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The Sparrow Academy

General Info

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Faction NameThe Sparrow Academy
Picking up at the end of season two, Sparrow Academy introduces a new set of superhumans. Unlike the familiar Umbrella Academy, the Sparrows seem more disciplined, efficient and take their superhuman duties more seriously. Led by the enigmatic and no-nonsense "Number One Sparrow," this faction is a stark contrast to our well-known dysfunctional family. The members of this Academy are not only replicas of the original cast, but also new and surprising powers and dynamics that will make Season 3 exciting. The house they occupy, while as large as Hargreeves Manor, feels even more imposing, making them a formidable force to be reckoned with. Sparrows unleashes a whirlwind of mystery, suspense, and many questions that fans can't wait to uncover in the upcoming season.


Introduced in the breathtaking second season finale of Umbrella Academy, Sparrow Academy is an alternate timeline completely different from the Umbrella Academy we know. It is a manifestation of Chaos Theory, the result of the Umbrella Academy's meddling in the past, turning them into ghosts replaced by the Sparrows in their timeline.
This team is very different from the Umbrella Academy, with their tough approach and colder and more strategic approach to crises. Made up of a new team consisting of Marcus, Ben, Fei, Alphonso, Sloane, Jayme and a mysterious floating cube named Christopher, they seem more like an efficient and disciplined military unit than a dysfunctional family.
Their powers are unique and inexplicably mysterious. Fei can connect patterns, Sloane dreams of building a road to an alien colony, Alphonso carries the pain of years of war in both mind and body, and Jayme, a lone wolf, has a wild instinct. Not to mention Ben, a Machiavellian tactician dressed in a pretty boyish body and commanding an army.
The introduction of Sparrow Academy adds another layer of complex complexity and conflict, setting the stage for a confrontation between them and the bewildered originals. It's a turning point that solidifies the narrative of this unpredictable universe and promises a spectacular clash of minds and powers between these reborn rivals.


Sparrow Academy is a major change in the timeline of the Umbrella Academy universe, intriguing fans around the world. Introduced in the surprise climax of Season 2, this mysterious faction is a powerful symbol of the tumultuous future our characters have unwittingly conceived.
This alternate group of superheroes is Hargreeves' answer to the dysfunctional Umbrella Academy, created in a timeline where he never took over the original seven. Their darkness leaves their story shrouded in darkness, like an enigma awaiting the dawn of exploration. Whether it's their whimsical names—most of them unknown except for a humanoid cube named Christopher—or the eerie coldness with which they greet their counterparts, every hint of their existence leads to interesting speculation about the true nature of their story. In stark contrast to the dysfunctional Umbrella Academy, the Sparrows seem unified and disciplined. This discipline includes their expression, their position, even their headquarters, which, in stark contrast to the crumbling palace, stands intact and imposing. This tight unity is a testament to the more effective methodology employed by Hargreeves in revealing his enhanced parentage in this alternate timeline and thus their supposedly enhanced superhero skills. It's a tantalizing nod to a very different historical journey that the Sparrows took, perhaps without the emotional trauma that scarred the Umbrella Academy.
Another intriguing reference to their history is their sense of belonging and identity. Sparrows proudly wear their emblem, a sparrow carved, painted or built around them. This ubiquitous symbol instills an inculcated sense of loyalty to their father and the Academy, a glimpse into their harmonious past where they happily wore the mantle of responsibility unlike their counterparts.
The story of Sparrow Academy is an enticing mystery that offers a fresh perspective on the concept of a superhero team that pushes the boundaries of the traditional "family reunion" trope. Their story supports the broader Umbrella Academy story arc, leaving fans in the dark about their past, the depth of their powers, and their role in the coming apocalypse.
But in the grand scheme of the Umbrella Academy universe, Sparrow Academy's enigmatic past will no doubt continue to fascinate audiences worldwide thanks to the complexity of the story and the endlessly fascinating world these characters inhabit.

Notable Members

Member #
Marcus Hargreeves
Ben Hargreeves
Fei Hargreeves
Alphonso Hargreeves
Sloane Hargreeves
Jayme Hargreeves
Christopher, The Cube


Sparrow Academy, unlike Umbrella Academy, is not tied to a specific geographic location. Instead, they are a nomadic faction that traverses dimensions, timelines, and spaces in order to maintain the precarious balance of reality. Sparrow Academy's sphere of influence is truly unlimited, going beyond the usual cartographic boundaries. They appear where you least expect them: from the bustling, seedy underbelly of the city to the serene tranquility of distant galaxies.
This nomadic lifestyle shapes their skills, ideologies and personalities. Each member can survive and adapt to different environments, cultures and societies that man does not understand. This makes them not only powerful, but also intelligent, resourceful and adaptable. Their lives are a never-ending journey, a testament to enduring resilience and a shared sense of duty.
Despite their ominous and elusive presence, wherever Sparrow Academy appears, hope and salvation accompany them. They perform their duties in solitude and act as the unsung heroes of the universe. Their efforts remain largely hidden, their victories unknown, but the effects of their actions reverberate throughout the cosmos, sending a wave of balance that sustains the very fabric of existence. Sparrow Academy truly embodies what it means to be Guardians of the Universe. Their geography is constantly changing, but their commitment to cosmic balance remains steadfast.

Legacy and Impact

Sparrow Academy radically changed the dynamic of the Umbrella Academy universe. Their introduction dramatically changed the understanding of archetypal superpowers and their uses. They symbolize the gradual transition from the individual search for glory to the strengthening of collective power. Their unity, precision and structure contrast sharply with the chaotic and dysfunctional nature of the original Umbrella Academy, illuminating alternative ways of managing superhuman abilities. After their arrival, the notions of power, family and duty were redefined, causing viewers to question the established dynamics of the original cast. The arrival of Sparrow Academy underscores the deep nature of the universe's history and promises further developments that could upend established alliances and redefine the concept of heroism.