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General Info

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Character NameAbomyssos
Abomyssos is a huge character in the vast Path of Exile universe and embodies the exciting essence of this action-packed game. Abomyssos is praised for its unparalleled strength, agility, and resilience. The Conqueror wields his fearsome weapons with deadly precision like no other, sending shivers down the spines of his opponents. In the hands of an experienced player, Abomyssos is a valuable opponent that can navigate the most complex and dangerous scenarios with enviable ease. His ability to adapt and evolve in the face of unprecedented challenges sets him apart, making him one of the most dynamic and influential characters in the Path of Exile universe.


Abomys is one of the most enigmatic characters in the Road to Exile universe. A creature of chaos in the corruption that haunts Vraeklast, the home of forbidden arcane secrets, Abomyssos is as dangerous as it is mysterious.
From the legends handed down to War, a group of tribes called the Wraeclasts; the oldest stories tell of Abomyssa, untold. It is said to be a remnant of the end of the Eternal Empire, a lightning beast born from the ink of fear and madness.
These stories tell of his hypnotic charm, of how his malevolence penetrates the dreams of the unwary and drags them into an abyss of no return. The surroundings of the capital, Sarnos, are said to hold many secrets, where a haunting, otherworldly cry attributed to Abomyssos can still be heard through ancient buildings and sewers. Abomyssos is not an enemy to be underestimated; his power lies in the madness he inflicts on his prey, using their broken minds as a weapon against himself.
Although rarely seen in the mortal realm, her influence relentlessly gnaws at the world. Stories of entire villages abandoned overnight, of families disappearing without a trace, and of madmen whispering of "dark depths" have been attributed to the dark entity. While many fear him, there are those who step into the unknown, determined to find and fight this lurking threat, choosing to defy the laws of human health to keep Vraeclast alive. As you embark on these perilous journeys, you enter a world of madness forever marked by the shadow of Abomyssa, the Unspeakable.


Abomyssos, born in the heart of Oriath, was once a revered High Templar who served the god Innocence with unwavering faith. However, his uncompromising morals led him to confront corrupt practices within the Templar Order. Branded a heretic, he was sentenced to desertion on the coast of Vraeclast, a punishment considered worse than death.
In Wraeclast, Abomys faced nightmares worse than he could have imagined. Everywhere he looked there was savage cruelty and unspeakable horror. But these setbacks only strengthened his resolve. He became a beacon in the darkness, his divine powers giving a glimmer of hope to the troubled souls around him.
His strongest ally was his absolute belief in innocence. This unwavering faith combined with his survival skills allowed him to survive in the dangerous wilderness. His reputation grew and many exiles sent by the Templars took refuge with him. He formed a group of righteous warriors called the Unforgiven who fought against the wild beasts and evil creatures that ruled Wraecleast.
Despite his tough exterior, Abomyssos was haunted by his banishment from Oriata and the condemnation of his own brothers. His past was a suffering greater than any physical pain, and he often questioned his faith. But his spirit never wavered.
After going through such shocking experiences, Abomyssos realized that he could no longer live by blind faith. His suffering turned him from a hopeful Templar to a disillusioned exile. He became a symbol of resilience, still holding faith, but with a deeper understanding of life, its trials and their ultimate culmination in wisdom.
As Abomysos continues the battle at Vraeklast, the mystery remains. Is he a heretic rejecting the institution that failed him, or a believer clinging to the core of his faith? Nobody knows for sure. But in his pursuits, he remains an iconic figure, a beacon for the lost, and an intriguing figure in the Path of Exile universe.

Creation and Development

The origin and development of the character of Abomyss in the Path of Exile universe is quite intriguing. This character was first introduced to players as part of the unique cards in the game called Fragment of the Abomynation. Working together with ingenious and creative minds, the developers aimed to create a character that would stand out from all the others. As a result, the formidable and powerfully impetuous Abomyssos arose.
The original concept was that Abomyssos would be a beast with a sinister vibe, embodying the darkness inherent in the Path of Exile universe. Its visual design was originally depicted as a monstrous entity with a terrifyingly large figure and grotesque appearance to increase the scare factor. It was hand drawn and then developed into a 3D model to meet the game's visual aesthetic standards.
While the developers considered game mechanics, they created Abomyssos as a boss-level entity, giving him powerful special abilities. The developers wanted this beast to have a lasting impact on players, so it was decided to make Abomyssos an unpredictable opponent with different and deadly abilities. We put a lot of thought into the scripting of these skills to make sure they feel balanced and intriguing. During the beta test, the Abomyss character underwent several changes to improve the gaming experience. Observations and insights have resulted in revised mech models, improved textures, and improved Abomyss animations.
In retrospect, the process of creating and developing Abomyssos only underscores the unwavering commitment to quality and player experience demonstrated by the developers of Path of Exile. This massive beast of a man now stands as a testament to the careful calculation and creativity required to create a universe as vast and compelling as Path of Exile. From concept to reality, Abomyssos has the hallmark of painstaking complexity that makes it legendary in the Path of Exile universe.

Character Profile

Abomyssos is an enigmatic figure in the besieged kingdom of Wraeclast. A character of great intrigue embodies the essence of an eternal nightmare that haunts the dreams of even the bravest exiles. A grotesque manifestation of corruption and despair, Abomyssos serves as a chilling reminder of the Void's far-reaching power.
Though seemingly insignificant, this primeval god's power surpasses that of wild beasts, comparable to that of the greatest warriors. Abomyssa's diabolical, scarred face, often hidden in the shadows, terrifies even those frozen in fear. Despite its hideous form and the powerful aura of fear that surrounds it, Abomyssos has a majestic charm that is magnetic. His voice, like an icy gust of wind passing through ancient tombstones, echoes in the minds of those unfortunate people, and its haunting resonance lingers long after the encounter.
Despite the stiff resistance of the brave exiles, the devastating attack on Abomyssos has not yet been checked. This unleashed a tidal wave of destruction that swept across the land, leaving Vraeclast permanently scarred and its inhabitants under permanent siege. His grotesque display of power culminated in a cataclysmic event that destroyed Wraeclast's last beacon of hope, the great city of Sarn. The fury-driven exiles have yet to find a way to quell this hideous abomination. Despite their collective bravery, uncertainty about possible success against Abomyssos is high. As they continue their relentless search for safety, Abomyssa's presence looms in the background like an inevitable storm threatening doom.

Story Arc

An indelible character in the Path of Exile universe, Abomyssos has a fascinating and complex plot, shrouded in mystery and shrouded in darkness. The mysterious presence of this sinister creature only fuels the intrigue surrounding him.
Living in the heart of the Atlas of Worlds, Abomyssa's origins are deeply rooted in chaos and destruction. His work can be traced back to the Elder, a robust but mysterious entity that thrives on the despair and downfall of others. This compelling scenario sets the stage for an intriguing interplay between the two entities. The relationship between Abomyssa and the Old Man highlights the duality of dark and light, power and impotence, creating a fascinating dichotomy.
The story of Abomys goes deep into the abyss. Despite his storyline being an all-encompassing darkness, Abomyssos is not just a malevolent character. His story is an eerie echo of decay and lost innocence. This is reflected in his struggle with the constant pain of the Elder and his constant struggle to free his existence from the grip of the merciless Elder. The story of Abomys is therefore a symbolic image of the struggle against oppressive forces. His brave, if futile, resistance to the Elder embodies his core resilience. Although the Elder's torture seems unbearable, Abomyssa's persistent efforts to break free show his indomitable spirit.
Abomyssa's plot on the road to exile is underpinned by elements of darkness, despair and utter mystery. But her struggle illuminates a saga of endurance in the face of crushing adversity, an epic tale of survival and doom that is hauntingly beautiful. This unique story not only enriches the rich history of the game, but also leaves an indelible mark on the minds of the players.

Cultural Impact

Although Abomyssos is a non-playable character in Path of Exile, he has had a significant cultural impact on the gaming community. His constant presence in Wraeclast made Abomyss a symbol of the game's dark and sinister atmosphere. Even without interactive dialogue or significant narrative weight, players began to fear and anticipate his appearance due to his grotesque physique and menacing aura.
Beyond the game itself, Abomyssos has influenced the fan art community, sparking players' imaginations with his intriguing form and story. Artists have created a range of performances, from sketches to digital masterpieces, inspired by the unique design of Abomyssos. These works have helped enrich the Path of Exile community and provided fans with additional content to explore and discuss.
Abomyssos is also frequently mentioned on forums and discussion boards when players are looking for tips or strategies to navigate memories of game locations or scenarios. This shows how testing it has become for both new and seasoned players.
Overall, Abomyssa's cultural impact goes beyond his limited in-game presence, spilling over into the player community and contributing to the game's overall immersive environment.


Abomyssos, a name that strikes fear into the heart of even the bravest exiles who travel the rugged landscape of Vraeclast. Well remembered as a slave, Abomyssa's legacy is not easily forgotten. Abomyssa's existence is a testament to the Nightmare's ruthlessness and unchecked power. As guardian of the beast, Abomyssos was a force to be reckoned with.
His constant threat was a constant obstacle to those seeking to end the catastrophe. Abomys, ruled by command and a devastating arsenal of spells, was the epitome of horror and death with torment and ruin. Transformed by the Beast into an undead monstrosity of pure horror, he wreaked havoc and destruction on those who dared oppose the Nightmare's will.
The memory of Abomys continues to haunt the minds of Vraeclast's exiles. As they gather around campfires and share old war stories, his name is always uttered in a trembling voice, a stark reminder of the beast's great power and the immortal nature of its handlers. The legacy of the slave Abomys lives on, a harrowing tale of the dangers that lie in the path of those who dare to slay the beast.