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The Umbrella Academy

General Info

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Faction NameThe Umbrella Academy
The Umbrella Academy is an eclectic group of super-powered individuals hosted by the eccentric Sir Reginald Hargreeves. Consisting of seven extraordinary children: Luther, Diego, Allison, Klaus, Five, Ben and Vanya, they were brought together to improve their skills and save the world. Each member has unique powers, from super strength and time travel to telekinesis and even communication with the dead. In their youth, they acted as a group of young superheroes who went on various missions. As adults, they reunite to unravel the mystery behind their "father's" death and the impending apocalypse. However, their very different personalities and unresolved family issues often lead to confrontation during their missions, offering a mix of action, humor, drama and compelling emotional revelations.


The Umbrella Academy is a group of highly gifted individuals founded by the eccentric alien billionaire Reginald Hargreeves. Created as a result of a mysterious global event in which 43 women gave birth spontaneously, the Hargreeves adopted seven of these amazing babies. These seven siblings are the core members of The Umbrella Academy.
Each member has unique supernatural powers, from time travel and telekinesis to necromancy. Number Five: A time traveling nomad, able to jump through time and space. Allison (number three) can change reality by "saying it". Troubled Vanya, the seventh, whose latent superhuman powers have been suppressed due to their destructive nature, is perhaps the most powerful of them all.
Their unorthodox upbringing under the strict supervision of the Hargreeves was all about training to save the world. But it also left the siblings with deep problems and a broken relationship. As adults, they continue to struggle with their past while protecting the world from greater threats. Umbrella Academy is a complex and compelling fusion of family drama and superhero saga that explores themes of identity, love, trauma and the burden of superpowers. This faction's fascinating journey through time and space, filled with sibling rivalry, emotional struggles and epic battles, is at the heart of the Umbrella Academy universe.


The Umbrella Academy universe owes its vivid storytelling to the geniuses of Gerard Way and Gabriel Bá. The story begins with the birth of 43 superhuman children in 1989. on October 1, under unusual circumstances. Sir Reginald Hargreeves, an eccentric billionaire, adopted seven of these children in hopes of teaching them how to save the world.
Under the guise of the Umbrella Academy, Hargreeves appreciates their extraordinary skills. Each child who is now part of this eccentric family has a unique number and code name. Raised under Hargreeves' strict regime and cold detachment, the children slowly discover the hard truths of their questionable upbringing.
The story of Umbrella Academy is not only steeped in their grand missions and adventures to save the world, it is also filled with deep family tensions. This unusual ensemble cuts ties as they grow older, hurt by their father's callousness and the dangers of dangerous jobs. This division adds to their complicated history.
However, the Academy reunites after the unexpected death of Hargreeves to reveal its catastrophic fate. So they must combine their different skills and overcome the hostility to avoid the inevitable apocalypse.
The core of the Umbrella Academy universe lies in this complex story, the indomitable spirit of its members, and their relentless search for answers to their own existence. Their story is a stunning mix of dark intrigue, shaky loyalties, bravado and familial bonds, perfectly setting the stage for the rollercoaster of emotions and events that make up the Umbrella Academy saga.

Notable Members

Member #
Luther Hargreeves / Spaceboy
Diego Hargreeves / The Kraken
Allison Hargreeves / The Rumor
Klaus Hargreeves / The Seance
Number Five / The Boy
Ben Hargreeves / The Horror
Vanya Hargreeves / The White Violin


The Umbrella Academy universe takes place in an urban setting that is both relatable and whimsical, providing the backdrop for an eclectic mix of characters and their unusual storylines. The action takes place mainly in the city where the Hargreeves mansion, the eponymous Umbrella Academy, is located. The villa itself is a huge, richly decorated building with many rooms that hold secrets and relics from the past. The cityscape, on the other hand, maintains a modern aesthetic interwoven with a slightly dystopian atmosphere. Key locations such as the donut shop where Number Five works, the seedy motel where Vanya lives, and the alleyways that the characters often navigate through their complex world add layers to the story. Meanwhile, glimpses of a ruined and apocalyptic version of their city foreshadow a possible future they desperately want to avoid. From urban landmarks to everyday streets and buildings, the geography of the Umbrella Academy universe is as complex and unpredictable as its inhabitants. This makes it the perfect backdrop to reveal the characters' tumultuous pasts and uncertain futures.

Legacy and Impact

The Umbrella Academy has left an indelible mark on the world of comics and broadcast television in its short life. Created by Gerard Way and Gabriel Bá, UA has been hugely popular. The story's nuanced portrayal of orphaned superheroes struggling with their individual and collective identities resonated deeply with audiences around the world. Drawing from the pages of a Dark Horse comic, the series pushed the boundaries of plot and cinematography. Importantly, UA has joined the ranks of contemporary narrative themes beyond reductive binary tropes. His influence normalized mainstream audiences' involvement in the complex family and personal relationships intertwined with superhero stories. Additionally, she expanded the spectrum of diversity and inclusion by affirming Queer identity. As such, UA is clearly a game changer, irrevocably altering the landscape of the superhero genre with its creative brilliance and original explorations of identity, trauma and resilience.