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Simic Combine

General Info

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Faction NameSimic Combine
The Simic Combine is a magical and scientific guild in the Magic: The Gathering universe. They work diligently on their vision to protect and restore the environment, using highly advanced biomancy to create life itself. Sims are mostly elves, vedals, and merfolk who thrive in their aquatic environment. They use their magical abilities to research, create and develop new life forms. This faction focuses on growth, adaptation, and evolution, creating some of the most unique creatures in the game. They use the resources of the land and sea they inhabit to increase their power in the game. The leader of the guild is Zegana, a merman who can draw on the power of many of the group's creatures. Simic Combine proves that science and nature can be intertwined to create vast and diverse biological wonders.


Simic Combine of the Magic: The Gathering universe is an intriguing concept that gives players a new perspective on the intertwined power of science and nature. The Simic Combine is a blue-green citizen jet guild in Ravnica. Driven by the principles of evolution and the improvement of life forms, the Simic Combine has strengths in biology, mutation, and adaptation.
Founded by elven bioartist Vigo, this faction can seem mysterious and even creepy at times. Their goal is not only to expand knowledge, but to implement it, ultimately changing the essence of life. Simic's biomancers combine the flexibility of blue mana with the strength and resilience of green mana to create stuffed creatures with extraordinary abilities.
They have a variety of tools in their arsenal, from effective hybrids and adaptive creatures to powerful counters and spells that can tip the scales in their favor. Challenging the laws of nature, pushing the boundaries and redefining the meaning of life itself, the chemist shows that evolution is not always a passive process. In pursuit of progress and perfection, the combine's innovative approach offers endless possibilities. Each strategy is a reminder of their relentless evolutionary drive, each victory a reflection of life's power to adapt and conquer. To become part of the Simic Combine is to embrace the perspective of growth and transformation, to dare to imagine reality re-invented through the lens of limitless potential. That's the charm and allure of Simic - it inspires players to explore the magical convergence of knowledge and nature, encouraging us all to create and adapt in this ever-changing game.


The Simic Combine, one of the Ravnican guilds, is distinguished by its relentless pursuit of self-improvement, both for itself and for the city. Comprised primarily of mermen, elves, and human scientists, these bioengineers envision a Ravnica defined by harmony and adaptation, shaped only by their advances in biomancy.
In the early days of Ravnica, the Simic Combine was formed under the leadership of Master Speaker Vig. Their primary purpose was to maintain health and provide medical care. They were healers and seekers who served Ravnica through the knowledge and application of the biological sciences. But everything changed when Vig sent the Combine down a new path: the path of evolution. It was Vig who said, "Nature is a great engineer, but she works too slowly for my liking." This paradigm shift led to the development of cytoplasts, which allowed Simic scientists to manipulate biomaterials at the microcellular level.

The single major event that fundamentally changed the direction and outlook of the Simic Combine took place during the Dissent Crisis. Vig wanted to take life on Ravnica to a higher stage by injecting cytoplasts into several subjects to force adaptation. Unfortunately, his brilliant experiment spiraled out of control, resulting in his death and the birth of Experiment Kraj, a terrifying cytoplast mutant. After the crisis and under the new leadership of the elven biomancer Zegana, the Simic Combine shifted its focus again, but did not stray from Vigo's vision. Instead of forcing life forms to evolve, they evolved perfect life forms from scratch. This new era saw the emergence of new species that now populate the urban landscape in abundance; each shaped by the ingenuity of the Simic Combine.
Simic's advances in biomancy continue to reverberate through Ravnica, leaving echoes both inspiring and terrifying. And while many of them remain hopelessly misunderstood, the truth remains significant: their evolutionary ideology is not about dominance, but about symbiosis. Imagining a future Ravnica reshaped and reborn according to the values ​​of harmony and adaptation, Simic Combine paints a surreal picture of a city where natural architecture and mutually beneficial organisms thrive.

Notable Members

Member #
Momir Vig
Prime Speaker Zegana
Rogue Refiner
Trygon Predator
Master Biomancer
Progenitor Mimic


Simic Combine faction geography is unique and intriguing in the fascinating universe of MTG. Located in the dynamic underbelly of Ravnica, Combine exists where the city ends and the ocean begins. This interwoven expanse of land and water creates a unique dual biome. The ecosystem is shaped by the balance of urban structures and wildlife. Climbing plants, creeping mosses and huge coral formations give the architectural marvels a wild beauty. Imagine giant kelp forests towering over public squares, clam shells the size of buildings, and walls made of coral instead of brick. Liberally littered with zonots, sinkholes leading to the depths of the ocean, Simic Domain showcases the coexistence of Ravnik's urban landscape with the vibrant depths of the ocean. This fusion of urban and marine elements promotes biodiversity and clearly reflects Simic's core mission: to preserve and enhance all life forms. Here, in this symphony of city and sea, the Simic Combine orchestrates its many experiments, making the impossible possible, creating new life forms and unleashing untapped potential. It's an explorable universe of Simic Combine, a testament to nature's ability to adapt, evolve, and go beyond what seems possible.

Legacy and Impact

Simic Combine's long-term legacy on the plane of Ravnica is a constant pursuit of evolution. They do not see the process of evolution as a law of nature, but as a tool that can be manipulated. As a result, the effects of the guild are particularly widespread in terms of biological enhancements and mutagenic changes. Their experiments led to the creation of many hybrid organisms that greatly altered Ravnica's ecosystem and biodiversity. Additionally, the Simic Combine's tendency to isolate and preserve what lies beneath the surface keeps Ravnica's oceans alive. While some marvel at their relentless pursuit of progress and their ability to introduce beneficial mutations into the gene pool, critics argue that their relentless pursuit of perfection often crosses ethical lines. Despite the claim, the Simics' influence is undeniable, a testament to their constant efforts to improve nature.