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War of the Spark

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Event NameWar of the Spark
The War of the Spark event is a major twist in the Magic: The Gathering multiverse. This exciting chapter unites all Planeswalkers for high-stakes cards in Ravnica, the city of guilds. The event revolves around the infamous villain Nikola Bolas, who has come up with his most ambitious plan yet. In this case, every MTG player engages in a deadly battle against the Elder Dragon's forces. It's an all-out war, mounting tensions, tested loyalties and the ultimate battle for survival. Enter the Spark War and experience epic battles, jaw-dropping magic and a story of camaraderie and resistance that won't let you sit still.


Magic: The Gathering (MTG) is a trading card game created by mathematician Richard Garfield and released in 1993. presented by Wizards of the Coast. Set in the fantasy realm universe known as Multivisa, it focuses on Planeswalkers, powerful wizards who can travel between these planes. Each aircraft has its own unique ecosystem, inhabitants and rules.

The game embodies elements of strategy and luck brought to life by beautiful card artistry. Players use decks of cards that represent enchantments, artifacts, creatures, and lands. These items are used to strategically defeat opponents.

Since its inception, MTG has attracted a diverse and dedicated fan base that participates in various tournaments, conventions and gatherings around the world. The depth of the story, the amazing map designs and the complex game strategy are some of the factors that make MTG a unique and beloved game.