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Marguerit Maida

General Info

Marguerit Maida logo
Job TitleCrew Member
Birth PlaceNot mentioned
Knows aboutSurvival skills, Planet 4546B
NationalityNot mentioned
Character NameMarguerit Maida
Member of OrganizationDegasi Crew
Marguerit Maida, a brave survivor of the Degasi crash, tests the limits of human endurance in the Subnautica universe. Always ready to fight a hostile alien planet, her determination to survive is unmatched. As a mercenary and ship's security guard, she possesses agility, strength, and quick thinking. His relentless drive to survive and his hostile attitude towards one of his fellow survivors, Paul Torgal, create an intense atmosphere in the plot. Interestingly, its fate remains a mystery, further enticing players to explore the underwater terrain. Marguerit Maida is a true embodiment of tenacity, courage and unbridled resilience, with a nuanced combination of well-honed survival instincts and hostility. Her character greatly enriches the story of the game, making her an unforgettable icon of the Subnautica universe.


Marguerit Maida is probably one of the most intriguing characters you will meet in the Subnautica universe. A former mercenary and survivor of the Degassy disaster, she is a woman of unyielding determination and fierce resilience. The essence of her dynamic character is unmatched survivability and innate tenacity.
Driven by her survival instincts, Marguerit is not afraid to make tough decisions, often pitting her against other survivors. While on planet 4546B, the survivors of the crash were kept alive because of his easy-going attitude and refusal to shy away from dangerous situations. Throughout his journey, he constantly demonstrates his physical and mental strength. His tenacity and indomitable spirit resonate with inner strength. Despite the daily threats in the unknown terrain of an alien planet, her adaptability reveals an impressive ability to survive against all odds, making her a quintessential symbol of survival in the Subnautica universe.
Marguerit Maida is not your typical heroine. His bravery often borders on recklessness, but his history of challenges that he repeatedly overcomes really shows his strengths. As you delve deeper into Subnautics, you'll see that Marguerit is not only a survivor, but a beacon of hope and determination in an otherwise mortal, otherworldly world.


Marguerit Maida is an intriguing figure in the Subnautica universe. She was born and raised on the harsh streets of the Mongolian states with many institutions, but she grew up lean and tough: the world she knew is one that many would consider cruel. But he often said that this tough environment was a "great school."
Alterra survivor and employee Marguerit Maida made a name for herself in the Trans-Gov world. She was part of Degasi's crew, which focused on high-risk, high-reward ventures that gave her some exposure and unforgettable experiences.
Marguerit has always been very fascinated by unknown life forms. This eventually led her to the ocean planet 4546B. Damaged by the Degasi disaster on the ocean planet, she saw an opportunity to escape the corporate world. The crash landing was a turning point in Maida's life, an event that would later define her existence.
In 4546b, she became the sole survivor, a true testament to her harsh upbringing. She abandoned her industrial base and built a base deep in the ocean, saturated with native wildlife, dodging dangerous creatures and the planet's high radiation levels. Marguerit Maida became the personification of the environment of the mysterious ocean planet 4546B and emerged as a unique embodiment of the spirit of survival, adaptation and ingenuity. His constant exploration of the edges of the planet shows his great courage, even in the face of the unknown. A true embodiment of the Subnautica universe, Marguerit Maida is living proof of humanity's resilient and wild spirit. His footprint is not only left in the sand of the ocean floor, but also at the center of the plot of Subnautica.

Creation and Development

Marguerit Maida, a compelling figure in the Subnautica universe, wasn't initially seen as the tough, no-nonsense survivor players had come to know and respect. In the early stages of development, Marguerit was a completely different character known as Torgal.
The transition from Torgal to Marguerite didn't happen overnight; it was the result of countless iterations and evaluations of the narrative needs of the Subnautica universe. Developers Unknown Worlds Entertainment have noticed that players are drawn to strong, independent and complex characters. Based on suggestions and feedback from the player community, the team decided to transform Torgal into Maida, a female character who embodies strength, survival and independence. Maida's story is carefully crafted to portray her as a tough mercenary accustomed to fending for herself in a high-pressure environment. The developers wanted her personality to be a stark contrast to the player character, who is primarily characterized by a sense of isolation and vulnerability.
In terms of the game model, Maida is designed to reflect her resilience and bravery. Every aspect of Marguerit's visuals has been meticulously planned, from her tight outfits to her stern features, to accurately portray her strong personality. The stark contrast between her and the beautiful, yet menacing, alien-filled ocean further emphasized her fearless nature. Maida's character continues to evolve as we progress. It is expected to play a vital role in the future development of Subnautica's storyline and provide a more engaging experience for players. Marguerit Maida's creation and development is a testament to Unknown Worlds Entertainment's adaptability and creativity, a quality that keeps the Subnautica universe fresh and interesting.

Character Profile

Marguerit Maida is a true survivor who embodies perseverance and courage. A former mercenary turned explorer of the deep, Maida demonstrates an indomitable determination to face the harsh realities of unfamiliar and hostile foreign landscapes. As strong as the cold waters of 4546B, she becomes an unexpected ally in the main character's fight for survival in the Subnautica universe.
Fearing defeat after her battle with the Leviathan Reaper, Maida was not one to give up easily. Instead, using her unique survival skills, she survived a deadly bacterial plague and was able to make a living in this water world much longer than expected. Despite her hardened exterior, Maida's natural tendency to protect those weaker than her is evident, showing her raw but genuine empathy. Maida not only survives with 4546B; she is in her element and thriving among oceanic life forms. The intriguing and complex nature of this villainous woman has made her a favorite character in the Subnautica community.

Story Arc

Marguerit Maida's timeline in the Subnautica universe is fascinating and full of surprises. She starred in both Subnautica and its sequel, Subnautica: Below Zero, as a veteran survivor and former mercenary.
Maida's journey begins when Degasi's ship, where she was head of security, crashes on planet 4546B, throwing her into the challenge of a lifetime. Despite the hostile alien world, she proves to be fearless and resourceful, surviving against all odds. Her strong will and determination help her endure the harshest conditions as she interacts with the local wildlife. He even manages to tame the Stalker, a feat unheard of in the Subnautica universe, which perfectly illustrates his adaptability and resilience.
But Marguerit is not just a survivor; she is also a pioneer. Despite being trapped, she does not lose her pioneering spirit and boldly explores the depths of the ocean planet. Develop knowledge that will be invaluable to future researchers.
Unfortunately, all this risk-taking leads to her presumed death when she leaves after an expedition into a dangerous underwater cave system. But Marguerit Maida isn't done yet. She reappears in Subnautica: Below Zero, having survived her apparent death and continued to live on the planet for over ten years. Now a wise recluse, her time on the Ocean Planet transformed her from a naked survivor to a fiercely independent and accomplished explorer.
Marguerit Maida's plot is an engrossing saga of survival, discovery and ultimately evolution.

Cultural Impact

The cultural impact of Marguerit Maida, a character from the Subnautica universe, is marked by her personification of resilience and survival in uncharted territory. Maida is a lone survivor in an alien water world, representing the player's experience navigating the unfamiliar environment and challenges. The character's story inspired and resonated with players, reinforcing the themes of isolation, adaptation, and ingenuity found throughout the game's history.
Marguerite Maida's ambition and pragmatic approach represent a break from typical images of powerless women in the game. This sparked debate about the portrayal of female characters in the gaming world and led to greater calls for diversity. In addition, his survival strategies and inventive techniques continue to influence the techniques of players, encouraging inventive problem-solving in the gaming community.
He also has quite a following in the game's fan base. His stoic nature and endearing eccentricity have led to widespread fan art and devoted forum discussions about his history and possible future. As such, Maida's cultural representation extends beyond the game itself, influencing player tactics, discussions of female representation, and fan art, making it an integral part of Subnautica's cultural landscape.


Marguerit Maida is a veteran survivor who previously crash-landed on planet 4546B, where she survived for over a decade. Maida, a former security guard for the Mongolian Independent States, values ​​her independence and self-reliance.
On planet 4546B, he showed great distrust of the Architects, an ancient alien race they encountered on the planet. Because of this mistrust, she lived as a recluse, refusing to even contact other survivors. Maida's survival skills are exceptional, she managed to single-handedly kill the Reaper Leviathan, one of the most dangerous creatures on the planet. She eventually became the sole survivor of the Degassy disaster and spent her days in solitary confinement. Despite her hardened exterior and harsh lifestyle, Maida showed a deep respect for the local flora and fauna and an understanding of the planet's ecosystem. His legacy is a testament to human resilience and survival against all odds.