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The Temps Aeternalis

General Info

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Faction NameThe Temps Aeternalis
The Temps Aeternalis, a prominent group in the Umbrella Academy universe, act as a time-traveling police force. Their main role is to maintain the timeline and prevent any changes. Created with the understanding that time is a fragile and delicate entity, this organization works vigilantly to prevent the possible collapse of the universe due to anomalies. With the ability to move throughout the year, members excel at neutralizing time-based threats. However, their core mission creates significant moral ambiguities, driven by the need to often resort to manipulation or even violence to eliminate those who stand in their way. This adds a lot of complexity and intrigue to their character, which adds appeal to the broad story of the Umbrella Academy universe.


Temps Aeternalis is a temporal instance in the Umbrella Academy universe. Their primary function is to maintain the timeline, and they have the power to manipulate time and use time travel for that purpose. This faction boasts a large number of members known as Agents who are sent on missions across the vast expanse of time to correct the fundamental changes that are disrupting the natural trajectory of the timeline.
These agents have the power to destroy any person or event that threatens the timeline, and carry a huge responsibility. Their mission often boils down to saving the timeline from a cataclysmic paradox or potential collapse, making these agents the unsung heroes of time itself. The dynamics of the Temps Aeternalis faction have expanded. The structure consists of various levels and responsibilities, each of which contributes to the smooth operation of this interim agency. At the top of the chain is The Handler, the overseer who assigns missions. Agents have code names related to their role, making the faction seem like a confusing puzzle.
Despite their immense power and dominance over time, the Temps Aeternalis are not invincible. Throughout the Chronicles of the Umbrella Academy, they face challenges and enemies that lead to intriguing storylines and add much-needed complexity to the story. It is this unique combination of omnipotence and vulnerability that makes the Temps Aeternalis faction such a compelling aspect of the Umbrella Academy universe.


The Temps Aeternalis are an exclusive faction of the Umbrella Academy universe, separate from the norms of time and space. The main purpose of the faction is to maintain the continuity of the timelines and ensure that no person or event disrupts the flow of chronological history. They do this by using agents to correct anomalies that can distort or erase past, present, or future sequences.
Founded several centuries ago, Temps Aeternalis comes from an unknown era. Despite its mysterious origins, its agents have existed throughout the ages of history, seeing clearly, influencing events, and suppressing unrest. Interestingly, their agents are ageless: their existence is frozen when they are recruited, creating an ageless and immortal workforce dedicated to preserving time.
One of the leading members of the Umbrella Academy, Number Five was once an elite employee of Temps Aeternalis. Joining the faction at a relatively young age, he quickly rose through the ranks due to his innate ability to travel through time. However, after a series of events, his loyalties changed and he went from being a loyal supporter of the laws of Temp Aeternalis to becoming his worst enemy.
Many of the features of Temps Aeternalis revolve around the Commission, the governing body that assigns tasks to agents. Led by a team of directors, the commission uses near-omniscient tracking technology to monitor time zone differences. However, ensuring the integrity of the timeline is not an easy task, as it often puts them up against the Umbrella Academy and other interfaces with time warping capabilities.
The Temps Aeternalis are not, after all, the archetypal rogue faction. While their methods may be questionable, their intent to protect and preserve the continuous flow of history supports their actions. Throughout the annals of the Umbrella Academy timeline, the Temps have always remained a complex but fascinating entity, intricately woven into the academy's history of talented misfits.

Notable Members

Member #
Number Five
John Perseus Jr.
AJ Carmichael


Temps Aeternalis is both a vast network and an entity whose geography transcends the usual boundaries of space and time. Their primary place is in a non-linear dimension, a temporal plane beyond the normal flow of time, understood only by its members. The architecture of their headquarters is a fusion of different periods, combining ancient Roman architecture with futuristic constructions.
This timeless zone allows the Temps Aeternalis to exist in any location they choose, making their true geographic presence omniscient. The time corridors that branch off from headquarters are essentially time tunnels that lead to specific moments in history, effectively spreading their influence across all times and places. Numerous substations and divisions of the Time Commission, scattered here and there, lie in the regular flow of time, invisible to the ordinary human eye. They exist in the shadows, disguised as everyday devices for covert operations. Whether in the bustling cities of the twenty-first century or the ancient jungles of forgotten ages, the geographical presence of Temps Aeternalis is everywhere but invisible, a silent spectator in the great theater of the universe.

Legacy and Impact

The influence and legacy of the Temps Aeternalis faction in the Umbrella Academy universe is extensive. As a powerful organization that uses time travel to change historical events, their influence on the academy's history is very felt. Their high-profile members, such as Number Five, significantly shaped the course of the plot. The legacy of Temps Aeternalis extends beyond their organization and affects the entire timeline of the universe above. This faction exposes the reality and potential dangers of time travel through the actions of its members. In a way, their effect is a quintessential warning about the consequences of tampering with time and a commentary on the quest for power. Their imprint on the universe is a perfect mix of temporal intrigue, action, and ethical questions that firmly cements their place in Umbrella Academy lore.