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Misaki Town

General Info

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CityOsaka Prefecture
Latitude[object Object]
Longitude[object Object]
Postal Code598-0021
Location NameMisaki
Alternate NameMisaki-cho
Misaki City, often referred to simply as "the city", is a bustling urban setting in the TYPE-MOON universe. It is the main setting for many stories and adventures. There are various places in the city, each with its own unique charm and significance. These include residential areas that thrive on camaraderie and community spirit, and commercial areas that are full of businesses and entertainment venues. Misaki also has important attractions such as the central hospital, a church, and the eerie Ryudo Shrine. Despite its modern facade, the city is steeped in mystery and history, serving as a battleground for supernatural encounters. It is a place where the everyday intertwines with the extraordinary, weaving a rich tapestry of intriguing stories.


"Located on the outskirts of Tokyo in the TYPE-MOON universe, the town of Misaki is a place filled with an intriguing combination of the ordinary and the extraordinary. Beneath its plain appearance, the town surprises with enigmatic sites such as the famous Ryudo Temple atop a hill that exudes a spiritual atmosphere.
The city seems to be a mix of different stories, mysteries and different intertwined lives. The scenic beauty of this city lies not only in its physical elements, such as the enchanting forest and lush park, but also in the legendary characters that inhabit this patch of land. These include the Tohno family, Aozaki Aoko, and Satsuki Yumizuka, who contribute to the complex tapestry of Misaki's life. The main plot center of Tsukihime, Kara no Kyoukai, and Mahoutsukai no Yoru, Misaki evokes many tropes or themes. It is a city where possibility surpasses perception of reality, where magic merges with the mundane through subtle allusions and dramatic revelations. Events take place by distorting the fabric of normality covered with examples of fiction.
Retaining its small-town charm full of typical infrastructure such as schools, convenience stores and residential areas, it resonates with supernatural and fantastical echoes. The nostalgic town of Misaki bears witness to the interweaving of magic and realism, myth and history, enhancing the fascinating saga of the TYPE-MOON universe. It's more than the setting, it's the character himself that brings colorful stories to life."


Misaki City, also known as Misaki City, is an urban setting deeply rooted in the TYPE-MOON universe and has a long history full of mysterious events and diverse characters.
Originally thriving as a region around the city of Fuyuki, it soon acquired unique characteristics and deep knowledge. For centuries, the city of Misaki has been shrouded in mystery, shrouded in fantastical myths and legends involving magic and supernatural beings. Over the years it has served as the battleground for many duels and spiritual conflicts, carving its name into the history of the occult world.
Against the backdrop of modern Japan, the city's rich tapestry seamlessly blends culture, history and vibrant life. Although it seems quiet during the day, after dark the area turns into a no-go zone due to frequent supernatural occurrences, leaving an indelible mark on the city's heritage.
The rich history of the city is also characterized by a diverse population. Separated from mainstream society, it breeds people familiar with the intricacies of the Mage Association and the dark practices of the Holy Church. The distinguished lifestyles and rich backgrounds of individuals such as Shiki Tohno and Aoko Aozaki contributed to the city's vibrant and complex identity, while contributing to its deep-rooted history.
But the city is also synonymous with change and growth. Throughout his long life, he has constantly adapted to the tense balance between the ordinary world and the secret world, learning to survive in an ever-changing environment. Misaki's town reflects both the stability of the past and the unpredictability of the future, showing its pivotal role in the TYPE-MOON universe. By creating fantastic events and extraordinary characters, it is the main setting in which inexplicable mysteries are unraveled and complex stories come together.


The quintessential backdrop of Misaki City, the main location of the TYPE-MOON universe, extends the fascinating pendulum of peace, harmony and tension. This seaside resort is the tranquil backdrop for many of the major events that unfold the many layers of the TYPE-MOON universe.
Misaki City's effortless beauty embraces the charm of a quintessential seaside town and is subtly complemented by a delightfully sweeping coastline, pleasantly dotted with stations and houses. Most of these architectural marvels depict deep pre-modern Japanese art that exudes a warm and welcoming atmosphere to its visitors and residents.
The city of Misaki is divided into three central parts; a residential area, a commercial area and Ryudo Temple on top of Mt. A perfect mix of old and new, the city is beautifully divided by a modern bridge.
The charming, peaceful residential area is home to many residents who play a central role in the TYPE-MOON universe. Full of life and energy, the shopping district is full of shops and lively activities that add to the charming atmosphere of the fun environment.
However, the heart of Misaki City is the intricately designed Ryudo Temple. The historic temple on the edge of the mountain is an architectural marvel and the last bastion against the supernatural. With deep-rooted symbolism and intense spirituality, the temple encapsulates the charm of Misaki City.
Creating a captivating collage of serenity, spirituality, and thrilling endeavor, Misaki City maintains its position as a major player in its own right, enveloping the TYPE-MOON universe in its alluring mystery and charm.