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Steven Universe: Diamond Days

General Info

Steven Universe: Diamond Days logo
AwardsPeabody Award (2019), GLAAD Media Award for Outstanding Kids & Family Programming (2019)
GenresFantasy, Action-Adventure, Comedy-Drama, Musical, Science Fiction
Music ByAivi & Surasshu, Jeff Liu, Rebecca Sugar
TaglineBelieve in Steven!
Edited ByPaul Villeco, Raven Molisee
Film NameSteven Universe: Diamond Days
StarringZach Callison, Estelle, Michaela Dietz, Deedee Magno, Tom Scharpling
Directed ByRebecca Sugar, Joe Johnston, Kat Morris
Produced ByRebecca Sugar, Kat Morris, Joe Johnston, Ian Jones-Quartey
Release Date2018-12-17
Running Time44 minutes
Screenplay ByRebecca Sugar
Content RatingTV-PG
Distributed ByWarner Bros. Television Distribution
Original TitleSteven Universe: Diamond Days
Country of OriginUnited States
Trailer Youtube URLhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ov9K6p2Z2OY
World Premiere Date2018-12-17
Production Company NameCartoon Network Studios
Production Company Website URLhttps://www.cartoonnetworkstudios.com/
In Steven Universe: Diamond Days, Steven discovers many secrets about the mysterious power of diamonds and their history with Earth. The film immerses the audience in a world where a young boy, who is himself a half-gem, must juggle the intriguing subtleties of intergalactic politics and the difficult task of uniting diametrically opposed groups of gems. The story is essentially a beautiful exploration of the themes of identity, growth and acceptance. This diamond-encrusted journey with charming animation and a heartwarming soundtrack is a must-see for those who want to immerse themselves in the mysterious universe of gems.


Steven Universe: Diamond Days is an invigorating animated saga that offers a deeper exploration of the series' fantastically mystical universe. This tense arc unfolds a groundbreaking story of growth, self-invention, and discovery of true identification and potential.
Protagonist Steven and his band of alien crystal gems lead the story and embark on daring adventures in their relentless pursuit of justice. Diamond Days amplifies the enlightening story of these unusual heroes and takes viewers on an unprecedented journey: into the heart of the cosmic diamond kingdom.
This storyline introduces a new mysterious setting and enigmatic characters. The bejeweled Homeworld, a superficially utopian society clouded with dark secrets, adds an elaborate layer to the show's mythos. The story of Diamond Day expands on Steven's growth and understanding of gem culture and his mother's legacy.
This sequel matures the visual and narrative history of Steven Universe, delving into the impact of the Gem War and its effects on all the characters. It features multiple character arcs that enrich the audience's connection with the main characters.
Diamond Days captures the essence of Steven Universe and is a compelling continuation of the established story. This rollercoaster of emotion, humor, heartbreak and triumph is an unparalleled treat for the visual and intellectual palate of any animation lover.
Watch Steven Universe: Diamond Days for an exploration of cosmic proportions!



'Steven Universe: Diamond Days' "film" screenshots
'Steven Universe: Diamond Days' "film" screenshots


In Steven Universe: Diamond Days, the story takes a tense turn when Steven discovers an important clue about his mother's past. After being shocked by a shocking revelation about rose quartz, Steven embarks on a journey to his home world, venturing far beyond the edges of Earth to uncover truths hidden for centuries.
The film begins to unfold as a massive epic when Steven decides to stand up to the dictatorial Diamonds. He learns that White Diamond captured the original Pink Diamond Pearl and brainwashed her. Steven must free this abused Pearl from the manipulation of the domineering White Diamond, who tries to shape everything into a perfect image. Meanwhile, the Crystal Gems on Earth are dealing with their own problems. Garnet struggles with the inner turmoil caused by Rose Quartz's revelations. Amethyst tries to help her through these difficult times, but is overwhelmed. Pearl is torn between her eternal loyalty to Pink/Rose and her concern for Steven's safety. This internal struggle between the Crystal Gems mirrors the larger struggle within the Gem Empire, caught between rebellion and obedience. The story centers on Steven's personal journey of self-discovery. Learn valuable life lessons and learn more about her true self—that she can be as brave, persuasive, and compassionate as her mother. Steven's deep commitment to justice and his ability to empathize with the smallest of people earn him unexpected allies. His gift for making peace rather than war puts him on a razor's edge.
During Diamond Days, the line between good and evil blurs. It shows how the characters struggle with complex emotions, face their deepest fears and overcome their darkest secrets. This extraordinary episode of Steven Universe is an emotional roller coaster that manages to inspire, surprise and touch hearts. With a memorable story of acceptance, courage and the power of love, Steven Universe: Diamond Days stands out as a cinematic gem.


The unparalleled magic of Steven Universe: Diamond Days is attributed to a strong combination of carefully crafted production efforts. Led by series creator Rebecca Sugar, the production journey weaved the compelling story of beloved characters into vivid new locations and unexpected cameos that captured the hearts of countless viewers.
The entire production team worked tirelessly to carefully design each shot and character and bring them to life. The animators painstakingly created every movement, ensuring smooth transitions between scenes, while the art directors worked wonders to set the tone and mood of the scenes with stunning visual aesthetics. As for the script, Sugar and her skilled writing team passionately weave each dialogue and plot, allowing for significant character growth and vital development. The production was greatly aided by the show's inventive music. Aivi and Surasshu, the duo responsible for the Steven Universe soundtracks, created unique tracks and recurring motifs for Diamond Days that perfectly capture the emotional weight of each scene.
Another aspect of the production was the voice recording sessions. Starring some of the industry's most talented actors, including Zach Callison as Steven Universe, Deedee Magno Hall as Pearl, and Estelle as Garnet, these sessions captured and captured the essence of each character.
In addition, technology has played a very important role in improving the efficiency of animation. With advanced software and tools, the production team was able to create immersive fantasy realms with many scenes, from action-packed combat to heartwarming interactions.
In short, the creation of Steven Universe: Diamond Days was a symphony of collaborative genius made possible by the cohesive efforts of dedicated individuals that brought an enduring work of animated art to our television screens. A testament to their unwavering dedication, Diamond Days remains a prestigious emblem of animated brilliance in the hearts of its viewers.


A major event in the Steven Universe series, the "Diamond Days" arc provided a wonderful conclusion to several ongoing storylines. It was released in 2018. in December, and fans of Steven Universe have been eagerly awaiting the culmination of major narrative themes. The series seamlessly blends introspective character exploration with intense otherworldly conflicts.
In this installment of the series, experts examine the complex dynamics of Diamond Power. Viewers were introduced to the full power and complex personalities of Yellow Diamond, Blue Diamond and finally the sinister White Diamond. The interesting relationship between Pink/Steven and these shared figures was revealed through vivid characterization.
Diamond Days episodes would love to question and challenge the social norms of the home world. The way the protagonist's empathy and understanding led to change in oppressive structures is inspiring. Fans were excited to see Steven's character become a leader, taking responsibility for Pink Diamond's past.
Diamond Days had an emotional impact and explored ideas of trauma, identity and change. Steven's University was not only aimed at a younger audience, but also for anyone looking for deep and meaningful stories. From captivating soundtracks to chilling dialogues and stunning animations, Diamond Days has successfully left its mark on the audience. It really took the animated television series to a new artistic horizon and left fans eager to see what would happen next.


Part of the Steven Universe franchise, Diamond Days received mixed responses from audiences and critics. Both groups praised the show for its stunning animation and the intricate detail it went into, bringing the show's colorful characters and imaginative environments to life.
Many viewers were captivated by the excellent storytelling technique; they found the story compelling, heartfelt, and profoundly profound. The film's nuanced exploration of mental health, relationships and identity was well received. His ability to tackle such complex subjects primarily for a young and impressionable audience was seen as a breath of fresh air. However, Diamond Days was criticized for its rushed pace. Critics argued that the speed at which the show progressed left no room for plot development and felt that the writers could have delved more into the show's storylines.
Despite the criticism, Diamond Days revealed new depth in an already vast universe and delved into the complexities of the story, emphasizing the vital importance of love, acceptance and understanding. Overall, reception to this installment of the Steven Universe franchise has been largely favorable, once again proving its central role in modern animation.

Cultural impact

Steven Universe: Diamond Days has made significant contributions to the cultural and social landscape, offering new perspectives on diversity, inclusion, and mental health. The nuanced portrayal of the characters and their growth resonated with audiences and had an unprecedented impact on pop culture.
Diamond Days challenged traditional narrative structures by revealing the experiences of LGBTQ+ people. Its open portrayal of queerness and exploration of concepts like gender fluidity helped normalize these topics in mainstream conversation and inspired other animated series to follow suit.
Furthermore, Diamond Days pushed the boundaries by exploring complex emotional and psychological states. The storylines have openly dealt with mental health issues, revealing themes of trauma, anxiety and depression. This innovative vision helped remove the stigma associated with these topics and encouraged open dialogue in society.
His influence also permeates the music and fashion industries. The show's unique musical style has inspired artists of all genres, and the visually stunning character designs and clothing have greatly influenced modern fashion, especially streetwear and cosplay.
In addition, Diamond Days emphasized the importance of empathy and kindness, consistent resolution of conflict through communication, understanding and love. This contrasted with the traditional action-oriented conflict resolution narrative that encouraged the audience to rethink their perspectives.
In addition, Steven Universe: Diamond Days has cultivated a strong online community with a variety of fan-generated content, from art and music to fan theories and philosophical interpretations.
All in all, Diamond Days is not just another cartoon series, but an important cultural phenomenon that has permeated various aspects of society, continuing to push boundaries and inspire change.