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General Info

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Faction NameWestalis
The Westalis are a formidable group in the SPY x FAMILY universe, oozing with power, mystery and intrigue. This tightly controlled state-controlled hegemony is home to the mysterious and quick-witted spy Twilight. Emboldened in the Cold War with Ostania, Westal leads covert operations and espionage, using her best spies to infiltrate enemy lines and gather valuable intelligence. Within the bright gray walls of this faction is the famous Eden Academy, where high-ranking officials are trained as exemplary citizens. Westal's war-torn history reflects a legacy of deception and diplomatic intelligence that always spills over into the world of SPY x FAMILY. Subtle, mysterious, and ever-so-sharply focused on the bigger picture, Westal amps up the twists and turns and creates a compelling backdrop for a compelling story.


Westal is a proud nation with a thriving culture of perseverance and innovation. This complex grouping in the SPY x FAMILY universe is a testament to the triumph of reason in the toughest of times. Known for their determined nature, Westal people carry a deep sense of patriotism in their hearts. Time after time, they demonstrate unwavering devotion to their nation, always ready to fearlessly defend it.
The company Westalis pays great attention to the progress of science and technology. This reflects their progressive mindset, which constantly forces them to keep up and adapt to change. Great value is placed on intelligence and strategy, as evidenced by the skilled network of spies that make the Westal a formidable force.
Culturally Westalis is wonderfully diverse. A faction is a vibrant mix of people of different races, creeds and backgrounds who coexist harmoniously and contribute to the country's growth. Despite regional differences, the people are firmly united under the Westal banner, making it a force to be reckoned with. Deftly integrating technology, bravery, and harmony, the Westalis faction of the SPY x FAMILY universe features the perfect combination of progress and unity. It is a company that thrives on resilience, fosters intellectual growth and proudly represents its heritage; indeed, this is a faction that not only survives, but thrives in any challenge.


The Westalis faction is one of the main pillars of the SPY x FAMILY universe. Founded as a powerful country during the Cold War, Westal is best known for its intelligence agency, WISE. It's an agency known for sending sharp-eyed spy agents to rival Ostania to carry out covert operations. Westalis had significant clashes with Ostania, the opposing side, over various political, economic and social issues.
Despite its strained relationship with Ostania, Westalis is not only a world power, but also a mixture of intrigue, mystery, and mystery. This faction helped shape the spy-filled world of SPY x FAMILY. Her spies, including one of our protagonists, Twilight, go on big missions and display exceptional espionage skills that balance out the Westalis.
Westal is also home to a wide variety of characters that add to the land's dynamics and plot. From hardened spies to allies to innocent civilians, every layer of Westal society contributes to the diverse tapestry that makes SPY x FAMILY a compelling book.
An understanding of Westal history and geography is essential to appreciating history. It's a world full of political intrigue, cunning espionage and covert operations. The importance of this faction cannot be underestimated either, as it directly affects the lives and decisions of the main characters.
All in all, the Westal Faction is an enticing formation filled with puzzles, fascinating politics, and diplomatic tension. His historical significance and influence on the world of SPY x FAMILY is immense and impossible to ignore. As the story progresses, Westal's secrets and intrigues continue to unravel, adding yet another layer to this multi-faceted universe.

Notable Members

Member #
Yor Forger
Anya Forger
Franky Franklin
Henry Henderson
Sarah Blackbell


Westalis, the main faction in the SPY x FAMILY universe, is an intriguing area with diverse geographical features. The terrain is a spectacular mix of bustling urban areas interspersed with quiet, unspoilt landscapes. The west side of Westal is dominated by modern cityscapes with tall skyscrapers and busy streets. It is the epicenter of intelligence, politics and commerce. Here you'll find the headquarters of several intelligence agencies, a nice symbol of the faction's prowess in covert operations and espionage. The eastern side of Westal, in contrast, offers breathtaking natural beauty. Majestic mountains run through this region, containing hidden training facilities. Dense, impenetrable forests contain secret rendezvous points and are natural strongholds for covert operations. Beautifully peaceful for spectators, the region's rivers and lakes are strategic transportation routes for the faction's agents.
At the center of Westal lies the capital, marked by a distinctive clock tower, an architectural wonder that symbolizes Westal's technological progress. Westalis is more than just a faction, with its harmonious combination of nature and city and its unique geographical features. It is a symbol of balance, strength and evolution.

Legacy and Impact

The Westalis faction in the enchanting universe of SPY x FAMILY has a deep and lasting legacy due to its pervasive influence on world politics. Their unparalleled espionage skills, with Twilight playing an important role, allow them to maintain a tactical advantage over their opponents. Their tireless pursuit of social stability and peace reflects their priorities and goals. The Westal's ability to infiltrate and influence opposing factions cements their legacy as a decisive player in world affairs. Their influence is constantly felt in the different reactions of other factions and the constant change in power dynamics. The plight of ordinary citizens caught up in spy warfare and their trusting dependence on Westal is a subtle but effective demonstration of the faction's far-reaching effects. In the tumultuous universe of SPY x FAMILY, the Westalis faction diligently maintains the mantle, constantly working for the harmony and well-being of its citizens. Their legacy is indeed one of unwavering determination, the potential for political war's blunders, and the imperative need for peace.