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Faction NameAngels
Angels in the supernatural universe are heavenly beings known for their immense power and strict adherence to their duty. These celestial beings were created by God to carry out divine orders and protect the realm of mankind from demonic forces. Despite their divine nature, angels come in a variety of personalities, from extremely compassionate to ruthlessly righteous. They follow a strict pecking order with archangels at the top, followed by seraphim, angels, and fallen angels. Renowned for their magical abilities, they can teleport, heal, travel through time, and speak Enochian, the language of angels. The angelic faction is uncompromising and courageous, representing the great side of cosmic order, believing in divine providence against chaos.


Angels in the supernatural universe are heavenly beings created by God before mankind. They are known as one of the most powerful creatures in the franchise, possessing various supernatural abilities such as telekinesis, teleportation, resurrection, and manipulation of time and space. These angels must follow God's divine commands, but things became very complicated after God's disappearance, when some angels, such as Lucifer, rebelled and started their own activities.
Angels are divided into a strict hierarchy: archangels, seraphim, cherubim, and standard angels, each representing a significant level of power and influence. Archangels, the oldest and most powerful, have four known figures: Michael, Lucifer, Raphael and Gabriel. Their roles on Supernatural have ranged from villains to anti-heroes, adding plenty of drama and tension to the plot.
This contrasting description of angels reflects the moral ambiguity of the supernatural universe. Although many angels are considered benevolent protectors, they have shown a dark side and are willing to make desperate decisions for their cause. It also involves harming people, painting a more complex picture of good and evil. Their portrayal confirms that nothing, not even divine beings, are purely good or evil, but rather operate in shades of gray, which is a testament to great storytelling in the supernatural universe. Understanding this faction in all its ambiguity is the key to the complex tapestry of supernatural knowledge.


Angels in the supernatural universe are heavenly beings created by God before the creation of the world. These beings, who exist on a separate plane in the sky, play a vital role throughout history and greatly influence people's lives.
In the solitude of heaven, God gave birth to angels, the first being Archangels Michael, Lucifer, Raphael and Gabriel. They saw how God created the universe and the earth, and Michael led the heavenly army. But heaven was not always a peaceful place. When God created mankind, He asked all the angels to bow before His new creation. Lucifer, struck down by Michael, refused, creating a rebellious spark that shattered the heavenly power.
The divided factions led to a violent civil war in heaven, with the angels viewing humans as God's favorite creation and resenting them. Thus began the era of fallen angels who, full of anger and resentment, went against God's commandments and caused evil and terror among men.
After the fall, the angels were divided into virtues, graces, powers, and realms. Each of them has a specific role in heaven and often interferes in human affairs on earth. They often act as God's messengers, warriors, and protectors—while being feared, respected, and sought out by humans for their divine intervention.
In the supernatural universe, the imminent Apocalypse has made the ranks of the angels even more difficult. As prophesied in the 66 seals, Archangel Michael and fallen angel Lucifer will battle on Earth, foretelling an apocalyptic scenario. But as the supernatural story unfolds, the angels who once represented purity and devotion become embroiled in power struggles, dubious alliances, and destructive acts, eventually losing their way and contrasting with their demonic counterparts. The story of angels in a supernatural universe is a fascinating combination of divine providence, rebellion and redemption. As celestials of great power and ancient knowledge, they show that even the celestials are not free from corruption, infighting, and power struggles—ironically, a true reflection of earthly vulnerability. At the same time, their redemption also shows their ability to change and their desire to return to the light, leaving behind the classic story of powerful divine beings with equal flaws.

Notable Members

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Anna Milton


In the supernatural universe, angels live in a celestial dimension known as heaven. It is a spiritual realm that exists parallel to the physical world, but at a higher vibrational frequency that is normally invisible and inaccessible to humans. This heavenly realm is known to be vast and labyrinthine. Set against an eternal twilight sky adorned with constellations, skyscapes can be incredibly peaceful.
Each angel has a personal domain that resembles an idyllic version of their favorite places in the earthly realm. However, it should be noted that these places are only illusions created by powerful angelic spirits. Other famous locations in the sky include the Garden of Eden and the Axis Mundi, the sky bridge leading to Earth.
There are also important areas such as the courts and Angel cells. These rooms are mostly bare, lit with bluish light and almost sterile. The area where angels meet to discuss important matters is often depicted as a vast ethereal hall of beings, radiating pure, wonderful light. Heaven can change its geographic configuration at the will of its angelic inhabitants or when circumstances demand, showing how fluid and multifaceted this celestial plane is. The changing nature of the sky's geography means that its shape and structure change with the will of the sky's inhabitants.

Legacy and Impact

Angels have left a deep and indelible legacy in the supernatural universe. As celestial beings, they greatly influenced the overall story of the series. Their existence challenged the protagonists' notions of faith, fate, and free will. Characters like Castiel have become fan favorites, highlighting the versatility and depth of angelic nature, from dedicated soldiers to introspective and rebellious creatures. Their impact is reflected in the thematic complexity that introduces the religious and philosophical debates surrounding the supernatural genre of the show. The Angel Faction also created a unique hierarchy and culture of supernatural history, adding richness and variety to the series. Finally, they offered a counterpoint to more mundane horrors, heightening the animosity and showing the scale of the supernatural universe. Angels will always remain a defining feature of the supernatural universe. Their legacy in characters, themes, and story continues beyond the series finale.