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The Hero of Numbani

General Info

The Hero of Numbani logo
AuthorNicki Drayden
GenresYoung Adult Fiction, Science Fiction
Book NameThe Hero of Numbani
PublisherScholastic Inc.
Release Date2020-06-02
Number of Pages304
Original TitleThe Hero of Numbani
Country of OriginUnited States
Publisher Website URLhttps://www.scholastic.com
Hero of Numbani is an immersive adventure set in the vibrant and technologically advanced city of Numbani in the fantastic Overwatch universe. This harrowing story introduces readers to Efi Oladele, a brilliant young scientist who fights fiercely to protect her city.
In a world where robots and humans coexist peacefully, this harmony is shattered when the evil Doomfist wreaks havoc. With her sharp mind and extraordinary tenacity, Efi creates the heroic AI Orisa to restore peace and protect Numbani. The story is a thrilling exploration of courage, innovation and the true meaning of heroism. Readers will be captivated by Numbani's vivid portrayal and deeper understanding of the fan-favorite Overwatch character. Hero of Numbani is a must-see for any fan of the Overwatch franchise.


In The Hero of Numbani, readers are transported to the heart of the futuristic African city of Numbani, which is proud to be a haven for humans and omnics, sentient robots who live and work among humans. But harmony is shattered when a vicious villain named Doomfist wreaks havoc, causing destruction and fear.
In the middle of this chaotic scenario comes our young protagonist, Efi Oladele, a robotics and artificial intelligence genius. Motivated by her desire to restore peace and unity to her city, she collects spare parts to create Orisa, an incredibly powerful and sentient robot. With Orisa, try to face the massive Doomfist. The story intricately weaves together a theme of courage, resilience and the power of human ingenuity in the face of adversity, making it an engaging read for all ages. Explore exciting and action-packed scenes as Efi and Orisa take you on their journey of hope, determination and friendship. With Hero of Numbani, immerse yourself in an extraordinary adventure that highlights the power of technology when you are limited by your heart.


The story of "Hero of Numbani" mainly takes place in the futuristic city of Numbani, a harmonious urban oasis where humans and robots coexist peacefully. The heroine of the story is Efi Oladele, a brilliant young scientist with an indomitable spirit and a deep love for her city.
The sequence of events that Efi puts her people through begins when the evil Doomfist destroys the peace in Numbani, unleashing a wave of destruction and chaos. This prompts young Oladele to use her talent in artificial intelligence and robotics to create a soulful multi-functional robot named Orisa.
Efi created Orisa with the primary purpose of defending Numbani, making Orisa the sole guardian of the city against her new adversary. The perilous journey of a young genius and his droid includes nerve-wracking encounters with Doomfist, demanding physical and emotional trials, priceless lessons in friendship, courage and sacrifice.
Throughout the storyline, the reader can see how Efi is presented as a de facto leader and a beacon of hope. It also delves into the process of assimilating the traits of Orissa and the huge responsibility that comes with it.
In the climactic sequence, Efi and Orisa face Doomfist in an epic showdown to reclaim their city. In fact, The Hero of Numbani is a fascinating journey of courage, innovation and unwavering dedication that shows how sometimes heroes are made rather than born.


The creation of Heroes of Numbani centered around the inspiring relationship between the teenage protagonist Efi and the heroic robot Orisa. It is essential to reflect Efi's curiosity and ingenuity in the field of technology that inevitably led her to create Orisa. It shows the power of science, technology, engineering and mathematics and their accessibility to young people even in the spicy chaos of Numbani life.
A key development factor was finding the right balance between presenting Efi's ordinary life and the extraordinary events she takes part in in her town. The iconic 'Hero of Numbani' embodies youthful hardship, resilience and innovation, largely supported by solid storytelling, fast-paced plotting and deep character development. Also, the rich Overwatch universe was a sign of the book's development. It had to be engaging and expanded for fans who were already familiar with the story. At the same time, it was a task to attract a potential audience unfamiliar with the universe. As such, the novel can stand as a compelling story while still expanding on the existing narrative that Overwatch fans have come to expect.
Overall, The Hero of Numbani sought to inspire young readers with responsibility, courage, and determination during development, subtly teaching that heroes can come from any background, age, or circumstance.


Hero of Numbani takes readers to Overwatch's technologically advanced world of Numbani, an imaginative utopia that thrives on scientific advancement and cultural richness. In Numbani, a city on the African continent, the line between humans and omnics - sentient and artificially intelligent robots - is not only blurred, but practically non-existent. Here, both species interact, exist and thrive in harmony, something completely unknown in other parts of this universe. This city is home to our main character, Efi Oladele, a young genius who captures readers' imaginations with his intelligence, ingenuity, and relentless pursuit of his dream to protect his city.
When the peace of their vibrant city is threatened by the evil Doomfist, Efi decides to activate and reinforce one of Overwatch's central themes: heroes aren't born, they're made. With the help of an innovative spirit, Efi builds Orisa, a huge and powerful omnic. Readers are taken on a journey from Orissa's beginnings to the climactic battle between Numbani's robot guardian and the infamous Doomfist.
Written by Nicky Drayden, this book perfectly captures the essence of Overwatch in a city where unity and perseverance are heard in every corner. A must-read for any Overwatch fan, it offers incredible depth to their beloved characters and a deeper understanding of the complexities and wonders of its world. The Hero of Numbani is not only a courageous stand against the forces that threaten peace, but also an uplifting story of innovation and the indomitable spirit of youth.


In the Release section, it is worth sharing that the Hero of Numbani was released to the public in 2020. June 2 This glorious day marked an important milestone in the Overwatch universe, as for the first time the vivid, action-packed world crossed the boundaries of gaming and established itself in the realm of literature. The book was warmly received by audiences, especially those already immersed in the Overwatch universe, as it provided a deeper perspective on their favorite characters.
With its extraordinary storytelling power, The Hero of Numbani has helped further strengthen the complex, immersive, and layered Overwatch universe that Blizzard Entertainment has created since the game's inception. The introduction of the novel also allowed Overwatch fans to connect with the characters on a deeper level. They could look to the past, understand the current challenges, and envision the future for these well-crafted characters. It's a richly crafted book that perfectly captures the vibrant energy, diverse culture and high-octane action synonymous with Overwatch gameplay.
What made the release even more surprising was that it was well-received outside of the gaming community, earning a permanent place in the wider science fiction and fantasy literature scene. Indeed, the release of Hero of Numbani has expanded the Overwatch universe and provided a more enriching and immersive experience for fans and new readers alike. The novel's success has certainly sparked a promising trend towards more literary creations in the Overwatch universe. Thus, the launch of The Hero of Numbani was not only the release of a new book, but also a leap forward in the development of the Overwatch universe.


The Hero of Numbani has been widely acclaimed since its release. The book tackles deep themes despite its primary audience being younger readers. Critics praised the interesting exploration of racism and innovative empowerment seamlessly integrated into the Overwatch universe.
The author's well-defined characters and compelling story make this novel more than just a tie-in novel. Readers praised the portrayal of the main character, Efi Oladele, as not only a super genius, but also an ordinary girl in extraordinary circumstances. His emotional maturity and steely determination were a satisfying aspect of his character arc.
The depiction of the bustling, technologically advanced city of Numbani has been praised for its rich detail and layered world-building. The fusion of tradition and technology provides an authentic feel rarely experienced in children's literature. Readers appreciated the insightful references to the Overwatch video game, which added to the immersive experience.
But what really sets The Hero of Numbani apart is its careful handling of serious and important matters. Deftly navigate complex topics while maintaining an engaging story. Critics have praised the book's boldness in tackling these issues, making it a must-read not just for Overwatch fans, but for anyone who appreciates smart, impactful literature.
However, there were some minor complaints that the book was a little rushed to the end, the story was too linear, and the plot lacked depth. However, these criticisms did little to overshadow the generally positive response the book garnered. Most agree that the novel meets, if not exceeds, the expectations of its target demographic and wider readership.

Cultural impact

"The Hero of Numbani has made a significant cultural impact thanks to its well-crafted, engaging story that elegantly blends elements of science fiction, adventure and heroism." Surprisingly, he goes beyond the boundaries of traditional literature and skillfully introduces various characters from different ethnic groups. , promoting recognition and unity in a multi-ethnic society.
The book comprehensively explores the dynamic city of Numbani - a multicultural city, a great embodiment of unity in diversity. A diverse cast of characters, each unique and deeply developed, contribute to a vibrant and culturally rich environment. This image promotes a sense of belonging and appreciation for readers of all cultural backgrounds. In addition, The Hero of Numbani skilfully examines the discourse of technology and artificial intelligence. It reflects current social debates and encourages debate about the role and impact of technology on society.
Focusing on the young and feisty character of Efi, it appeals to young readers and is praised for encouraging young people to pursue science and technology. It also inspires them to be brave in the face of adversity, emphasizing the power of resilience and determination.
"Hero of Numbani" is a beacon of cultural representation in modern literature. It successfully fostered an appreciation of diversity and facilitated an open dialogue about technology, making it a culturally significant piece of literature.