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Sam Goodall

General Info

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Job TitleGeologist, Climber
Birth Date1980-01-28
Birth PlaceNew York, USA
Knows aboutGeoscience, Adventure
Character NameSam Goodall
Member of OrganizationExplorers' Club
A passionate engineer and older sister of the main character, Sam Goodall is the main character in the Subnautica universe. The death of Sam, who is Robin Goodall's main motivator, pushes the plot forward. Although his physical presence does not exist in the game world, Sam remains an influential figure through voice logs and text files. His outlook on life and his politically determined death, stemming from a feud with the Alterra Corporation, resonate with Robin's quest and shape his determination to uncover the truth. Sam Goodall not only embodies the spirited and dedicated character of the Subnautica universe, but also symbolizes the fighting spirit against oppressive corporate control. A truly influential figure.


A central character in the immersive Subnautica universe, Sam Goodall plays a major role in the game, instantly captivating players with his relentless determination and undying spirit of inquiry. As Vesper's friendly and insightful Senior Communications Officer, she is responsible for ensuring smooth communications between space and a distant alien water planet.
Born to caring parents, Sam has always been the adventurous and daring sister, a stark contrast to her shy and reserved character Robin. This difference in personality is evident in their interactions, where Sam's bold and energetic spirit shines through.
The good development of Sam as a character surprises players as the game progresses; his persistence and hard work can be seen in the fight for his brother's survival, earning him immeasurable respect from players around the world. His tragic death leaves a void in the universe, leading his brother to search for the truth about what happened. An intelligent and adventurous spirit, Sam Goodall's character resonates wonderfully in the fatal and unknown depths of the Subnautica universe. His character brings humanity to the oceanic underworld of Subnautica, leaving an indelible mark on every player's experience.


Born and raised on a Federation colony ship, Samantha "Sam" Goodall's life was always destined to become intertwined with the mysteries of the universe. From an early age, he showed a great aptitude for technology and science, an interest encouraged by his parents, both hard-working engineers at Alterra Corporation. At the age of 15, he earned a prestigious scholarship to Alterra Academy, cementing his future in the interstellar industry.
While her colleagues were busy communicating and making the most of their freedom, Sam was determined to pursue one goal: to use his skills to study and understand the many species and ecosystems that inhabit the far reaches of space. It was this unwavering determination that eventually led her to her first position in the research department of Alterra Corporation. But her life took a dramatic turn when she was assigned to a crashed spacecraft on the planet Aurora 4546b. Ever the resilient and resourceful woman, Sam used the harsh conditions and enigmatic alien life forms of 4546b to further her research and knowledge.
In addition to being an Alterra researcher, Sam was also the sister of main character Robin Goodall. However, Sam's dedication to his work often interfered with his relationship with Robin, causing friction between the two. Despite their differences, when Robin landed in 4546B in search of her sister, the memory of Sam pushed her forward. During his short but impactful life, Sam demonstrated courage, intelligence, and an insatiable curiosity about the universe. Her life, marked by tragedy, became a testament to her passion for research and the lengths she was willing to go to satisfy it.

Creation and Development

Sam Goodall's character was not part of the original development of the Subnautica universe. It was created later when the developers were constantly looking for ways to expand the depth of the game's narrative.
Goodall's character started out as a sketch, a sketch of someone who was supposed to be an invisible antagonist in the game. The creators wanted a character who could provide a different perspective on the alien world and also on the concept of the alien. Therefore, they focused on a character that would be multifaceted rather than a one-sided villain. The evolution of Sam Goodall, voiced by Fryda Wolff, began with a few brainstorming sessions. The creators, writers and sound designers aimed to create a character with a strong personality, brilliant intelligence and whimsy. These features are meant to indirectly challenge players and make them think about the moral and ethical dilemmas of the gaming world.
Goodall's character has a fascinating, never-before-seen character dynamic. The creators decided to keep his image a secret, which increased his intrigue. Her only glimpse is her voice: calm and firm, rational but extremely human, marked by frustrations, fears and hints of hope.
The creators filled the role of Sam Goodall with richness, depth and complexity, highlighting why his character became more than just a voiceover, but an integral part of the Subnautica universe. His character development shows how an unseen character can still reach out and touch players, sparking curiosity as he uncovers the secrets of an alien world.

Character Profile

Sam Goodall hails from planet 4546B and serves as a dedicated and passionate xenobiologist in the Subnautica universe. He is an integral part of Alterra Corporation's research team based on a mysterious alien planet.
Born into a family with strong ties to Alterra, it was only natural that Sam would follow in these footsteps. However, she never let her heritage define her, instead stepping through the guild. His pursuit of understanding the vast marine life of 4546B is unparalleled, and his research often provides groundbreaking insights into the ocean world and its inhabitants. Tragically, her life was cut short by an inexplicable accident at the Omega Laboratory. The research facility explodes and malfunctions, and despite her best efforts to remedy the situation, Sam is lost in the chaos. His death was a huge blow to everyone, especially his brother Robin Goodall, who reunited with 4546B to solve the mystery of his disappearance and continue the work Sam had dedicated himself to: the study and preservation of alien life forms.
Despite his unfortunate end, Sam's legacy continues to influence and inspire the Subnautica universe. His unwavering dedication, strong moral compass, and tireless pursuit of knowledge continue to resonate in the actions of those he left behind, serving as poignant reminders of the scientist and person he was.

Story Arc

Samantha "Sam" Goodall was a senior member of Alterra Corporation's Xenoworx division, known for her fierce dedication to her profession and love of family. Sam's passion for the career was driven not only by curiosity, but also by the shadow of his brother Robin Goodall, who was lost on the planet 4546B. Filled with regret and steely determination, Sam sets out to uncover the planet's secrets and bring Robin home.
On planet 4546B, Sam worked to uncover the mystery surrounding the alien technology there. His daily routine consisted of meticulous dissection of alien artifacts, material analysis, and an endless series of tests. He thought he was getting close to solving the riddle, but then a fatal accident occurred. During one experiment, something went wrong, an energy wave engulfed the lab and stole Sam's life.
Sam's determination seems to have redoubled after his death, with his brother Robin coming to the planet to find the last played logs and taking the same risks he did in hopes of bringing clarity to Sam's work and giving it the credit it deserves. These quests take Robin deep into treacherous realms, where she comes face-to-face with hauntingly beautiful creatures, experiences otherworldly events, and most importantly, follows Sam's path.
Besides being a scientist, Sam Goodall was also a sister, determined to do whatever it took to protect her family. His death began another journey, making Subnautica's story more personal. As Robin uncovers Sam's work layer by layer, it becomes clear that Sam's influence extends far beyond his own life. Whether he's fighting corporate greed or preserving family ties, Sam Goodall's storylines add depth and emotion to the Subnautica universe.

Cultural Impact

In the Subnautica universe, Sam Goodall has definitely left a mark on Alterra's interstellar operations and fan perception of strong female characters in video games. He epitomized resilience and dedication; his quest to uncover the truth about the deadly bacterium Kharaa led to deeper stories about corporate ethics and environmental stewardship in games, sparking debate outside of gaming as well.
Sam serves as a beacon for transcending gender norms. Despite the male environment, she was not disturbed; her strength, intelligence, and honesty shined through and changed the conversation about gender equality in the Subnautica community.
Additionally, many fans praised the nuanced portrayal of her relationship with her younger sister Robin. This portrayal of sisters working together in STEM roles, a field that is generally underrepresented by women, highlighted the power of a brave, intelligent and thoughtful female figure, making Sam Goodell a key part of Subnautica's larger cultural impact.


Sam Goodall was known for his enduring resilience and unwavering determination. A talented engineer on the Vesper team played a vital role in repairing the communications tower after it was damaged by the meteor shower. He worked tirelessly to broadcast an SOS to Alterra HQ and ensure the team's survival. Sam is remembered for her compassionate nature and demonstrates a deep empathy for native life forms, which contrasts with her company's policy of exploitation. He had great respect for life in Antarctica; her interactions revealed rich insights into the alien ecosystem, making her a focal point of the ongoing story. Ironically, her legacy is a moving story of a madcap heroine who dared to defy the norm but tragically succumbed to the planet she loved. Sam's story is a testament to the essential human spirit that resonates even in the vast expanses of water on planet 4546B.