's connection to the game. Fans were particularly drawn to the fiery and passionate heroine Chandra, who praised her character development and her performance as a strong and authentic woman. His dynamic relationships with other characters add an emotional layer to his battles with various foes. Readers also appreciated how well the story was integrated into the story, giving existing Magic: The Gathering players a better understanding of the game's vast universe. However, the distrust of tradition also allowed new readers to experience and enjoy the series. Despite some criticisms, including an unpredictable narrative pace and dark references, the series had an overall positive impact and set a high standard for future expansions of the Magic: The Gathering universe.

Cultural impact

You can't talk about the Magic: The Gathering - Chandra comics without acknowledging the cultural impact they've had on fans of the franchise. The series takes the storytelling element of the card game to a new level by providing detailed stories that previously only involved characters. They created the fan favorite character Chandra Nalaar and fleshed out her story and personality. This type of character development was important in promoting more diverse representations of the game's culture, as Chandra is strong, independent, and has a fiery wit. Additionally, the comics introduced MTG to new audiences, increasing the franchise's reach and influence in popular culture. This multifaceted exploration not only increased the game's player base, but also encouraged other game franchises to consider similar narrative expansions to make players more involved.