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Paul Torgal

General Info

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Job TitleChief
Character NamePaul Torgal
Member of OrganizationTorgal's Mercenaries
Paul Torgal, the stoic captain of the Degasi, is the patriarch of the Torgal clan of the Bourbon Empire. Known for his hard-working nature and pragmatic approach, Paul's leadership skills are often overshadowed by the enormous responsibility he takes on. Despite his initial skepticism of the alien world, his adaptability and ingenuity led to unexpected discoveries and revelations when he was stranded on the alien ocean world of Subnautics. In some cases, her dogged determination to survive and protect her family was vital. He constantly battles the elements, menacing sea creatures and growing despair as he clings to the fading hope of salvation. This conflicting relationship between man and nature heightens the fear, but demonstrates the resilience and adaptability of the human spirit in the face of adversity.


Paul Torgal is the CEO and Commander of the Torgal Corporation and the father of Bart and Khasar Torgal, known as one of the most important figures in Subnautica's deep sea history. A strong leader and skilled survivor, Paul's determination and good sense of humor allowed him to command the game's unforgiving aquatic environment.
Despite his seemingly authoritative demeanor, Paul is very family-oriented, putting his children's safety ahead of their mission goals. This is made clear when their spaceship Degasi crashes on an alien water planet, where Paul's decisions are heavily influenced by his desire to ensure the survival of his family.
Paul embodies a complex mix of personal and professional challenges that add a richer layer to Subnautica gameplay. Players can watch Paul's role dynamically transform from a commanding officer to a caring father as he battles aliens and explores the game's beautiful and dangerous underwater world. As a result, Paul is not only a unique character, but also a reflection of survival, leadership and family ties in the world of Subnautics.
Its plot is a powerful reminder of the ancient saying: "In the face of adversity, we truly discover who we are." Through Paul, players are not only immersed in the experience of underwater exploration and survival, but also about personal growth and difficult decisions against overwhelming odds.


Paul Torgal is the head of the Torgal clan and captain of the Degasi, who plays an important role in the Subnautica universe. Coming from a dynasty of wealthy, influential and business tycoons, Paul has a fiery, indomitable spirit and determination that often puts him at odds with his son Bart.
Paul is a skilled pilot and navigator, a skill crucial to the Degasi crew's survival after their ship crashes on planet 4546B. He shows a great sense of adaptability, using his limited resources on an alien planet to build a solid base on a floating island, while also learning to nurture the local flora.
But Paul's obsession with independence is both his strength and his downfall. His stubborn refusal to answer the Trans-cows caused them to land on the planet. Later, her determination to survive on the island on her own caused tension with her son, who worried about the long-term viability of their farm.
Paul Torgal was a proven leader, a man of unparalleled courage and a ruthless survivor. But he was just as stubborn, obstinate and blind to the voice of reason when it didn't agree with his beliefs. This complexity of his character made him a compelling and unforgettable part of Subnautica.

Creation and Development

The character of Paul Torgal, the leader of the Torgal Corporation in Subnautica, was created with great precision to portray a strong and determined character. Unrevealed at the start of the game's development, his character was introduced as the survival saga unfolded.
Creating the character of Paul required a deep understanding of the Subnautica universe and its challenges. The creators wanted to portray Paul as an equally vulnerable and resilient person. His stoic nature is shown as he grapples with the devastating reality of a life-threatening situation, while displaying remarkable courage and determination in the face of adversity. Paul's development is relentless throughout the game. From a charismatic but domineering business leader to a survivor, he quickly evolves amid the great challenges he faces. The developers made sure his transformation was believable, allowing players to experience his emotional journey and empathize with him.
Interestingly, the inspiration for Paul's character came from a variety of sources. Similarities can be seen with characters from popular survival movies and books. The most prominent of these influences was the character of Chuck from Cast Away, who exhibits a similar combination of desperation and determination as Paul.
However, the creation and development of Paul Torgal was not without obstacles. It was difficult to reconcile his authoritarian personality traits with his vulnerability as a trapped survivor. The developers also had to ensure that his personality didn't overshadow the game's inherent survival story, which relied heavily on player experience and reaction.
Ultimately, Paul Torgal's meticulous and comprehensive artwork greatly enriched the experience of playing Subnautica. His presence adds emotional depth to the game and raises the stakes of the survival journey, making Subnautica's immersive exploration of the universe even more immersive.

Character Profile

Paul Torgal, the tough captain of the Degasi, is a huge man known for both his physical strength and unwavering determination. Hardened by countless deep space exploration missions, Paul has an unbreakable determination to survive against all odds. He is the patriarch of the Torgal family and is known for his duties as CEO of the Torgal Corporation, a giant conglomerate with numerous companies spread across various star systems.
Despite his intimidating exterior, Paul has a soft spot for his son Bart, whom he introduced to the world of interstellar exploration as a child. But their relationship was always fraught, strained by Paul's high expectations and Bart's desire to step out of his father's shadow. Imprisoned on planet 4546B, Paul showed his true courage. Undaunted by the hostile alien environment, he quickly took the lead, developing survival strategies and leading the development of various habitats. His physical strength proved useful in this hostile environment as he defended his crew against the planet's deadly fauna.
But Paul is too pragmatic. His decisions are driven by the prospects of survival and profit, which creates friction between the survivors. His priority is to ensure their survival and take advantage of the situation if possible. Paul's personality and decisions shape many of the events of the Subnautica universe, making him a memorable character. While some may consider him cold and insensitive, others see him as a strong leader who makes the tough decisions needed to survive. In any case, Paul Torgal's influence is undeniable.
Despite his failures, Paul Torgal is a beacon for those lost in a strange world. His strength and resilience is proof that the human spirit can persevere despite the challenges of the future.

Story Arc

Paul Torgal is a prominent figure in the immersive universe of Subnautica and plays a vital role in the game's plot. He is the CEO and owner of Torgal Corporation, a central figure in the game who has the power to make or break a mission.
This character's journey begins when he and his crew crash into a mysterious alien planet called Planet 4546B after their spaceship Aurora was shot down by an alien weapon. Stranded in an alien environment and fighting for survival against monstrous alien sea life, Paul Torgal's leadership skills come to the fore.
A misguided Paul Torgal and his crew of survivors hatch a plan to disable an alien weapon in order to carry out a rescue mission on their home planet. But the mission requires sacrifices. They make their way into the heart of the alien base, deep underwater, and succeed in their mission at the cost of several team members' lives. However, due to an unexpected twist, they are not saved.
Paul Torgalo's character does not give up easily. Despite dire conditions and fading hope, he leads an effort to establish a home on an alien planet, the only safe haven in a hostile environment. They face many challenges, including mysterious illnesses, attacks by vicious sea creatures, and tense group dynamics.
Interestingly, Paul Torgalo's character delves into the psychological struggle alongside the physical struggle for survival, dealing with loss, despair and the burden of leadership. This multi-faceted character contributes greatly to the engaging and compelling story that Subnautica is known for. His actions and decisions testify to human resilience, perseverance and the will to survive against all odds.

Cultural Impact

An intriguing figure in the Subnautica universe, Paul Torgal has had a significant cultural impact on the larger gaming community. As the only person who interacts with the main character, Torgal represents the struggle of the survivors, the resilience and the human element in an alien landscape.
Paul Torgal's leadership and survival skills have resonated with players, creating quality ways for players to approach the game. His struggle and eventual fate have drawn a devoted following who empathize with his journey. Its features are reflected in fan art, story extensions, and discussions, further enriching the game's universe. Paul Torgal's actions and beliefs influenced the players' perception of survival, further delving into Subnautica's cultural implications. As players navigate the deep seas of Subnautica, Torgal's influence is constant, shaping their interpretation of the game's themes. His presence in the game's story adds much-needed human interaction to the lonely survival experience and reinforces the idea of ​​overcoming adversity at all costs.
In short, Paul Torgal has become a major cultural figure in the Subnautica community. His essential interactions and meaningful presence have become integral factors in the game, influencing playstyle, fan content and discussions. The depth of his character adds to the overall gameplay experience of Subnautica and ensures that his influence will live on in the fanbase's future endeavors.


Paul Torgal, head of the Torgal Corporation and survivor of the spaceship Aurora, is a legacy in itself. His leadership skills and survival instincts set the benchmark in the Subnautica universe. Despite being a business tycoon, he showed a ruthless spirit when he was trapped in an alien water world. With limited resources, he made unimaginable sacrifices, battling sea monsters, harsh weather, and surviving on raw aquatic animals. Using his innovative survival skills, Paul built habitats and submarines out of turbulent oceans, turning a dire situation into a testament to human resilience and ingenuity. His strategies and solutions have greatly contributed to the survival playbook of adventurers across the universe. His tales of bravery and survival have inspired countless space explorers and marked his legacy in the annals of the Subnautica universe.