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Save the Light

General Info

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Game NameSave the Light
PlaymodesSingle-player, Multi-player
DevelopersGrumpyface Studios
Release Date2017-01-01
Game PlatformsPlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch
Publisher NameCartoon Network Games
Country of OriginUnited States
Save the Light is an exciting RPG based on the popular cartoon series Steven Universe. Combine real-time and turn-based combat to create a highly immersive gaming experience. As a player, you can build your dream team from a wide variety of Steven Universe characters, each with unique abilities. Engage in challenging puzzles, explore beautiful 3D environments, and uncover the sinister plot of an infamous villain. Immerse yourself in the lighthearted and immersive world of Steven Universe, where you can interact with your favorite characters, indulge in heartwarming side quests, and think strategically to save the day. Are you ready to take on the role of the Crystal Gems and use love and friendship to protect the world?


'Save the Light' game screenshots
'Save the Light' game screenshots
'Save the Light' game screenshots
'Save the Light' game screenshots
'Save the Light' game screenshots
'Save the Light' game screenshots


Save the Light is an enchanting RPG that transports players to the beloved universe of Steven Universe. The sequel to the popular mobile game Attack the Light, Save the Light takes the game to the next level and offers players more adventures to explore in console format. Developed by Grumpyface Studios and published by Cartoon Network Games, the game expertly captures the charm of the original Steven Universe series and offers fans a new way to interact with their favorite characters.
Save the Light focuses on a fascinating storyline involving the Crystal Gems, a group of intergalactic warriors, and their journey across different landscapes to retrieve a powerful and ancient weapon. Combining a unique combination of real-time and turn-based combat formats, it offers an immersive gameplay experience that appeals to seasoned RPG enthusiasts and newcomers alike. With graphics and a soundtrack that bears a striking resemblance to series creator Rebecca Sugar's performance, the game helps draw players right into Steven's world.
The inclusion that is at the heart of Steven Universe is reflected in the game through a variety of characters, each with their own unique abilities and play styles. It encourages teamwork and encourages strategic decision-making, ensuring an interactive and engaging gaming experience for everyone. With tons of side quests, puzzles, and an engaging main storyline, Save the Light is a must-play game for all Steven Universe fans and RPG enthusiasts.



In Save the Light, the game takes place in various locations inspired by the original Steven Universe TV show, allowing players to explore familiar landscapes such as Beach City and the Secret Temple. The game is built on a free-roaming system where players can explore different areas, complete side-quests, puzzles and discover tons of treasures.
The combat system uses a unique combination of turn-based and real-time strategy mechanics, combining action and RPG elements. Players create a customizable team of Crystal Gems characters, each with unique and upgradeable abilities. As the game progresses, team members level up and players can uniquely increase their powers, offering a customized tactical approach to combat situations. The Squad Harmony Meter, a measure of collective health, has an innovative impact on combat strategy, making player cooperation and harmony essential to survival.
Save the Light - Beautifully choreographed attack animations reminiscent of the show. The game encourages the use of strategic skill combinations in combat, mirroring the teamwork and camaraderie of the TV show.
Finally, the game features the franchise's signature humor and charm through dialogue and interactions that are fully voiced by the original cast. The whimsical script, charming story, and lovable characters make Save the Light an immersive and fun gaming experience for all Steven Universe fans.

Gameplay video


Save the Light is the magical expedition of Steven Universe, a charming and brave boy, and the Crystal Gems, a quartet of intergalactic superheroes, as they try to save Earth from a menacing gem artifact.
As the adventure begins, the team discovers that the Prism, a relic, is the cause of the commotion, causing an instinctive need to protect Beach City and the world at large. However, the plot thickens when it is revealed that Hessonite, the pompous Homeworld Gem, is the mastermind behind the ongoing chaos, seeking the prism to increase his power.
The pace of the story picks up as Steven and the gems delve into the search for Hexonite through beautifully imagined landscapes. The game perfectly combines elements of Steven's everyday life, such as the beach town and his interactions with the town's beloved residents, while maintaining the warm and inviting atmosphere of the original TV series. Infused with the spirit of the show, the story is perfectly infused with examples of Steven's trademark optimism and lessons in friendship and love, making it a shining beacon of hope against the grueling battle against the Hessonites. Each level brings them closer to their goal, even as the challenges get harder.
The decisive battle with Hessonite is tense, and the team faces its toughest test. The dramatic finale juxtaposes the power of love, resilience and friendship with brutal toughness and captures the soul of the original series.
Save The Light blooms as a vibrant and enchanting story, a potent cocktail of thrilling challenges, charming wit and heartwarming moments. It's more than just a game; it's a journey through many emotions, following Steven and the gems as they save the day after the gem.


Save the Light is designed as an RPG that honors the Steven Universe aesthetic. Combining the core elements of platform games, puzzle solving and turn-based combat, it set new standards for the overall gaming experience.
The game is based on a harmonious combination of action and strategy. Each character in Steven Universe has unique abilities that help solve combat, platforming, and puzzle challenges. The developers focused on giving players the opportunity to experience character growth and development. This gave users a sense of personal involvement.
The developers chose a semi-open world design for Save the Light. Players are free to explore various familiar locations from the show, giving the game a sense of authenticity and familiarity. This vibrant world design is enhanced by a deep color palette that perfectly echoes the unique aesthetic of the show's storyline.
The game also recreates the sense of humor and character interactions that fans have grown to love about the series. Each character stays true to their TV counterpart, adding depth and humor to the game's dialogue.
To give the game the unique atmosphere of the original cartoon, the developers worked closely with Rebecca Sugar, the original creator of the Steven Universe series. His contributions to the story, character dialogue, and design ensured that the game closely mirrored the source material.


Save the Light was released in 2017. October 31 This is a unique role-playing game that is an interactive development of the American animated television show Steven Universe. Developed by Grumpyface Studios, the game sincerely respects the original plot and expands the horizons of the story. It introduces other main characters of the series and new gameplay mechanics.
Upon release, it was available for the PlayStation 4 in North America. in 2017 November 3 it was released on Xbox One. The game was later released in 2018. October 30 for Nintendo Switch, Microsoft Windows, and OS X.
Save the Light extends a rather friendly hand to fans of the series and lovers of the game. With bright colors, a fascinating story and a challenging game, he aims to prove his strength.
The heart of the digitally accessible game lies in the fabric of story-driven adventure and exploration. Players can create dream teams from the cast of the series and choose characters such as Steven, Garnet, Pearl or Amethyst to explore, fight and solve puzzles.
The game is an example of a well-done adaptation that maintains the same typical humor, charm, and clarity while enhancing the user experience through immersive gaming. This release broke new ground for animated series RPGs and continues to delight fans of all ages.


Upon release, Save the Light was generally well received by fans and critics alike. The game was praised for its unique combination of RPG elements with the charming and whimsical world of Steven Universe. Staying true to the series' signature animation style, the graphics were particularly praised for their bright, colorful visuals and high-quality rendering of the TV series' iconic beach town and its surroundings.
In terms of gameplay, players loved that the game had a variety of mechanics from combat to puzzle solving and exploration. These elements are harmoniously combined to provide a complex and fun gaming experience. The character customization and upgrade system, which allows for a more personalized experience, has also won the favor of players.
However, the praise also included reports of some technical issues with the game, including occasional glitches, bugs, and dropped frames. These issues, while not universal, have slightly affected the overall smoothness of the gaming experience for some players.
Narratively, fans of the show have appreciated that the game's storyline supports the themes of friendship, inclusion and positive growth that resonate throughout the Steven Universe series. The continuation of the series' story offers fans an expanded experience, further warming the reception of the game. In short, despite a few technical snags, the consensus is that Save the Light offers a large and thoroughly enjoyable RPG experience that matches the spirit and charm of Steven Universe.

Cultural impact

Since its release, Save The Light has made an indelible impact on gaming culture. It brought the lovable universe of Steven and the Crystal Gems to an interactive platform, delighting fans with enriching lore and character traits. A mix of RPG and strategy mechanics, Save The Light offered a dazzling display of personality similar to the series.
Save the Light spawned a new wave of cartoon-inspired video games, encouraging developers to explore properties that diverge from standard action-fantasy tropes. It gave us pause and proved that video games can be warm, colorful, and family-oriented. More than just pixelated characters, the Crystal Gems were heroes who fostered love, friendship, and acceptance.
The inclusion of Save the Light deserves a special mention. The game allows the player to form relationships and find strength in unity, a concept that many found refreshing. It opened the door for stories of similar characters reflecting the growth, struggles and acceptance of different sexual orientations, just like the series' counterpart. With its shameless visuals, Save the Light is a beacon of LGBTQ+ inclusion in gaming. The musical aspect of the game adds to its cultural significance. Following the acclaimed series soundtrack, Save the Light features soundtracks to increase player engagement. This successful fusion of music and game storytelling showed that video games can be a platform for not only visual storytelling, but also auditory storytelling.
The effect of Save the Light also includes building a spirit of cooperation among players. It requires strategic planning and constant character changes, prioritizing teamwork and unity over the usual victory-oriented goals in games. In conclusion, Save the Light has created a niche in gaming culture that celebrates diversity, empathetic storytelling, and cooperative play, making it a cultural phenomenon in the gaming world.