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Tokyo Ghoul: Past

General Info

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AuthorSui Ishida
Genresdark fantasy, horror, thriller, tragedy
Book NameTokyo Ghoul: Past
LanguagesJapanese, English
Release Date2013-12-19
Number of Pages278
Original Title東京喰種トーキョーグール[昔日]
Country of OriginJapan
Publisher Website URLhttp://www.shueisha.co.jp/
Tokyo Ghoul: Past immerses you in the fascinating and disturbing world of ghosts before the events of the original series. The revealing stories of the main characters, Touka, Tsukiyama, and Rize, intertwine beautifully, shedding light on their pasts and what led them to their current paths. This book adds to the Tokyo Ghoul universe, enriching the world and giving fans a bigger, darker picture. From Rize's hair loss to Touka's emotional journey, readers are taken on a rollercoaster ride of action, horror, and pure emotion. Tokyo Ghoul: Past is more than just an introduction to the main story; is an essential and engrossing read that pulls back the curtain to reveal the twisted reality of Tokyo's dark realms. Whether you're an avid Tokyo Ghoul follower or a curious reader, you'll appreciate the intriguing insight and hair-raising suspense this book provides.


Tokyo Ghoul: Past is an immersive book that reveals the previously unknown backstories of several key characters in the Tokyo Ghoul universe leading up to the events of the main story arc. Each chapter focuses on a different character's point of view, providing an immersive experience in the complex illusory world of ghosts and humans that secretly coexists with our own.
The book begins to dive into the story of the creepy and charismatic ghoul Tsukiyama. Next, explore the childhoods of cute but tough Duo, Touka, and Ayato Kirishima. The book reveals Rize's story and also touches on the connection between love, loss and the desire for power. The book unfolds the story of a young ghost, Uta, whose journey discovers resilience in times of despair. The final chapter ends with the intrepid investigator Hirako standing firm in the midst of chaos.
Tokyo Ghoul: Past unravels the mystery of each character's journey and presents an honest and introspective story about their past. Revealing the intricacies of each character, the book personifies their struggles, ambitions and journeys to survive, affecting readers. For those who want to understand the labyrinth of dimensional characters in the Tokyo Ghoul universe, this book serves as a navigation tool. It promises not only to entertain, but also to shed light on the past and thus provide context for the present.


In Tokyo Ghoul: Past, readers delve into the influential stories of several key characters in the global Tokyo Ghoul series. Rather than a single linear story, the plot is a composite of several stories, each focusing on a key chapter in the character's past lives.
In The Past, there are six characters: Hide, Rize, Tsukiyama Shu, Hinami, Kaneki, and Touka. Each of these characters played an important role in the creation of the series.
Hide's story reveals the secrets of his childhood, his unshakable bond with Kaneki, and his occasional courage and optimism as he undertakes life-threatening missions. Rize Kamishiro's shocking and relentless journey reveals her past and explains why she binged and ran away from V, a major turning point that will affect any subsequent chain of events.
Tsukiyama Shu's chapter provides insight into his debut in the food world, his feisty personality, and a deeper understanding of his relationship with his family.
Hinami's story focuses on her early life and her coping mechanism after the horrific loss of her parents. Kaneki and Touka's story is at strategic places in the book, among other stories, providing melodic pauses during intense parts of the story.
Tokyo Ghoul: Past details the aftermath of Rize's attack and its aftermath, their fight, and Kaneki's eventual transformation. While the story follows a gothic horror theme, it attempts to interweave deep philosophical questions of identity, morality, death, and compassion.
Sui Ishida ensures that The Past is an essential book for Tokyo Ghoul fans, providing much-needed context and depth to their favorite characters. More than just a prequel, The Past also bridges the unknown gray areas between the different timelines of the Tokyo Ghoul universe. This allows the reader to further explore the reasons for the characters' motivations, gradually digging beneath the surface of each character and fleshing out the main plot line.


A clear transformation of author Sui Ishida's pen can be seen in the Development section. The Tokyo Ghoul: Past delves into the backstories and hidden traumas of several characters who play key roles in the main series. Through the harrowing stories of these characters, readers gain insight into their motivations and actions in the events that follow.
Ishida masterfully interweaves the past of the characters with the main plot line, which is not revealed until this novel. The examples above are the main elements that make up these characters that were left out of the main series. By exploring the past, the book shows readers another side of the ghost-human conflict, the prejudices they face, and the social and political dynamics, adding to the Tokyo Ghost universe.
Interestingly, not only the story of the main character is explored, but also a number of secondary characters. This wide perspective gives the story a richness that readers cannot remain indifferent to. These stories manage to evoke empathy even for the cold-blooded or evil characters of the main series.
Ishida uses exquisite detail to enrich the characters' pasts, and clever illustrations bring these stories to life, creating an immersive experience for readers. With Tokyo Ghoul: Past, Ishida emerges as a master storyteller who knows how to make readers care about every character in his universe.


Tokyo Ghoul: Past 2014 December 19 published by Shueisha. It is a light novel written by Shin Towada and is the third novel set in the Tokyo Ghoul universe. The gripping story explores the past lives of several key characters from the original series, delving into their stories and personal journeys that made them the characters we know and love.
The novel is divided into three stories: one about Touka and Ayato's past, the second about Tsukiyama's past, and the third about Rize's history. Each story was carefully crafted to reveal the events that led these characters to the path they eventually took in the main anime series. In addition, these individual stories are expertly interwoven with the larger Tokyo Ghoul universe, helping readers to better understand the intricacies of this dark and fascinating world.
The Past was praised for its character development and much-needed backstory to the main series. The gripping narrative further accentuates the sweet, tragic tone that defines Tokyo Ghoul. Readers gain insight into the traumas, struggles, and haunting realities the characters face, making them more relatable and adding more layers to their personalities.
Ultimately, with Sui Ishida's underlying concepts and Shin Towada's impressive storytelling style, Tokyo Ghoul: Past is an essential book for fans and newcomers alike, promising a journey of suspense, tragedy, and intense character exploration. It reinforces the timeless appeal of the Tokyo Ghoul series and secures its place in any manga or light novel lover's treasured collection.
Overall, Tokyo Ghoul: Past isn't just another book; is a deep dive into the soul of the Tokyo Ghoul universe.


Tokyo Ghoul: Past was officially released by Shueisha in 2013. December 19 The novel is a compilation of several stories that take place before the start of the original manga series, giving readers a deeper understanding of the characters and establishing the world of Tokyo Ghoul. It features life stories explored from the perspectives of various characters, including Touka Kirishima, Ayato Kirishima, and Hideyoshi Nagachika. The release has been eagerly awaited by fans who want to learn more about the stories of these beloved characters, especially when the stories delve into their motivations, struggles and development. The novel received critical acclaim for its art and storytelling, cementing its place in the hearts of devoted Tokyo Ghoul fans. Today, Tokyo Ghoul: Past remains an important part of the Tokyo Ghoul franchise, inviting readers to immerse themselves in the complex and dark world masterfully created by Sui Ishida. The book is available worldwide in various formats, including paperback and digital versions. Tokyo Ghoul: Past is a must-read for anyone who wants to immerse themselves in the world of Ghoul. Interweaves stories that give deeper meaning to characters readers have come to love and appreciate, adding a whole new dimension to the story.


Tokyo Ghoul: Past received largely positive reviews from fans and newcomers to the franchise. Critics and readers have praised the collection of stories for revealing the origins of several characters and delving into their characterizations, exploring their personal demons, motivations, struggles and triumphs. A unique insight into the past experiences of these characters provides a new perspective on the overall history of Tokyo Ghoul.
Emphasizing Sui Ishida's excellent storytelling, the author continues to deliver dark, immersive and emotionally resonant stories. His solid storytelling combined with complex character development solidifies his status as a towering figure in the horror manga genre. The book stands out because it explores psychological themes, brings the idea of ​​"ghosts" as just monsters to people, and forces readers to reevaluate their preconceptions. Tokyo Ghoul: Past ultimately leaves the impression of a well-crafted psychological horror that blurs the line between humans and monsters.
Many reviewers have commented that while the book provides a deeper context for the Tokyo Ghoul series, it may confuse those unfamiliar with the larger universe. Still, Tokyo Ghoul: Past is worth a read for those interested in introspective, creepy, and haunting stories. It's a compelling testament to Ishida's ability to craft complex stories and draw viewers into the chilling world of ghosts and their struggles for survival.

Cultural impact

Tokyo Ghoul: Past has captivated manga and anime fans not only with its compelling plot and dynamic characters, but also with its significant cultural impact. The Tokyo Ghoul universe, eloquently described in the book series, has influenced pop culture in many ways.
The Past, one of the novels in the thrilling Tokyo Ghoul series, was also influential. The depiction of societal challenges as ghouls and humans struggle for survival highlighted themes of discrimination, acceptance and fear of the unknown. Through her characters, Past encourages readers to reflect on our social dynamics and how fear and prejudice affect our perceptions and actions. The novel also vividly depicts the art of masquerade, which inherently allows us all to wear masks to hide our true selves, an interpretation that appeals to a variety of readers. The past has also influenced cosplay culture, with passionate fans adopting the show's flashy, surreal and deeply symbolic costumes.
The influence of the past on the praise of the pop movement is evident in the high demand for its merchandise and the thematic elements seen in other pop culture trends. It has contributed greatly to the global popularity of manga and anime by enabling critical discourse on deep social issues that are often overlooked in graphic novels. The series facilitated cultural exchange between the West and Japan and enriched the global pop culture landscape. Tokyo Ghoul: The literary quality of the past, the depth of its characters, and the social themes contribute to its cultural significance. As part of the Tokyo Ghoul universe, the past continues to fuel dialogue about prejudice, fear, and identity, as well as fuel a growing appreciation for manga and anime around the world.