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Supernatural: The Animation

General Info

Supernatural: The Animation logo
GenresSupernatural, Horror, Action, Adventure
Music ByMark Ishikawa
TaglineThe epic journey of the Winchester brothers come to a head as the final battle against Lucifer and the Apocalypse draws closer.
Film NameSupernatural: The Animation
StarringJared Padalecki, Andrew Farrar, Daniel Southworth
LanguagesJapanese, English
Directed ByShigeyuki Miya, Atsuko Ishizuka
Produced ByMasao Maruyama
Release Date2011-02-23
Screenplay ByNaoya Takayama
Content RatingPG-13
Distributed ByWarner Bros. Home Entertainment
Original TitleSupernatural: The Animation
Country of OriginJapan
Production Company NameMadhouse

Supernatural: The Animation is a thrilling and exciting journey, deeply rooted in supernatural history and mystical adventure. It is an anime adaptation of the American live-action series Supernatural, which has an intriguing film. a mixture of horror, drama and fantasy. The series delves into the lives of two brothers, Sam and Dean Winchester, as they confront and defeat evil supernatural beings that lurk in the shadows. Their journey is filled with mysterious characters, ancient history and dark subjects. Captivating storytelling combined with high-quality animation and a compelling story make Supernatural: The Animation an absolute must-see for fans of the Supernatural universe.



Supernatural: The Animation, the adaptation of the popular American television series Supernatural, offers a new look at the beloved world of the Winchester brothers. Brothers Sam and Dean Winchester are constantly at war with supernatural elements, battling fate and their own personal pain. Raised as hunters by their father, who trained them after their mother's death at the hands of a supernatural being, they wage war against the paranormal evil that lurks in the dark corners and byways of America.
Created by renowned Japanese studio Madhouse, this animated series maintains the core plot of the original series and offers 22 exciting episodes that combine remakes of some of the popular originals with new stories. The animation adds an exciting aesthetic dimension to the show, making the character's emotions more intense and the chilling atmosphere more palpable and chilling. Supernatural: The Animation offers new viewers and longtime fans a new journey into the Supernatural universe. The show offers a unique exploration of the themes of family bonds, sacrifice and the fine line between good and evil.



'Supernatural: The Animation' "film" screenshots
'Supernatural: The Animation' "film" screenshots
'Supernatural: The Animation' "film" screenshots
'Supernatural: The Animation' "film" screenshots
'Supernatural: The Animation' "film" screenshots
'Supernatural: The Animation' "film" screenshots


In Supernatural: The Animation, the evolution of the beloved TV series takes an intriguing animated twist. Brothers Sam and Dean Winchester embark on an exciting encounter with the unknown as they face their destiny in a world full of things that go bump in the night.
The brothers' journey begins with the mysterious death of their mother when they were young, a tragedy that shakes their lives. Thus, his father John Winchester plunges into the supernatural world, where he searches for answers and revenge. Pulled into the paranormal world by a sense of duty and love for their father, Sam and Dean enthrall viewers as they brave the unknown, armed with the knowledge of their ancestors and the tools of the occult. In pursuit of the same goal, Sam and Dean face conflicts arising from their differing views on their roles as hunters. Dean is dedicated and loyal to his father's cause and sees their mission as eternal fighters against the paranormal. Sam, on the other hand, is looking for a more normal life away from the endless battles and trying to escape the shadow of his family's legacy.
This dichotomy brings an exciting tension to the story. Sam's longing for a normal life is heart-wrenching, while Dean's strong confrontational attitude keeps us on the edge of our seats. Their relationship, a constant struggle of love, resentment, duty and personal ambition, forms the emotional core of the story.
All of this puts strain on the long-term sibling relationship. During this chaotic journey, the story constantly explores their often strained but always strong bond, a beacon of hope against a backdrop of darkness. Their love for each other, despite the differences and hardships they face, remains a testament to their unbreakable spirit.
Paranormal activity weaves this emotional tapestry, and each episode introduces new ghostly creatures and supernatural events. "Supernatural: The Animation" stands out for its combination of the horror genre and family drama, forcing you to face not only physical ailments, but also inner demons.


Supernatural: The Anime is a wonderful blend of American storytelling and the art of Japanese animation. This animated series is a spectacular adaptation of the original live-action TV show Supernatural. The process of creating this animation was a multi-faceted and energetic task with the main goal of preserving the authenticity of the beloved original series.
in 2011 production is in full swing, starting with acclaimed animation production house Madhouse. Best known for popular anime like Death Note and One Punch Man, Madhouse was tasked with bringing the dark and terrifying atmosphere of the original series to an animated format. Their team thoroughly researched and analyzed the intricacies of the original show to create a visually appealing adaptation that would fit in with Supernatural's characters and thematic underpinnings.
The creators recognized the passion fans had for the show's original voices, so they had a unique approach to voice acting. Some episodes feature the voice acting of original actors Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki reprising their roles as Dean and Sam Winchester. Their involvement made for a seamless transition for longtime fans, deeply connecting the two forms of the show.
The production team decided to introduce new storylines and recreate classic episodes from the first two seasons in a cycle of 22 episodes. Not only did it expand the Supernatural universe, but it also gave fans a new yet familiar script. This feat is a testament to the production team's commitment to honoring and expanding the Supernatural universe, illustrating the power of storytelling through characters and themes in any form. As a result, Supernatural: The Animation is and remains a magnet for fans old and new.


The highly anticipated Supernatural: The Animation was officially released in 2011. It was a refreshing twist for fans who have been following the long-running TV series avidly. The film effectively combines elements of horror, fantasy and suspense, breathing new life into the beloved story.
The film depicts the first screen adventures of brothers Sam and Dean Winchester, mixed with new storylines and enemies to keep the audience hooked. The animation paid careful attention to the intricate details of the characters, faithful to the original look and frightening atmospheres of the adventure, and the audience was fascinated by the quality of the animation technique. The creators have greatly adapted the complex and multi-layered relationships of our famous characters and witty banter to the animation format. In addition, the film brings to life the emotion and depth of the series, appealing to new viewers and seasoned fans alike. The voice acting, featuring the original stars, further enhances the authenticity and charm of the adaptation.
Supernatural: The Animation is a bold testament to the impact and popularity of the original series, successfully translating the charm and horror of Supernatural into a new format. The film takes fans on an exciting and intriguing journey fueled by nostalgia and fueled by the widespread love of the original series.


Supernatural: The Animation was well received by fans of the original series. Appreciation was expressed for how the animation paid homage to the live-action version while keeping the same core stories while expanding into uncharted territory in terms of aesthetics and storylines.
Critics and audiences praised the animation style, which added a unique storyline to the already fascinating Supernatural universe. The ability to present the more fantastical elements of the series in a visually impressive way was also appreciated. The character development received positive reviews, and the voice acting, particularly by Jared Padalecki, brought out the emotional depth and complexity of the characters. Despite these accolades, there have been controversies. Some fans of the live-action series expressed some disappointment, saying that the animated version lacked the undeniable charisma of original actors Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki. Some also felt that the series could have had more freedom to take full advantage of the endless possibilities of the animation medium.
Perhaps the most memorable impact of Supernatural: The Animation is the adaptation of a successful live-action series into animated format, a path rarely taken on television. It managed to capture and amplify the core essence of Supernatural, proving that the show can expand its exploration beyond its original medium. Despite differing opinions, Supernatural: The Animation will continue to be recognized for its contribution to the beloved franchise.

Cultural impact

The cultural impact of Supernatural: The Animation is significant not only for the animation industry, but for pop culture as a whole. As a Japanese anime adaptation of an American television series, it crossed the borders of the West and the East, elegantly fusing both cultures.
The first noticeable effect is the expansion of the supernatural "universe". By exploring elements that weren't fully explored in the live-action series, it added depth to the supporting characters and shed some light on the main characters' stories. This narrative breadth allowed the anime to retain the essence of the original series while offering new insights. As a result, the Supernatural franchise gained a larger global audience.
Second, it bridged the gap between traditional American and Japanese animation styles. It successfully combines the sometimes realistic cinematic character design and storytelling of American animation with the more stylized and dramatic aesthetic of Japanese anime. This hybrid style resulted in a visually stunning and narrative experience that appealed to fans from all walks of life.
Finally, Supernatural: The Animation was a major contributor to the trend of turning live-action television series into anime. It set a precedent for a popular American series to gain new life and a new audience through anime adaptations, paving the way for Power Rangers and other franchises to consider similar adaptations.
In conclusion, Supernatural: The Animation not only expanded the cultural scope of the original TV series, but also combined different animation styles, expanded the Supernatural universe, and contributed to the trend of the animation industry. The impact will be felt throughout the industry for years to come.