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General Info

Diane logo
Job TitleHuntress
Birth Date1943-01-01
Birth PlaceAmazon Rainforest
Knows aboutHunting, Survival, Amazonian culture
Alternate NameDiane the Huntress
Character NameDiane
Member of OrganizationThe Amazons
Also known as the Sin of Jealousy, Diane is one of the most prominent figures in the Nanatsu no Taizai universe. A member of the Giant Clan, Diane has superhuman physical abilities, especially in terms of strength and endurance. Standing 30 feet tall, she can launch attacks from the Earth by manipulating the environment around her, a testament to her prowess. Her feelings for Meliod are often fueled by a mixture of jealousy and love, but eventually matured, allowing her personality to develop. Diane has proven time and time again that she is not only a force to be reckoned with, but also a very caring and loyal figure to those dear to her, further complicating her character.


Diane is a cute character from the popular anime and manga series Nanatsu no Taizai. Given her status as the Serpent's Sin of Jealousy and a member of the Giant Clan, she possesses incredible strength and wields the giant hammer Gideon with impressive ease. But Diane's real appeal lies in her paradoxical nature. Despite his formidable physical strength and enormous height, he is extremely kind and peace-loving.
She is passionately in love with her captain, Meliod, which reflects her deeply sentimental and emotional side. Her jealousy is often disguised as jealousy, especially when other women show affection for Melioda. But Diane is fiercely loyal to her comrades, ready to risk her life for her friends.
Diane often struggles with her identity as a member of the Giant Clan, torn between the human world she wants to be a part of and her sense of duty to her clan. Her journey is a wonderful combination of self-discovery, unrequited love, and growing self-acceptance. The evolution of Diane's character from a naive giantess to a mature and understanding woman is a fascinating element of Nanatsu no Taizai. Whether it's earth-shattering gruesome battles or heart-pounding emotional upheavals, Diane truly leaves an indelible impression on viewers, symbolizing that strength and love can coexist harmoniously.


Also known as the Sin of Jealousy, Diane is a beloved character from the Nanatsu no Taizai (Seven Deadly Sins) universe. As one of the main characters, she is an adorable embodiment of strength and kindness with a fascinating story.
Diane is a giant, 30 feet tall, emphasizing her unique connection to the Earth. The love of the planet is rooted in Diane's heart and is reflected in her ability to manipulate the Earth at will. She learned this skill from Matrona, the matron of the Giant Clan, who was very important in her early years.
Her childhood was quite difficult and perhaps it was these struggles that inspired her with the courage and determination for which she is widely recognized. As an orphan, Diane befriended the King, the Harlequin Fairy, who became her best friend and eventual love interest. Their relationship shows a softer, more compassionate side of Diane.
She joined the Seven Deadly Sins after being falsely accused of Matrona's murder, a story that revealed her deep sense of justice. Like the sin of jealousy, Diane has a strong desire to be loved and appreciated by others. This is most evident in his jealousy of Elizabeth, the main character of the series; not because she has a grudge against him, but because she wants to be near Meliode, just like Elizabeth. In battle, Diane uses her war hammer, Gideon, which combined with her "Creation" ability, allows her to shape the Earth into powerful constructs. She is also skilled in hand-to-hand combat, making her a valuable asset in combat.
But perhaps Diane's most important aspect remains her big heart. Her genuine concern for her friends and willingness to put their needs above her own make her a symbol of friendship and selfless love. This combination of raw power, down-to-earth ability, and gentle spirit creates a multi-faceted nature that fans of the show greatly admire and connect with. Diane, the sin of jealousy, the snake, is really more than meets the eye.

Creation and Development

Diane is the main character in the Nanatsu no Taizai universe, uniquely created by mind creator Nakaba Suzuki. Based on the concept of inherent diversity, Suzuki conceived of Diane as a giantess who provided a stark contrast to the other main characters of the normal-sized race. Suzuki's focus on different identities due to Diane's tall stature, extraordinary strength, and connection to the Earth gave the audience a new perspective to experience the world in the narrative.
The foundations of Diane's character and her evolution were carefully developed. From a shy and insecure giantess unsure of her place in the world, Suzuki transformed her into a force to be reckoned with, reflecting a well-thought-out change in her character arc. This development is constantly foreshadowed throughout the series as Diane gradually comes to grips with her power and begins to use it effectively.
Suzuki's focus on the emotional depth of Diane's character is overlooked. Diane's character is complicated, such as her romantic feelings for fellow member of the Seven Deadly Sins, King, and her struggles with amnesia, adding important subplots to the main plot. This enriched plot and fascinating story contribute to the well-rounded development of the character.
The incorporation of the Dance of Drole, a mythic technique, into Diane's story shows a clear connection between the historical context of Suzuki's giants and the current storyline. This successful fusion of mythology and modern storyline greatly increased reader engagement and plot size.
Central to Diane's character development is her psychological transformation. It is here that Diane's constant struggle, both physical and mental, ultimately transforms her from an insecure giantess into a confident and strong woman who recognizes her own worth and power. Suzuki managed to beautifully portray Diane's transformation, rising above her vulnerability, breaking down barriers and clichés, and telling an inspiring story for readers, cementing her place as a fan favorite in the Nanatsu no Taizai universe.

Character Profile

Diane is a charming character from the anime series Nanatsu no Taizai or The Seven Deadly Sins. As the Serpent's sin of jealousy, he boasts great physical strength and rules the Earth with his ability of creation. Diane is a member of the Giant Clan and is their representative in the Seven Deadly Sins. She has a huge figure that towers above the average person, but has a kind heart and innocent demeanor.
Known for her kind and straightforward nature, she is passionate about her companions and shows great love and loyalty to King. Diane's love for King dates back to their early childhood when King, having lost his memories, moved in with Diane forever. A mutual bond was formed, but eventually their memories were erased, leaving them unaware of their shared history.
But their love overcomes the amnesia, confirming their destiny to be together. Diane is a fierce warrior skilled in wielding Gideon's war hammer and displaying combat prowess capable of effectively defeating her enemies. Her determination and resilience combined with her compassionate qualities make her a fan favorite.
Despite her fierce demeanor during battle, Diane is quite sensitive and naïve about the norms of the human world, especially since she spent most of her life secluded in the King's Fairy Forest. This charming combination of innocent charm and warrior toughness is one of the many aspects that make Diane a lovable character in the Nanatsu no Taizai universe.

Story Arc

The plot of Diane, one of the most prominent characters in the Nanatsu no Taizai universe, takes significant turns throughout the series. Also known as the Sin of Jealousy, Diane remains a strong pillar among the Seven Deadly Sins, bringing her immense strength and earth manipulation skills to bear against formidable foes.
Initially, Diane is portrayed as amnesiac, a gentle giant unaware of her significant past. At the beginning of the series, she only remembered being part of the Sins and her growing love for Meliod. But when fragments of his memory resurface, his past as a hunted giant and his pretended exile from the Giant Clan are revealed. Discovering his past as a rogue giant, often a dark and tragic figure, adds to the depth of his character.
Throughout the series, her feelings for Captain Meliod, a relationship akin to unrequited love, add an emotional layer to her story arc. But the twist comes when Diane meets King, bearer of Grizzly's sloth sin. His confession of love and explanation of their shared past, one of which Diane does not remember, add romantic complexity.
In the final episodes of the series, Diane undergoes a metamorphosis. When a killing curse erases her current memories, leaving her with only the knowledge from before her encounter with the Sins, she must relearn her abilities. Trained by Matrona, she emerges stronger, more agile and focused, with improved fighting skills and refined Dancing Diane techniques.
This wraps up Diane's storyline and begins her journey from a gentle, amnesiac giant to a strong, emotionally complex and competent fighter. Her character arc not only embodies great strength, but also the complexities of love, friendship, and determination, making her one of the most compelling characters in the Nanatsu no Taizai universe.

Cultural Impact

The protagonist of the Nanatsu No Taizai (The Seven Deadly Sins) anime series, Diane is known to fans for her fearless and passionate personality. Known as the Sin of Jealousy, she is one of the strongest characters in the series, possessing brute strength and a combat intelligence that easily surpasses most opponents. Despite her tough exterior, Diane has a kind heart and is extremely loyal to the other members of The Seven Deadly Sins. Her love, King, offers fans a relatively rare story that beautifully embraces themes of jealousy, self-acceptance, and love.
Over the years, Diane has become a major body positivity icon, her giant size symbolizing self-love and acceptance of her physical appearance, an issue she struggled with in the first series. Diane's arc turns her insecurities into strengths, inspiring many fans to embrace and appreciate her unique qualities.
In the male-dominated world of shonen anime, she transcended gender norms by being a female warrior with strength rather than the cliché "in distress". which has a significant cultural impact on society in promoting women's empowerment.
Additionally, Diane's long-term friendship with Elizabeth is a great example of a female friendship that is generally underrepresented in mainstream media. It is through characters like Diane that Nanatsu No Taizai continues to push the boundaries of typical shonen tropes and offer nuanced character portraits.


Diane, the sin of jealousy, is a major part of the legacy of the Nanatsu no Taizai universe. The character of Diana, a giantess, warrior and Gideon-bearer, exemplifies themes of courage, love and self-acceptance. Diane has overcome many personal obstacles. His journey to embrace his gigantic height and immense strength offers a valuable story about loving yourself as you are. Her heart, as much as her physical one, embraces those dear to her, one of whom is her beloved King, proving that love sees more than looks and wealth. Diane is also the epitome of female power, crushing her opponents with feats of incredible strength and agility, inspiring female warriors of all sizes. Steeped in heroism, camaraderie, and eternal love, Diane's story adds an evocative layer to the rich legacy tapestry of the Nanatsu no Taizai universe.