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Tokyo Ghoul: Days

General Info

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AuthorTouka Kirishima
GenresDark fantasy, Horror fiction, Thriller
IllustratorTouka Kirishima
Issue Number1
Release Date2014-10-17
Number of Pages288
Original Title東京喰種トーキョーグール:Days
Comics Issue NameTokyo Ghoul: Days
Country of OriginJapan
Publisher Website URLhttps://www.shueisha.co.jp/
Tokyo Ghoul: Days is an immersive collection of short stories that provide insight into the complex characters and complex stories of the Tokyo Ghoul universe. Explore the everyday lives of ghosts and humans, adding depth and dimension to the show's plot and characters. Readers delve into the wild existence of ghosts who must survive in human society and the struggles faced by those who live in fear. Through a heart-wrenching and heart-wrenching narrative, Tokyo Ghoul: Days paints an all-encompassing picture, allowing fans to experience the side of Tokyo Ghoul beyond the main storyline. This comic collection is a must read for fans who want to fully immerse themselves in the world of Tokyo Ghoul.


Tokyo Ghoul: Days is a fascinating collection of short stories that delves into the lives and turbulent world of ghouls and their interactions with humans. This installment features unique and enriching stories featuring characters from the beloved series, enhancing the depth of the Tokyo Ghoul universe. Several stories take readers by surprise with unexpected twists, solve loose ends, and reveal hidden stories behind the scenes of the main series. From the story of Touka studying for college entrance, the romantically intriguing story of how Yomo meets Uta, to the heartbreaking story of Hide and Kaneki's first friendship, each story evokes different emotions and presents a multifaceted world where the border between humans and ghosts exists. is noticeably blurred. Even the coldest characters are engraved with a human depth that emphasizes the main idea of ​​the series - the parallel between humans and ghosts. Tokyo Ghoul: Reading Days is like taking a detour through the alleys of the main road. This is the same world seen through different eyes, a really fascinating book.


Tokyo Ghoul: Days is an anthology of immersive stories that provide an intimate look into the lives of the ghouls and people behind the main story. In six stories, we explore the fascinating sides of the main and secondary characters, delving into their personalities and making them relatable. A harrowing encounter in a bookstore gives us a new perspective on our hero Kaneki and shows his steadfast courage. A glimpse into the daily life of popular Gourmet Ghoul, Tsukiyama, reveals his pursuit of refined indulgence. We also explore the wall at Anteiku Cafe, the center of Tokyo's ghosts, on the front lines of their fight against humans. The book takes us on a rollercoaster of emotions, from heart-wrenching stories to light-hearted tales, while maintaining the dark undertones that characterize the series. With a thoughtful story, Days offers a glimpse into the depths of the Tokyo Ghoul universe, intertwined with complex characters and their unique experiences.


Tokyo Ghoul: Days was created with the dedication, creativity and talent of beloved artist and writer Sui Ishida. The additional skills of the author contributed greatly to the extraordinary quality of the manga. The painstaking planning process that precedes the actual creation of the manga required meticulous attention to detail, ensuring that every character and every scene came to life. Curating the artwork was not an easy task. The difficult task required great precision to capture the subtle emotional nuances of the characters and effectively convey the chilling theme of the manga. The combination of dark and macabre tones with human emotions made the manga unique. The team worked enthusiastically to create a frightening yet intriguing ghost world. The fast-paced storytelling combined with the attractive graphics added depth to the manga and made readers addicted to this epic series. Overall, the production process was effective in paving the way for cult classics in the manga world.


Tokyo Ghoul: Days bridges the gap between the main storylines with additional story arcs, revealing dimensions to characters that are underrepresented or misunderstood in the main series. It combines gruesome examples in the lives of characters who are either ghosts trying to secretly co-exist with humans or humans researching and fighting the ghost menace. Surrounded by dazzling works of art, Dienos tells about painful and hurtful events and relationships, forcing readers to look at the world through broken bifocals. The series explores different interpretations of what it means to be human or ghost, challenging binary perceptions to grasp moral ambiguity and mixed identity. Fresh new perspectives ignite empathetic responses to the lives of these characters entrenched in a mortal world, blurring the supposed lines of good and evil. Forced to examine the philosophical undertones that emerge throughout the story, it is a must-read for fans of Tokyo Ghoul.


Tokyo Ghoul: Days was first released in Japan in 2013. It brings a new dimension to the Tokyo Ghoul universe and gives readers a glimpse into the daily lives of the ghouls and people who inhabit this world. It consists of six stories, each exploring the perspectives of different characters. Notably, these stories also reveal the off-screen events of the main series, effectively digging into the overall narrative structure of Tokyo Ghoul.
The release of Tokyo Ghoul: Days was an important moment in the development of the Tokyo Ghoul franchise, as it expanded the series beyond the original manga and into the realm of literature. His storytelling method seems to have caught on with fans, as it has since spawned three lighthearted sequels: Tokyo Ghoul: Void, Tokyo Ghoul: Past, and Tokyo Ghoul: Quest.
Whether you're a longtime fan looking to continue exploring the complex universe of Tokyo Ghoul, or a new reader just getting started, Tokyo Ghoul: Days is a fascinating and fascinating read. He paints a complex picture of a world where the line between monsters and humans is blurred through stories that are sometimes heartbreaking and sometimes flattering. As you read these stories, you can't help but feel the unexpected humanity of these monsters and the sometimes awfulness found in humanity.


Tokyo Ghoul: Days has been generally well received by critics and fans alike, with many praising the program as providing a deeper insight into the Tokyo Ghoul universe. The anthology is a stark contrast to the main series as it explores the daily lives and inner thoughts of the characters, adding a depth and personality that isn't as evident in the main storyline. Critics praised his treatment of calmer and more realistic moments and additional characterization. The range of emotions covered in Tokyo Ghoul: Days, from heartwarming to heartbreaking moments, resulted in a whole new level of empathetic involvement, creating a stronger connection between the audience and the characters.
One of the highlights was the insightful exploration of Ghoul society that Tokyo Ghoul: Days offered. It reveals the daily struggles a ghoul faces as part of a man-made reality and adds complexity to the overall plot. This definitely increased the popularity of the series, giving readers a new perspective. Fans also enjoy the addition of illustrations to each story, as they add more depth to these interludes of the larger story. In short, Tokyo Ghoul: Days was hailed as a well-executed addition to the Tokyo Ghoul franchise, enhancing the enjoyment of the manga series and satisfying readers' curiosity about the lives of their favorite characters.

Cultural impact

The Tokyo Ghoul: Days series has had a major impact on the pop culture landscape around the world. He managed to weave a powerful combination of compelling characters, plot complexity, multi-layered themes and a heartwarming story that resonated with readers around the world. In addition to entertainment, the series brought to the fore ideas of identity, social acceptance, and blurring the line between good and evil.
The concept of "ghosts" living among humans trying to fit in while fighting their natural nature resonated with audiences. It became a symbol of the outcast and resonated with people struggling with their identity or societal pressures. As a result, discussion of these topics has become more common, creating a safer environment for conversations about the "strangers" or "others" in our society.
Tokyo Ghoul: Days brought the horror genre back into the spotlight, not through superficial scares or gore, but through psychological terror and a chilling look at human nature. He has also had a major influence on fashion, fan art, and cosplay. The iconic mask of the main character Kaneki Ken has become a symbol of the series and is widely recognized not only by fans but also by the general public.
This comic has transcended the medium to become a cultural talking point, centering the reader's mind on issues of social acceptance and identity. It shows the far-reaching implications that a comic book series can really have.