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Tokyo Ghoul: Dark War

General Info

Tokyo Ghoul: Dark War logo
GenresAction, Adventure, RPG
WritersSui Ishida
Game NameTokyo Ghoul: Dark War
LanguagesJapanese, English
PlaymodesSingle Player, Multiplayer
Game EngineUnity
Produced ByGameSamba
Release Date2018-01-18
Social Mediahttps://www.facebook.com/TokyoGhoulDW/
Game PlatformsiOS, Android
Publisher NameGameSamba
Country of OriginChina
Publishers Websiteshttp://gamesamba.com/
Tokyo Ghoul: Dark War is an exciting mobile game inspired by the popular anime Tokyo Ghoul. Immerse yourself in a story-filled universe and navigate an RPG experience combined with beautifully rendered action combat. Players will immerse themselves in the dark and twisted city of Tokyo, fight ghosts or take on the role of a ghost. As you progress, you'll unlock and upgrade a number of characters with unique abilities, expanding the strategies you can use to defeat your opponents. You can choose to go it alone or with friends in this challenging multiplayer game. Whether you're an anime fan or new to the world, Tokyo Ghoul: Dark War offers highly immersive gameplay.


'Tokyo Ghoul: Dark War' game screenshots
'Tokyo Ghoul: Dark War' game screenshots
'Tokyo Ghoul: Dark War' game screenshots
'Tokyo Ghoul: Dark War' game screenshots
'Tokyo Ghoul: Dark War' game screenshots
'Tokyo Ghoul: Dark War' game screenshots


Tokyo Ghoul: Dark War is an addictive, action-packed game based on the popular anime series Tokyo Ghoul. The game takes you to the mysterious dark world of Tokyo, where ghosts and humans coexist. As a player, you will be drawn into a multifaceted war between ghosts and humans, a conflict that blurs the line between good and evil.
The game has a unique combination of RPG and strategy elements. You can choose your characters from a diverse roster, each with their own unique abilities. Characters feature fan favorites from the anime series, nuanced with realistic 3D graphics and detailed landscapes that add to the thrilling experience.
Combat in Tokyo Ghoul: Dark War is very strategic. By skillfully combining the unique abilities of your chosen characters, you can defeat your enemies and claim victory on the battlefield. The game also offers an interesting multiplayer feature that allows you to create your own team and compete with other players in real time.
Tokyo Ghoul: Dark War's story mode perfectly follows the original anime's plot, allowing players to enjoy memorable moments from the series. In addition, the game offers a number of daily missions and challenges, increasing user engagement.
Dive into Tokyo Ghoul: Dark War and immerse yourself in an addictive gameplay experience that seamlessly blends strategy and action and offers a thrilling story similar to the original anime series. Hone your fighting skills, strategize your every move, and uncover the secrets of the Tokyo Ghoul universe.



Tokyo Ghoul: Dark War immerses players in an exciting real-time battle filled with action and evil spirits. The game starts with an exciting storyline that immerses the players in a dark world, with tasks to survive and fight against monstrous creatures.
Players can choose to play the roles of a variety of characters, including less menacing humans and menacing ghosts. Each character has unique strengths and abilities that players can use and improve during gameplay. This adds a strategic element to the game as some characters are better suited to certain types of battles. Tokyo Ghoul: Dark War's arenas vary in intensity and difficulty. Whether it's simple skirmishes on the street or epic battles in the creepy underworld, there's sure to be no shortage of thrilling encounters. The game also features a multiplayer mode where players can engage in competitive confrontations or band together for a cooperative battle against ghosts.
A special feature of the game is that it dynamically switches between human and ghost perspectives. This gives players an expanded experience of the gritty universe and adds even more depth to the story. Players can also take advantage of the RPG aspects of Tokyo Ghoul: Dark War while playing the game. This includes leveling up characters, learning new skills, acquiring weapons, and even creating alliances. Every update, big or small, goes a long way in keeping the player in the game.
At its core, Tokyo Ghoul: Dark War features a multifaceted gameplay that combines strategic battle planning, immersive storytelling, and the exhilarating experience of survival in a gruesome haunted universe. From the unique portrayal of the characters to the impressive combat mechanics, the game truly captures the spirit of the Tokyo Ghoul anime.

Gameplay video


Tokyo Ghoul: Dark War is an action-packed mobile MMORPG based on the popular anime series of the same name. Set in an alternate reality Tokyo full of fear and horror, the game plunges players into a vigilante world embroiled in a war between ghosts and humans, where the only goal is to survive.
As the player, you embark on a thrilling adventure and assume the role of Ken Kaneki, a student who barely survives an encounter with Rize Kamishiro, his fateful date turned into a hideous monster. This event turns Ken into a half-ghost, pushing him into the shadows of a ghostly society where he must learn to live.
The plot continues as Ken Kaneki seeks approval from both sides as he tries to control his insatiable appetite for human flesh. As he navigates a dangerous dungeon, he must hide his identity from the Counter Ghoul Committee, an organization dedicated to exterminating ghouls.
Tokyo Ghoul: Dark War weaves a rich storyline with intense player-versus-player (PvP) combat, pitting teams of ghouls or humans against each other to take over war-torn Tokyo. As you progress and uncover the dark secrets of the Anteiku Ghost Hideout, you'll have to complete a series of quests, uncover secrets, and battle powerful bosses, each with unique abilities.
Sneak through the crowds as a civilian during the day, engage in brutal combat as a specter after dark and dive into the dark side of the city, explore dark corners, face impressive opponents and make tough decisions. Every action you make, every choice you make defines your journey and the city around you, making Tokyo Ghoul: Dark War an immersive and nerve-wracking experience. Face your fears, embrace your dark side and uncover the mystery of ghosts in this thrilling, breathtaking and dark action RPG. Experience the intensity of the Tokyo Ghoul universe like never before.


Tokyo Ghoul: Dark War follows a unique development path that allows players to shape their gameplay experience. The game design system brings Sui Ishida's Tokyo Ghoul series to life, incorporating a dark and deep story with rich and engaging elements. Players have the ability to control and develop the series' unique characters, increasing their growth through a complex leveling system.
Above all, Tokyo Ghoul: Dark War uses exceptional graphics to capture the dark atmosphere of the world of Tokyo Ghoul, further enhancing the experience with high-quality visual effects and detailed character graphics. The developers have provided smooth and spontaneous control, optimized the game for different platforms and ensured an unlimited experience, whether you are using a phone, tablet or computer. The game, with its universal strategic elements, promises a large area for player development. It uses turn-based tactics that allow players to devise and plan complex strategies to win battles and adapt to changing game conditions. Open world exploration enhances the atmosphere of game development through active participation and interaction within the gaming community.
Microtransactions in Tokyo Ghoul: Dark War allow you to develop characters and items faster. While players can earn resources naturally, optional in-app purchases can speed up progression and enhance the game experience. In conclusion, Tokyo Ghoul: Dark War is a cleverly crafted game that captures the essence of the beloved anime, engaging players through a fluid narrative, strategic gameplay, and a balanced economy that takes into account time investment and optional purchases.


The highly anticipated release of Tokyo Ghoul: Dark War was a major event for all Tokyo Ghoul fans. The game is a mobile action RPG developed by GameSamba and Funimation based on the popular anime series Tokyo Ghoul. Upon its release, it received critical acclaim for its innovative graphics, engaging storyline, and ability to relate to beloved characters.
In this interactive game, players can step into the shoes of their favorite characters and travel through the dark world of Tokyo Ghoul. Players have the option to fight ghosts or become one themselves, providing an immersive experience for all. This dynamic game setting allows players to team up with their favorite characters and compete against others in the vast world of Tokyo Ghost.
The release also featured an original story based on the anime, adding depth and context to the game. The unique player-versus-player (PVP) feature added a competitive edge, keeping players engaged for hours. Tokyo Ghoul: Dark War also features familiar faces from the series such as Touka, Kaneki and Tsukiyama, ensuring a place in the hearts of fans.
The release of Tokyo Ghoul: Dark War brought a new perspective to the world of mobile gaming. Its success reinforces the timeless appeal of the Tokyo Ghoul franchise and proves that the intrigue and thrills of this dark world continue to capture the imaginations of fans around the world.


Since its release, Tokyo Ghoul: Dark War has received mixed reactions from players around the world. The game was praised for sticking to the original Tokyo Ghoul storyline, putting fans back in the shoes of their favorite character.
The stunning 3D graphics are especially commendable, bringing Kaneki, Touka and the entire Tokyo Ghoul universe to life in unprecedented detail. Next generation 3D graphics create an immersive environment that truly recreates the dark and moody atmosphere of Tokyo Ghoul.
The gameplay was also praised. Competitive real-time strategy battles ensure non-stop action, while simple controls make it easy for players of all skill levels to dive headfirst into the action. This multi-dimensional game combined with many different modes and features creates a highly immersive experience that will keep players coming back for more.
However, despite these positives, some players have criticized the game for its repetitive gameplay, lag episodes, high in-game rewards, and occasional server issues. While such issues have disappointed some, most players remain satisfied with the overall performance of Tokyo Ghoul: Dark War.
Overall, Tokyo Ghoul: Dark War is an important foray into the world of mobile gaming for fans of the Tokyo Ghoul franchise. The game's rich and complex universe combined with exciting gameplay and top-notch graphics contribute greatly to its continued popularity among casual and avid gaming fans.

Cultural impact

Tokyo Ghoul: Dark War made a big impact on the mobile gaming landscape, bringing a unique perspective to the anime-infused RPG genre. Its success can largely be attributed to its clear implementation of the action, graphics and narrative elements of the original Tokyo Ghoul series, creating a familiar yet refreshingly innovative gaming experience for fans.
This is especially evident in the game's combat system. Tokyo Ghoul: Dark War has been praised for capturing the visceral and intense spirit of the original anime series. Battles are often compared to chess games for their strategic depth, reflecting the intelligent and tactical nature of the series' conflicts. This design element resonated with gamers who love strategy games and attracted a new audience to the genre.
The game also featured original storylines with well-integrated traditional Tokyo Ghoul themes. This unique combination added depth to the story and allowed players to develop deeper connections with the characters, improving interaction and engagement. It gave fans of the series a new way to interact with their favorite characters and participate in the Tokyo Ghoul universe.
In addition, Tokyo Ghoul: Dark War's art style heavily influenced anime-style games. Emphasizing the gritty and dark atmosphere of the original series, this designer's visual taste marked a departure from the bright and colorful art styles prevalent in anime games of the time. This contrast in aesthetics has greatly appealed to gamers looking for originality and variety in the gaming industry.
Overall, Tokyo Ghoul: Dark War made a big impact on the gaming world, providing an interesting alternative to existing mobile RPGs, creating a new wave of anime-based games that carefully balance combat strategy, narrative depth, and visual excellence. . Its cultural impact continues to shape the future of anime-based mobile games.