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Steven Universe: Punching Up

General Info

Steven Universe: Punching Up logo
AuthorRebecca Sugar
GenresFantasy, Adventure, Children
IllustratorKat Hayashida
Issue Number5
Release Date2018-09-25
Number of Pages32
Original TitleSteven Universe: Punching Up
Comics Issue NameSteven Universe: Punching Up
Country of OriginUSA
Publisher Website URLhttps://www.boom-studios.com/series/steven-universe/
Steven Universe: Punching Up is a must-read for any fan of the enchanting world of the Crystal Gems. A playground of color, humor and emotion, this exciting comedy series continues the terrifying journey of our beloved characters beyond the living room TV. The adventure is action-packed, exploring the depths of the gems' power while maintaining the essence of the original story. Every page takes you on a rollercoaster of emotions, from the peaceful shores of Beach City to the worlds beyond our comprehension. The underlying message of love, friendship and self-acceptance makes it a profound book for all ages.


The comic series Steven Universe: Punching Up is a colorful and exciting journey into the magical world of Steven and the Crystal Gems. Each chapter draws readers into unique stories intertwined with friendship, sacrifice, and an unrelenting will to protect all life forms. The creators carefully maintained the light-hearted, funny and sometimes touching tone that made the animated series an industry icon. Punching Up delves into the echoes of Steven and the Crystal Gems trying to find their place in the world after the Gem War ends. As Steven tries to live up to his mother's legacy, the Crystal Gems struggle with a new peaceful existence. The compelling character relationships, exciting adventures, and the show's inherent charm make Punching Up a must-read for all fans of Steven Universe. With a heartfelt story and vivid illustrations, this comic proves that love, tolerance and acceptance really can save the Earth and beyond, adventure after adventure.


The comic series Steven Universe: Punching Up delves into the enchanting realm of the Crystal Gems. Here, Steven embarks on an exciting journey with his ever-faithful guardian angels Pearl, Garnet and Amethyst. The plot thickens when they encounter a mysterious creature that threatens the tranquility of their beloved seaside resort. In order to protect their home, they explore the strangest places in plain sight and uncover the secrets of the gem home world. Each track interweaves moments of humor, action and deep emotion as Steven slowly learns his unique powers inherited from his mother Rose Quartz. The adventure also leads to Steven's self-discovery, leading to personal growth that is central to the series. Featuring fierce battles, trials of growth, and nuanced personal relationships, the comic book edition of Punching Up preserves the essence of the original series while giving readers a compelling new perspective.


The comic series Steven Universe: Punching Up went through an extensive and painstaking production process. At first, the storyboard artists made rough sketches from fragments of the story sketch. During these sessions, the team fostered a creative and collaborative environment, exchanging ideas and suggestions. A collective fusion of creativity resulted in the master sketches for each page.
After the storyline was completed, the illustrations were handed over to the artists. The characters were enhanced with special style guides to maintain consistency within the world of Steven Universe. The backdrops were carefully crafted to enhance and support the story while ensuring continuity in style from the TV series.
The unique story elements called for new character and environment designs, providing artists with a creative challenge. The color team focused on palettes that reflected the mood and tone of each story segment. Traditional inks and paints were used to match the original characters with the show's design aesthetic. Dialogue and narrative text were then inserted. The main task was to translate the personalities and unique voices of the characters into print. The production team worked together to ensure that the essence of each character was properly captured.
Punching Up is a testament to the production team's ability to capture the essence of Steven Universe while exploring new ways of storytelling. Their dedication to the smallest details is evident on every page, creating a comic in style, tone and spirit unique to the Steven Universe.


Steven Universe: Punching Up takes readers on an incredible adventure through space and time. This comic series reveals new perspectives on the extraordinary universe that takes place at the center of Steven Universe. The bold and tasteful humor spread across every page adds great resonance to the graphic narrative. It's a collection of previously undiscovered semi-precious hero Steven Universe's adventures as he's joined by Garnet, Amethyst and Pearl to keep the peace in the galaxy. After Too Cool for School, this publication never shies away from emotion and connection, and deeply reflects on the importance of relationships, both with oneself and with others. With exceptional art that captures the charm and pace of the TV show, Punching Up certainly punches above its weight, taking conceptual risks, carving its story into bold and imaginative territory while staying true to its heart. Get ready for a powerful ride on this thrilling comic rollercoaster!


Steven Universe: Punching Up takes an interesting plot twist in the Release section of the comics. Created by Cartoon Network and published by BOOM! Studios, these comics were officially released in 2019. in October The success of the Unreal Steven Universe TV series paved the way for these adorable comics. Just like the TV series, these comics endear themselves to fans because of their attractive graphics and unique storylines.
The Punching Up saga began when Steven helped out at Beach City's annual wrestling tournament. But things take an unexpected turn when a new fighter appears. Everyone's favorite Crystal Gems are back at work with Steven's unpredictable fiasco. As the story progresses, it adds depth to Steven's character and brings out different aspects of the Beach City world.
These comics are a continuation of the TV series and managed to capture the essence of Steven Universe while also providing a new story. Punching Up Edition, accompanied by stunning artwork, is a testament to the fascinating world of Steven Universe. With captivating stories and charming illustrations, this comic series is sure to impress fans.


The Steven Universe: Punching Up comics have received critical and fan acclaim for continuing the franchise's tradition of mixing whimsical humor with deep thematic elements. Critics were impressed by the gentle humor and gentle storytelling, filled with themes of acceptance, love and the power of family bonds. The new illustrations were praised for their vibrant color palette and innovative character designs that stayed true to the source material.
Fans loved that the comic reinvented their beloved characters, finding fun and depth in a nuanced narrative. The threads of friendship, camaraderie and resilience were warmly embraced. The main storylines were praised for their authentic struggles with identity, personal growth and the struggles and triumphs of the young characters.
The creator's focus on diversity and representation earned even more praise as they deftly weaved together diverse characters from all walks of life. Several critics pointed out that Steven Universe: Punching Up was able to portray serious social issues with sensitivity and understanding while maintaining an enchanting universe.
The comic also received praise for its action sequences interspersed with moments of deep reflection and growth. The deftness with which he handled the emotional depth throughout the action was seen as a narrative achievement. Critics concluded that Steven Universe: Punching Up was worth reading as a beacon of hope and resilience and a wonderful retelling for fans of the original animated series.

Cultural impact

Steven Universe: Punching Up comics have had a major impact on popular culture due to their innovative and immersive themes. The series has been praised for boldly challenging societal norms and breaking down barriers in the portrayal of LGBTQ+ relationships and gender norms.
The adventures of Steven and the Crystal Gems resonate with audiences of all ages and offer a compassionate approach to personal growth, empathy and emotional intelligence. This deep emotional depth sets Punching Up apart from traditional children's comics because it deals with adult themes in an understandable and engaging way.
Additionally, comic book characters who challenge traditional roles have sparked a wide-ranging debate about media representation. Punching Up's influence extends beyond creative storytelling to being a pioneering force for greater inclusion and equality in comics. By creating a safe space for everyone, this comic series plays a key role in changing the landscape of children's media, creating a stereotype-free environment that fans greatly appreciate.