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Eternal Empire

General Info

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Faction NameEternal Empire
The Eternal Kingdom, once a perfect testament to human ingenuity and determination, now stands as a crumbling monument to arrogance. Sacrificing their humanity in pursuit of power, the Thaumaturges brought this civilization to its downfall. Overrun with the remnants of failed thaumaturgical experiments, the empire is a horrifying mix of the ordinary and the inexplicable. Streets that once teemed with activity are now haunted by grotesque creatures, and once grand buildings now stand empty and echo with the remnants of a troubled past. But within this chaotic decay there is a sense of resilience. The very existence of the Eternal Kingdom is a powerful symbol, a warning to future generations against the destructive pull of unchecked power.


Path of Exile's Eternal Empire faction presents itself as an original entity with an unstable history. In the brutal world of Wraeclast, the Eternal Realm is a testament to the unyielding will of its people. The untamed and imposing structures reflect the empire's resilience, while the tangled, labyrinthine underbelly evokes the labyrinthine political currents that sustain it.
The empire has experienced trials and tribulations. Over time, it has gone from being an influential and dominant force in a supposedly dying world to struggling to maintain its former glory. Despite the crumbling façade and constant ravages of time, the empire has not lost its spirit. It is a resilient fortress that can withstand any storm that might turn it into ruins.
Staring at its heart, the Eternal Empire is a web of alliances, betrayals, and secret conspiracies. Each aspect of the empire is bound together by a complex web of obligations and loyalties as deep and mysterious as its mysterious catacombs.
But the Empire is not just a symbol of survival; it inspires awe and deep fear. In Wraeclast, where beasts roam free and nightmares come to life, the Eternal Empire is a bastion of order in the midst of chaos. But it testifies to a harsh memory: even order has a price. Empire leaves a trail of bloodshed, slavery and a constant reminder of its former power.
Legacy of an Empire is a mixture of oppression and idealism, a paradox both fascinating and terrifying. Obscured by this duality, Eternal Empire offers a unique window into the eternal conflicts of power, survival, and morality within the brutal realm of the Wraeclast.


The story of the Eternal Empire is a chilling tale of rise, fall and decline in the Path of Exile universe. Born in an era immersed in a primitive spirit, this is a civilization that rapidly climbed the ladder of progress and discovered the secrets of the magic of gems. Admiral Darnav, the pioneer, built an empire some 400 years before the Volo Rebellion.
At first, society thrived on a caste system: the Azmeri, the builders who combined the empire with their artistic architectural intelligence, the Eternals, and the Gems, who developed into an advanced race thanks to the Gems. Power Brought Serious Corruption: The High Templar Vol saw the decay that seeped into the heart of the Empire, a consequence of their addiction to the Gems of Virtue. Voll promised to restore the empire to its former glory. He instigated a rebellion and caused a schism which was marked significantly as the 'Vollo Rebellion'.
But great ambitions often fall into the abyss of destruction. Voll tasked Malachai, a talented taurag, with developing a method to dismantle the gems. Little did Wall know that his trusted advisor had plans of his own. On a fateful day, Malachai promised to fulfill Voll's dream in exchange for unleashing the Nightmare, a cataclysmic event that destroyed the realm and forced the people into the dark corners of Vraeclast. The greatness of society lay in ruins for adventurers to discover, explore and conquer centuries later.
From a spectacular initial set-up that foreshadows a golden age to a tragic end of their own making, Eternal Empire is a compelling story of ambition, betrayal and misadventure, a recurring theme in the deep and compelling narrative of Path of Exile. the universe

Notable Members

Member #
High Templar Dominus
Piety of Theopolis
Emperor Chitus
Emperor Izaro
Lady Dialla
Voll, Emperor of Purity
General Gravicius
Victario, the People's Poet


Eternal Empire was created against the rich cinematic backdrop of the brutal continent of Wraeclast. It spread across vast plains, treacherous mountains, and through abandoned and haunted ruins. Its heart, the Imperial Gardens, was once an oasis of architectural splendor and wonder, with towering spiers soaring into the sky and majestic statues within a lush, vibrant space. Now it remains a testament to degradation and decay, haunted by its past glory.
Once a symbol of civilization's steady progress, this realm was rooted in what many would consider the epicenter of harsh conditions: the harsh, barren, abundant landscapes of Vraeclast. The empire was characterized by monumental structures, the ruins of which have now become secret labyrinths or have been completely overtaken by nature: overgrown with wildlife, swallowed by swamps or eroded beyond recognition by the winds.
The varied regions range from sun-scorched deserts creaking against the skeletal outlines of long-dead hippos, to menacing icy mountain ranges shrouded in snow and buffeted by freezing winds, all vivid reminders of the reach of the Eternal Kingdom. On the other side of the majestic beauty of nature, there were also battle scars. This clear juxtaposition and counterbalance of the greatness and melancholy of the vast kingdom is what intrigues adventurers to this day.

Legacy and Impact

The Eternal Realm left an unmistakable mark on the history of the Path of Exile. As the original ruling power of Vraeclast, he laid the foundation for its rich history and complex history. The once-thriving civilization was famous for its magnificent architectural wonders, impressive technological advances and the creation of thaumaturgy. But the decline and eventual collapse of the empire through corruption and civil unrest is a stark reminder of the deadly madness.
The Eternal Empire was a testament to human ambition, and its legacy still echoes in the fallen cities and wastelands of Vraeclast. Today, the ruins are both a treasure trove of exiles and a breeding ground for horrors lurking in the shadows. The effects of the Eternal Realm continue not only in physical remains, but also in the echoes of its past power that affect the present and the future.