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General Info

Jett logo
Job TitleAgent
Knows aboutStealing, Assassinations, Firearms
Character NameJett
Member of OrganizationValorant Protocol
The bold South Korean Jett is a nimble and evasive fighter whose agile playstyle allows her to take risks no one else dares. Praised for her mobility and precise blade skills, she has a unique ability to transform the battlefield. With unparalleled speed and unpredictability, Jett prefers to run around the field, confusing his enemies and leaving them in the dust. Known for her quick sprints and unparalleled agility, she dominates the court by outwitting her opponents. Once outside, the wind cannot escape, as can enemies caught in the vortex of his daggers and superior tactics. Use Jett's quick skills to make unpredictable moves and leave opponents wondering where to attack next. With Jett on your team, victory is as swift as the swirling wind.


Hailing from the vibrant Technicolor landscapes of South Korea, Jett is a highly skilled agile fighter in the VALORANT universe who has become an exemplary icon of speed and precision. Driven by the wind, he rushes across the battlefield, causing chaos and confusion. Using his unparalleled agility, he can seemingly defy the laws of physics to outsmart his opponents.
Jett fights with unparalleled agility, and his rapid acceleration and deceleration confuses enemies who try to follow his relentless movements. She has aggressive wind abilities and can dash, hover, or hide her movements in smoke screens, giving her a diverse arsenal of tactical options in any battle. In addition, her sharp throwing knives and quick agility make her quite a threat even from a distance. Whether it's clearing out mobs or delivering critical and accurate strikes, Jett is the epitome of fear for his opponents.
Playing as Jet is all about skillfully manipulating space and lines of sight and creating unique strategies for offensive moves or defensive setups. Perfectly balancing her kinetic abilities and deadly weapons, Jett's high-risk, high-reward playstyle provides the character with exciting experiences in the dynamic VALORANT universe. As unpredictable as a whirlwind and as dangerous as a dancing blade, Jett embodies the very essence of a fearless attacker.


Hailing from South Korea, Jett enters the battle of the VALORANT world powered by unparalleled speed and agility. This high-flying, wind-manipulating duelist is the epitome of a shooting star. Dazzling and flashy, her quick moves and arsenal of powerful swords quickly make her a favorite among players around the world.
Jett uses his speed and accuracy to create plays that catch his opponents off guard. He can dramatically rise to vantage points or run short distances, defeating his enemies with quick repositioning. These maneuvers, along with her quick knife attacks, make her an unpredictable opponent and a powerhouse in the right hands.
A skilled and dangerous infiltrator, Jett is known for her ability to avoid danger by infiltrating enemy lines and not revealing herself until it is too late for her opponents. Her main ability, tailwind, allows her to instantly retreat and reposition. Her second ability, Updraft, allows her to rise up and defeat her opponents. Cloudburst creates a quick smoke screen, and her ultimate, Blade Storm, is a deadly blade that can decimate her enemies. But aside from the toolset, his competitive nature and confidence in his abilities play a big part in the game. He is not afraid of challenges and is always at the forefront of creating strategic advantages for his team. She is very loyal to her team and is willing to take risks to ensure their success.
If the world of VALORANT has taught us anything, it's that careful and deliberate strategy combined with raw talent can be a deadly combination. That faith personified is none other than Jet. With breathtaking speed, deadly accuracy and gusts of wind, she has made a significant impact on the Valorant realm and continues to amaze her allies and enemies alike with her unique abilities and undying spirit.

Creation and Development

The development of Jett, the agile duelist of the VALORANT universe, is a marriage of radical creativity and painstaking refinement. Born from the vivid imagination of Riot Games' character design team and refined through countless design iterations, Jett's creation story is as clever and dynamic as her in-game character.
The character creators drew inspiration from the movement mechanics of famous parkour athletes and wind masters from various media. Jett's concept began to take shape, fueled by the idea of ​​creating a character that utilized speed and mobility along with wind manipulation. They envisioned a character who could move quickly around maps using quick dashes and gusts of wind. The design team made sure that Jett's abilities reflect his agile nature. His Cloudburst, Updraft, Tailwind, and Blade Storm skills highlight his playstyle that encourages risk and rewards skillful execution. Notably, she is the only agent who can control the direction of her smoke power in flight, further confirming her wind manipulation theme.
Jett's visual design also went through several lines of feedback. The team took care in creating an East Asian aesthetic. Her two-toned hair, bright dress and the many intricate components of her design show elements of wind and fluid movement that complement her agility.
Finally, adding the right voice was just as important in shaping Jett's interesting and confident personality. Voiced by Korean-born Welsh singer Shannon Williams, the character has a balance of ferocity and mischief that brings the fast-paced duelist to life.
Jett's creation and development epitomizes Riot Games' dedication and innovation. Jett as an agent embodies the thrill of fast and clever gameplay that resonates with players looking for a thrilling combat experience.

Character Profile

Jett is the most agile and evasive agent in the VALORANT universe. Hailing from South Korea, she has unmatched speed and accuracy, bringing a whole level of lethality to her team. With a fondness for blades and manipulation of the wind, he has the unique ability to dash across the battlefield, destroying enemies in his path.
Her abilities include Cloud Burst, a smoke bomb that allows her to obscure her vision, and Updraft, the ability to blow herself up and gain hit points from enemies. Additionally, her Tailwind ability causes her to instantly run several meters forward, avoiding any impending threat. However, Jett really enjoys Blade Storm, his ultimate ability. This ability unleashes throwing knives that can kill instantly with a headshot. Jett has an advantage in melee and can often secure a kill before opponents even know he's there.
Jett's unique style of play requires high mechanical skills and quick decision making. Her agility and ability to change the pace of the battlefield make her a key asset in any setup. Whether you're an esports pro or a casual gamer, mastering Jett's blistering speed and deadly accuracy ensures an exhilarating gaming experience.

Story Arc

Hailing from South Korea, Jett is one of the most iconic agents in the VALORANT universe, bringing a uniquely agile and evasive fighting style to battle. Her abilities allow her to manipulate the wind to propel herself into favorable locations, outwitting and outmaneuvering her enemies.
Jett's plot follows his journey to establish his position as an elite in this secret battlefield. It is a rebellious spirit whose reason for participating in this secret war is a deep sense of duty intertwined with a personal vendetta. Jett's fighting style is a testament to his fluid movement and precise knife skills that he picked up from his early days as a street thug and underground fighter in Seoul. His journey is filled with trust struggles with his teammates, especially Cypher, with whom he must work despite their shared mistrust. However, her agility, quick reflexes and relentless drive make her a valuable asset to the team despite her rebellious nature.
Jet thrives on chaos and uncertainty, often deliberately creating it with his deft wind manipulation ability to disorient and tear apart his enemies. He has a personal vendetta against Phoenix, whom he accuses of betraying him in the past, marking his story with a constant undertone of revenge and redemption.
Along the way, Jett learns to balance his charming nature with the strategic needs of the unit and grows stronger with each encounter. The arc concludes with Jett assuming her role within VALORANT protocol and ultimately emerging as a highly respected, if unorthodox, agent.
Jett's story is one of determination, duty and redemption. Set against a backdrop of epic battles, unlikely alliances, and personal vendettas, it's a story that takes you deeper into the enchanting yet dangerous world of VALORANT.

Cultural Impact

Jett, a character from the VALORANT universe, has had a significant impact on gaming and esports culture. A brilliant agent from Korea with unique wind abilities, she inspires players with her speed and agility. His quick moves and quick kills inevitably led to the development of many strategies in the competitive scene, which mainly determine the pace and control of the game. There has also been fan art and cosplay based on Jett with her teal hairdo and confident style, further enthralling the dedicated gaming community. Jett's voice lines, from sassy comments to words of encouragement, are echoing in internet gaming corners, spawning memes and resonating with gamers around the world. Jett clearly resonates with many, extending his influence beyond the game itself to wider pop culture. His fearless and agile nature combined with his iconic looks have made Jett not only a WONDERFUL character, but also an enduring symbol of fierce competition, speed and defiance.


An agile fighter from South Korea, Jett carries with him the legacy of his homeland's old fighting traditions. Renowned for her unparalleled speed and accuracy, she channels the force of the wind onto the battlefield, confusing and disorienting her enemies. Her rapid movements reflect the rapid change of seasons and respect the fluidity and unpredictability of nature. It embodies the constant evolution of combat and integrates old techniques into the high-tech world of VALORANT. Jett is a mix of old and new, living proof that ancient martial arts are fit and proper in a futuristic setting. His legacy lies not only in his personal mastery, but also in a testament to the potential and power of cultural heritage in shaping the soldiers of the future.