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Jewel Sword Zelretch

General Info

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Item NameJewel Sword Zelretch
Jewel Sword Zelretch is a powerful mystical cipher in the TYPE-MOON universe created by the famous sorcerer of the same name, Kischur Zelretch Schweinorg. It is a gem-encrusted short sword capable of manipulating multidimensional fracturing phenomena. This allows the use of near-infinite energy from parallel universes in essentially unlimited ways. Unique to the Zelretch, only a few, such as Tohsaka Rin and Illyasviel von Einzbern, were able to use it due in part to its complex mechanism. This mystical code is a true game changer that sets the plot in various TYPE-MOON productions. The combination of magic and science inspires fear for many and shines as a symbol of the mysterious power of the universe. It may look small, but it has a power that can withstand even real magic. The Jewel Sword Zelretch is truly a miracle and a testament to the highest magic.


Attributed to the multifaceted wizard Kishur Zelretch Schweinorg, the Zelretch Jewel Sword is an exclusive artifact of the TYPE-MOON universe. Crowned as one of the few items of true magic, this mystical code acts like a kaleidoscope, effortlessly reflecting many possibilities and futures. The sword operates on a second magic, manipulating multidimensional refractions to create a virtually limitless source of energy.
Relatively speaking, the sword is often overlooked as a weapon. The main strength of the weapon is the unprecedented ability to enter parallel universes. It gives the wearer access to the energy and resources of those dimensions, giving them extraordinary strength and vitality.
The gem sword Zelretch, wielded by experienced people, can become a formidable force. This is a testament to Zelretch's enlightened understanding of the complex structure of the universe. A lesser-known trait is the ability to impart knowledge of the Second Magic to the right recipient, which requires great courage, knowledge, and a worthy soul.
Its mesmerizing aesthetic, a peculiar combination of short sword and jewels, imbued with an unsettling yet fascinating power. Despite its immense power, the sword remains a symbolic relic of wisdom and understanding, emphasizing knowledge and courage rather than blunt force. Thus, the Gem Sword Zelretch symbolizes the intersection of power and wisdom, establishing itself as a timeless artifact in the TYPE-MOON universe.

Creation and Development

The Gem Sword Zelretch, also known as the Kaleidoscope, is a precious mystical cipher in the TYPE-MOON universe. It was created by the profound wisdom and unparalleled skill of its inventor, the prodigious sorcerer Kischur Zelretch Schweinorg.
Zelretch's passion for magic manifested itself in the creation of this magical weapon. This mystical code was not invented overnight. It represented decades of study and sacrifice, pushing the boundaries of magic and reality. A multidimensional refractor, the Jewel Sword Zelretch grants its user the power to draw and manipulate vast amounts of mana from parallel worlds. The weapon is the physical embodiment of Zelretch's second magic called the Kaleidoscope, which shows his ability to manipulate multiverses. Complex spells carefully engraved into the mystical codex allowed for immense power to be harnessed without overwhelming the user.
The creation of such a powerful weapon did not go unnoticed in the wizarding community. The sword became a symbol of the boundary between imagined and unimagined magic, unleashing a storm of admiration and fear. It became a testament to the heights magic could reach, blurring the line between gods and mortals.
During its creation, Zelretch took care to include specific defense mechanisms to prevent abuse, allowing only those who are worthy and possess sufficient knowledge of magical circuits to use it successfully.
Later in his creation, Zelretch used them to teach and impart his knowledge to a select few, including his student Rin Tohsaka. The goal was to elevate them to a new level of magical ability, thereby promoting the evolution of humanity's understanding and application of magic.
The gem sword Zelretch is the pinnacle of magical weaponry, incorporating ideas of space, time, and parallel universes into its spells, making magic tangible and incredibly powerful.

Cultural Impact

The Gem Sword Zelretch had a profound effect on the cultural fabric of the TYPE-MOON universe. It is not only a weapon, but also a powerful symbol of strength and possibility, often signaling major changes in history. As the epitome of the Second Magic, it represents the depths of exploration of magical theory, sparking debate and theory among scholars and fans across the universe.
The sword is especially prominent in the visual novel Tsukihime. Protagonist Shiki Tohno learns to harness his power and makes inevitable revelations about the complex workings of magic. It changes the plot drastically and cements it as an iconic moment of the series.
In addition, the association of the sword with the character of Kischur Zelretch Schweinorg gave it even more cultural weight. Zelretch's character as an eccentric, wise, but somewhat mysterious elder wizard perfectly complements the mysterious aura of the Gem Sword. He uses it to teach a very important character, Rin Tohsaka, how to use gems, showing how this legendary tool can enhance his abilities.
All in all, from story progression to deep character development, Jewel Sword Zelretch has made a lasting impact and continues to captivate fans of the TYPE-MOON universe with its enigmatic and powerful presence. His influence is not limited to his role in history, shaping much of the debate and theory surrounding the magical system in this universe.