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Unleash the Ligh

General Info

Unleash the Ligh logo
GenresAdventure, RPG
WritersRebecca Sugar
Game NameUnleash the Light
ComposersAivi & Surasshu
PlaymodesSingle Player
DevelopersGrumpyface Studios, Finite Reflection Studios
Directed ByRebecca Sugar
Produced ByRebecca Sugar
Release Date2019-11-27
Game PlatformsiOS, Mac, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows
Publisher NameCartoon Network Games
Country of OriginUnited States
Publishers Websiteshttps://www.cartoonnetwork.com/games/
Unleash the Light is an exciting console-style game that introduces the fascinating world of Steven Universe. The game takes players on an original interactive adventure where they must team up with crystal gems to fight an existential threat. Players can meet a host of familiar characters as they explore unique worlds, solve challenging puzzles, and use team combos to defeat their enemies. This RPG features seven playable characters, real-time and turn-based combat, and a non-linear storyline co-written with Rebecca Sugar. A fusion of strategy, RPG elements, and a strong narrative focus, Unleash the Light promises an immersive gameplay experience for fans of the show and newcomers alike.


'Unleash the Ligh' game screenshots
'Unleash the Ligh' game screenshots
'Unleash the Ligh' game screenshots
'Unleash the Ligh' game screenshots
'Unleash the Ligh' game screenshots
'Unleash the Ligh' game screenshots


Unleash the Light is an exciting RPG set in the vibrant universe of the popular animated series Steven Universe. This addictive game takes you to a world of magic and fantasy where sentient gems and humans coexist on a unique planet.
In this game, embark on an epic journey with Steven Universe and the crystal gems Garnet, Amethyst, Pearl, and more as they traverse dynamic landscapes to thwart alien invasions, unlock powerful abilities, and stop the evil plans of the Twin Prisms. having jewels.
The game is written by Rebecca Sugar, creator of the show, which gives it an authenticity and depth that fans will appreciate. With 7 playable characters, you can customize your team to maximize the synergy of unique skills and spells. In turn, the turn-based combat mechanic adds to the game's strategic depth, requiring players to carefully plan their actions before striking.
One of the highlights of Unleash the Light is the engaging storyline that unfolds gradually and hooks you. With each successful level, you will uncover mysterious secrets and rich lore that ties together the overall plot of the TV series.
With beautifully designed animated visuals and the same witty humor and endearing charm of the original series, Unleash the Light is full of engaging adventures sure to delight avid fans and new players alike.



Unleash the Light strikes a perfect balance between stunning aesthetics and interactive gameplay. With a combination of RPG, board game and action-adventure, players enter a colorful and vibrant universe with favorite characters from Steven Universe.
Each character has unique abilities that can be improved and customized as you progress. You can strategize your moves to master the combat system with unique gems or deal maximum damage with fusion powers, which is an important feature of the game. Make use of a variety of weapons and tools that must be used wisely to defeat the light structures, the main enemies. The game also introduces players to a strategy process called Harmony. In Harmony mode, your party gains protection, but strategic thinking and careful decision-making are necessary to maintain it.
When it comes to the environment, the interactive maps are much more detailed. The player can interact with the environment, solve easy puzzles and discover hidden secrets, adding extra fun.
The board game element is delivered through the Star Points system. Before each turn, players roll two dice to determine how many star points they receive, which can be used to perform actions. Variety is also a big part of the game. With seven playable characters and numerous side quests in addition to the main storyline, the game keeps players engaged. The game also captures the essential charm of Steven Universe with witty dialogue and heartwarming messages, making it a truly unique gaming experience.

Gameplay video


Unleash the Light takes place in the strange and fantastical Steven Universe we know and love, along with an all-new storyline written by Rebecca Sugar. The story takes place after the Change Your Mind era, but before Steven Universe The Movie, allowing players to navigate a semi-canonical timeline that expands the series' history.
As the player, you will embark on a journey to stop the two remaining members of the Great Diamond Empire: Pyrope and Demantoid, who have yet to receive Steven's peaceful message that the Gem Empire has been disbanded. Unaware that they will no longer rule the other worlds, these warring gems have taken over the prism of light and are wreaking havoc. They used the power to command a light army, which they use to colonize and tyrannize worlds. Upon learning of this, Steven and the Crystal Gems decide to destroy Pyrope and Demantoid to prevent more planets from falling under their oppressive rule. With the Crystal Gem Temple as your base, you'll progress through different map levels, complete missions, fight opponents, and solve puzzles.
The game carefully blends elements of turn-based combat, exploration, and role-playing, integrating each character's unique powers and abilities. Players must tactically assemble their team of gems to take on the many challenges presented by this quest-filled odyssey with many surprising twists and turns that keep the game exciting and fresh. Your choices can greatly affect the story and increase the replay value of the game. Unleash the Light will immerse you in the magical landscape of Steven Universe, providing a unique and interactive platform that allows you to deeply connect with your favorite characters and truly become a part of this enchanting universe.


Unleash the Light is an insightful development from the beloved world of Steven Universe. In this challenging game, players embark on a quest with their beloved characters, where they have the opportunity to explore new gem locations, unlock unique gem abilities, and even build their squads in exciting ways.
Creating Unleash the Light required a deep understanding of the ethos of Steven Universe. The creators worked diligently to ensure that each character's abilities reflected their television portrayals, creating an immersive experience for fans of the show. The whimsical and heartwarming charm of Steven Universe permeates the entire game, immersing players in a captivating story authentically aligned with the Steven Universe cosmos. In this game, players can unlock six characters that are introduced as the story progresses. Each character has unique abilities that they can use in combat, adding to the game's strategic depth. Additionally, the development team has given the game an authentic RPG feel by implementing elements such as side quests and character leveling.
The developers also did a great job of incorporating the core theme of love and acceptance into the game. Socially progressive messages are conveyed subtly without compromising the gaming experience. Vivid and beautifully rendered visuals combined with a compelling story are the result of creative dedication and extensive development efforts. Users can expect a great gaming experience that offers an engaging combination of witty dialogues, strategic combat and an intriguing storyline that lives up to the spirit of the animated series. Unleash the Light embodies the charm of Steven Universe and is an impressive addition to the RPG world.


Unleash the Light is officially released in 2019. November 27 This is the third Steven Universe mobile game, presented in an engaging RPG format. The game was originally only available on Apple Arcade, allowing fans around the world to play on iOS, Apple TV, and macOS devices. The game offers unique customizable gameplay mechanics, all-new character designs, and overarching stories created by Steven Universe creator Rebecca Sugar. Despite being newer, it retains the charm, humor and positivity that the TV series is widely known for. Players can encounter various locations and characters familiar from the show. The game also introduces new characters such as Pyrope and Demantoid. Unleash the Light features seven playable characters – Steven, Garnet, Pearl, Amethyst, Lapis Lazuli, Bismuth and Peridot – and two new original story arcs that fans will instantly recognize. in 2021 February 19 the game was released for consoles and PCs, making it accessible to an even wider audience. The game is constantly being updated, so Steven Universe fans always have new adventures in Unleash the Light.


Upon release, Unleash the Light received positive reviews from players and critics. The game was praised for its engaging storyline, faithful adaptation of the beloved Steven Universe, and the way players could interact with their favorite characters in new and exciting ways.
The potion system and puzzle elements were also loved by fans as they allowed for strategic thinking and added depth to the game. There was a lot of praise for the leveling system and collectibles, and players were happy with the in-game rewards.
"Release the Light" also impressed the critics. The stunning visuals, well-executed character voices and original music earned high praise for the production value. The dialogue has been praised for being authentic to the characters and capturing the show's unique sense of humor.
However, the game was not without its critics. Some users reported minor glitches, while others expected more frequent updates and additional content. But despite these minor setbacks, Unleash the Light was considered a successful adventure into the world of Steven Universe, allowing fans to connect even more deeply with its beloved characters and storyline.
Overall, Unleash the Light has been overwhelmingly positive, making it a must-watch for all fans of the Steven Universe series and setting the bar high for other adaptations.

Cultural impact

Unleash the Light has undoubtedly had a major impact on popular culture. Its diverse portrayals, narrative depth, and complex character development not only changed expectations for mobile gaming, but also ushered in a new wave of inclusiveness and acceptance in media consumption. It's impressive how the game takes elements of different genres - RPG, puzzle, strategy - and blends perfectly with the unique story of Steven Universe.
The specific character traits of "Release the Light" - such as the awareness of "imperfections", emphasis on unity and friendship, issues of emotional vulnerability - redefine stereotypical images of the "hero". The different interactions between the characters very intuitively depict real-life scenarios and can be seen as a valuable tool for teaching essential life lessons to a young audience. A wider positive impact of the game is evident. The anti-bullying message, as well as the encouragement of open communication and mutual respect, sets the precedent for a game-centric narrative. Unleash the Light reflects the ongoing mental health discourse, making such conversations less taboo. Through these stories, he achieves the unique feat of educating and entertaining.
Unleash The Light's aesthetic design, innovative game mechanics and immersiveness set a new benchmark for ambitious games. It is an exhibition of how video games, beyond their mere entertainment value, can address complex social issues and captivate players with immersive gameplay. Thus, the game's cultural impact goes beyond the fantasy of Steven Universe and tends to shape the fabric of society as a whole.
Unleash the Light further pushed the boundaries of mobile gaming, proving that video games not only reflect, but also contribute to, popular culture. It challenged the traditional norms of the gaming industry and helped usher in a new era of forward-looking entertainment.