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Seven Deadly Sins

General Info

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Faction NameSeven Deadly Sins
The Seven Deadly Sins are the main characters in the popular Nanatsu no Taizai universe. This group of knights, each representing a deadly sin, were once the strongest in the Lion Kingdom until they were falsely accused of treason and hunted down. Despite their past, they share a common goal: to clear their names and restore justice. Their leader, Meliod, embodies the Sin of Wrath as each member struggles with their own burdens and crimes. From Diane the Envious Sin of Snake to Grizzly the Sloth King of Sin, each has unique powers and personalities. Their strength and loyalty to each other resonates throughout their journey, punctuating their story with heartwarming camaraderie and thrilling battles with inner demons and physical enemies.


The Seven Deadly Sins, also known as Nanatsu no Taizai, represent the dominant Nanatsu no Taizai in the universe. They are an unconventional group of knights who served the Lion Kingdom and were powerful warriors. The group consists of seven violent criminals, all convicted of serious crimes, with the symbols of the seven beasts engraved on their bodies.
Each member of The Sins has a unique set of skills, along with a designated sin they have committed in the past. Despite their immense reputation and power, they share a deep bond of friendship and loyalty. They are also known for their tenacity, never giving in to an enemy, which has made them famous throughout the kingdom.
Disbanded after an alleged betrayal, they reunite years later to clear their names and free the kingdom from oppression. Through their adventures, the Sins begin to uncover the dark truth about their past, as well as the evil figures who have been manipulating them. Whether it's Meliod with his unlimited raw power or Merlin with his sophisticated knowledge of magic, each Sin brings something unique to the team, making them an unstoppable force to be reckoned with. This combination of great strength and brotherhood paints a remarkable picture of heroism in the face of adversity.


The Seven Deadly Sins, a legendary order of knights in the Lion Kingdom, are the main characters in the Nanatsu no Taizai universe. Directly led by the Lion King, the group quickly earned the fear and respect of their enemies due to their immense power and friendliness. The name can be traced back to an ancient legend describing seven ancient lion knights who each committed a grave sin, symbolizing the vice each member was accused of. However, these accusations have often been false and misleading and hide an underlying truth.
Disaster struck when they were falsely accused of orchestrating the assassination of the Great Holy Knight Zarathustra. This event, combined with their lack of physical presence in the castle at the time, led to further accusations and they were branded as traitors. Convicted without due process, the group was forced into hiding as rumors of their misdeeds spread wildly throughout the kingdom.
It took ten years for their fortunes to take an unexpected turn when Elizabeth, the 3rd Lion Princess, began searching for them. He believed in their innocence against the deepest convictions of the kingdom. After successfully locating and collecting all the members, it became possible to clear their names. The Sins reclaimed their honor by uncovering the true culprits behind Zaratra's death and saving the lions from the seemingly unstoppable power of the Ten Commandments.
The story of the Seven Deadly Sins is filled with stories of honor, courage, scandal and redemption. Each member carried their sin as a burden, but learned to turn it into strength, allowing them to be a symbol of resilience, hope and unity in the face of baseless hatred and deceit. Their past is a stark reminder of their roots, and their ongoing journey is a testament to the value of truth, justice, and unwavering trust in one another.

Notable Members

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In the Nanatsu no Taizai universe, the Seven Deadly Sins faction exists in the varied landscape of Britain. The group finds a home in the Boar's Hat mobile bar owned by their leader, Meliod, which operates across the country. Great Britain is characterized by a variety of geographical features, from the lush forest of the Faerie King and the mystical Loch Salisbury to the mysterious hill of Edinburgh, shrouded in magical darkness. The geography of Britain plays a central role in the lives of these knights, providing both evidence and refuge. High mountains, vast forests, calm lakes - all this hides mythical creatures and powerful enemies that these knights often face. These landscapes are not only a visual delight, but are also elegantly infused with mythic folklore that adds to the intriguing story of these seven deadly horsemen.

Legacy and Impact

The legacy of the Seven Deadly Sins is like no other in the Nanatsu no Taizai universe. They have proven time and time again that strength does not come from brute force, but through unity, trust and selflessness. Sins have consistently defied the odds, overcome insurmountable odds and defeated far more powerful foes. Each member of The Sins has made a huge impact on the Lion Kingdom and its citizens, repeatedly saving them from destruction and fostering an environment of peace and prosperity. They have also brought about major social and political change, challenging rigid social hierarchies and prejudices and opening a dialogue about acceptance and equality. The waves of 'Seven Deadly Sins' promotions set a new precedent and continue to inspire others across the universe. Their journey is a testament to their indomitable will, and their legacy is a shining beacon of hope, resilience and friendship.