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General Info

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AuthorPaul Tobin
GenresFantasy, Adventure
PublisherDark Horse Comics
IllustratorJoe Querio
Issue NumberNo.1
Release Date2014-03-19
Number of Pages32
Original TitleThe Witcher: House of Glass
Comics Issue NameThe Witcher Volume 1
Country of OriginUSA
Publisher Website URLhttps://www.darkhorse.com/
Witcher Comics masterfully integrates the gritty and mature themes of the Witcher universe with beautiful hand-drawn artwork. With rich backstories that further expand the compelling story, the series delves into the enigmatic characters, vile monsters, and complex moral choices that are the core elements that set The Witcher games and novels apart. Whether you're a dedicated fan looking to deepen your knowledge of this dark fantasy world or a newcomer drawn to its aesthetic grandeur, The Witcher comics offer an immersive storytelling experience. Witness Geralt of Rivia, a stoic Witcher, sails uncharted territories in relentless pursuit of the evil that terrorizes the continent.


The Witcher comics offer an exciting journey into the mystical world of Geralt of Rivia, a revered Witcher who fights monsters and evil creatures. Inspired by Andrzej Sapkowski's best-selling fantasy series, the comics cleverly pierce the core appeal of the Witcher universe; a world full of magic, intrigue and moral ambiguity.
Piece by piece, readers come face-to-face with some of the most vile creatures borrowed from Slavic folklore, wily political figures, and flawed characters. Any illustrator's portrait of Geralt is a wonderful sight, accurately capturing his hardened exterior and rarely shown fragility. Comics also manage to create an immersive experience by mixing humor and seriousness equally. The story arcs retain the charm of the original books as they perfectly highlight the trials and tribulations Geralt faces on the job. The stories are not only about bloody monster hunts, but also about Geralt's conflicted feelings about his work and the world around him.
Whether you're a longtime fan of The White Wolf or a new fan of the Netflix series, the Witcher comics are a fascinating addition to the narrative that perfectly captures the essence of this amazing world.


Adapted from Andrzej Sapkowski's acclaimed series of fantasy novels, The Witcher comics immerse readers in a rich and complex world filled with wild beasts, morally ambiguous characters, and stunningly grim situations. In a war-torn landscape, our protagonist emerges as Geralt of Rivia, a lone monster hunter. With the innate ability to combat supernatural threats through genetic enhancements and intensive training, Geralt stands on the edge between human and others.
While the comic book series largely mirrors the books in terms of plot, it also features unique plots and characters that masterfully combine action, horror, and philosophical musings. Traveling through cities torn by strife and discrimination, Geralt, wielding his twin swords of silver and steel, faces great threats as he navigates existential dilemmas. The witcher's adventures intertwine with plots involving the sorceress Jennefer, his true love, and Ciri, the daughter of fate, who is embroiled in political conspiracies and prophetic secrets.
Drawn into a gritty, morally gray world, the comics flawlessly develop the main themes of the series - determinism, tolerance and the never-ending struggle to maintain a sense of humanity in a merciless world. The Witcher comics not only appeal to ardent fans of the series, but are also a great introduction to this vast and complex realm of fantasy for newcomers.


The Witcher comics feature impressive artistry and storytelling sophistication thanks to the creative genius and painstaking efforts of their production team. Each is created by a group of skilled people who excel in their respective fields of illustration, writing and conceptual design. The role of the illustrators is paramount, whose visually captivating artistry brings the characters and landscapes to life, adding to the atmospheric mystical charm inherent in The Witcher universe. They work closely with writers who create fascinating plots and dialogues that intertwine the intricate stories of the comic series. Additionally, contributing to the comics is the role of concept designers, who conceptualize and bring to life the various creatures, armor, weapons, and other design elements essential to the feel and authenticity of the Witcher world. These teams work in harmony to create each comic and ensure that fans have an exceptional reading experience that lives up to the rich lore and mythos of The Witches.


First published by Dark Horse Comics, The Witcher series explores a fascinating world of monsters, spells and adventure. Based on the story of Geralt of Rivia, a skilled monster hunter known as the Witcher, these comics reveal the deeper layers of his complex nature and shed light on secrets not covered in the video game series or in Andrzej Sapkowski's books. In addition to Geralt, the series has lively and dynamic characters, such as the cunning sorceress Jennefer and the daughter of fate, Ciri. The comics feature stunning artwork that captures the stark beauty of the Wizarding World, from the darkest vaults to the palace courtyards. Each panel combines stunning visuals with compelling storytelling to create a memorable journey into The Witcher universe. Whether you're a longtime fan of the series or a new reader delving into this dark fantasy, The Witcher comics promise an epic journey.


The Witcher comics debuted in 2014. as a companion to the Witcher-verse, fueled by the massive fan appeal of the video games and books. The fascinating story and well-developed characters have been brought to life in a new form that captures the unbridled and unpredictable essence of the Wizarding World. Emphasizing free-form exploration, it took a revolutionary approach to storytelling that moved and enthralled readers, drawing them deeper into the terrifying heart of the continent.
Each issue of the comic series showcases an expanding universe, introduces new characters and creatures, and reveals intricate storylines that weave beautifully into the games and books. Writers Paul Tobin and Aleksandra Motyka, along with artists Joe Querio and Marianna Strychowska, developed the haunting scenarios and fearsome enemies of the Witcher saga, losing nothing in the translation from game and book to the page. The Witcher comics are a testament to the enduring appeal and appeal of the Witcher series. They tied the story together, allowing enthusiasts to further uncover the reality of the Witches, while offering newcomers an interesting altar. With their vivid imagery and complex story, the comics are a must-have for all die-hard Witcher fans and comic book enthusiasts.


The Witcher comics have been well received by both fans of the original books and new readers. Critics have praised the series' intricate plotting, rich character development, and ability to keep readers engaged from start to finish. The artwork is superb, each page filled with detail and color.
Fans applauded the comic adaptation's adherence to the source material and praised the writer's skill in capturing the unique blend of dark humor, gritty realism, and fantasy that characterizes the Witcher universe. The comic book series has been praised for its ability to translate the deep story and expansive world of the Witcher series into a visually stunning medium. But even comics have their fair share of critics. Some fans of the original series claim that some plot points were omitted or oversimplified. Despite these minor reservations, the consensus remains very positive. The Witcher comics were not only a compelling companion to the original novels, but also a stand-alone piece of literature that introduced new fans to the enchanting world of the Witcher universe.
Despite its minor flaws, The Witcher comics hold their place in fantasy comics thanks to a combination of fast-paced storytelling, well-developed characters, and stunning artwork. An absolute gem for any Witcher fan, the series continues to captivate readers post-launch.

Cultural impact

Since its inception, The Witcher comics have left an indelible mark on pop culture. They brought Geralt of Rivia, Jennefer of Vengerberg and other iconic characters to life, pushing them beyond video games and novels.
Comics gave the story a different visual dynamic and gave fans a new look at their beloved characters and world. The unique art style offered a blend of magical realism that greatly enhanced the atmosphere of the Witcherverse.
These comics opened up The Witcher story to a whole new audience that wasn't familiar with the games or the books. The success across platforms led Netflix to create a big-budget, compelling series based on the same general characters and storylines.
Overall, the comics contributed to The Witcher growing from a niche fantasy to a widely recognized cultural phenomenon. The success of comics underscores the growing acceptance of graphic novels as a serious and powerful storytelling medium in popular culture.