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The Witcher: Fox Children

General Info

The Witcher: Fox Children logo
AuthorPaul Tobin
PublisherDark Horse Comics
IllustratorJoe Querio
Issue Number5
Release Date2015-01-01
Number of Pages32
Original TitleThe Witcher: Fox Children
Comics Issue NameThe Witcher: Fox Children
Country of OriginUnited States
Publisher Website URLhttps://www.darkhorse.com/
The Witcher: Fox Children is an interesting addition to the Witcher comic series. It follows Geralt of Rivia, a witch with mysterious powers and unparalleled swordsmanship, as he searches through dangerous terrain and against formidable foes. This book leaves familiar territory and delves into a dark and foreboding realm of vengeful ghosts: the eponymous fox children. It is based on an anecdote shared in The Little Sacrifice where Geralt travels through dangerous waters and gruesome encounters to fulfill his destiny. With tales of mythical beasts and lost souls, the haunting illustrations and engaging story keep the reader enthralled throughout the journey. Rich in folklore and beautiful artwork, The Witcher: Fox Children is a testament to the immersive world of the Witcher series.


The Witcher: Fox Children is a chilling sequel to The Witcher comic book. It depicts the unique, enchanting, yet brutal world of professional monster slayer Geralt of Rivia. The story takes place on a ship where Geralt is imprisoned and, as fate would have it, becomes the crew's only hope against a monstrous beast. Known as Vulpes, he is not just any monster, but a terrifying and vengeful creature born from the ghost of a girl who tragically drowned. Vulpess is a big horror show; her anger is boundless and directed precisely at those who wronged her. As the story unfolds, the vivid illustrations perfectly balance the grotesque and the majestic, capturing the enchanting charisma of the witch and the ominous atmosphere that surrounds him. This series gives viewers a glimpse into the cynical yet compassionate side of the witch that is often overshadowed by his tough exterior.
In true witch fashion, The Fox Children is not about the battle between good and evil, but instead offers haunting reflections on moral relativity, redemption, and guilt. The series immerses readers in a gripping mystery, a terrifying enemy, and most importantly, a witch's ruthless pursuit of justice. Fox Children promises an immersive experience into the unknown realms of Geralt's adventures beyond the video games and books, and will cement its reputation as essential reading for any Witcher fan.


In The Witcher: Fox Children, the story begins when the mysterious Geralt of Rivia accepts a job escorting a ship of travelers. Despite doubts about the mysterious traveler, the witch keeps her promise. This journey turns ominous when a supernatural being known as Vulpes envelops them in a dizzying nightmare. Wracked with guilt over their past deeds, the ship's passengers become victims of their own evil deeds. As the tension mounts, Geralt is wracked with fear and suspicion as he struggles with the task of outsmarting the scheming Vulpes. His unique training as a witch helps him in this grotesque encounter filled with moral ambiguity that tests Geralt's limits as a monster slayer.


Creating the comic book series The Witcher: Fox Children is an extraordinary undertaking. The story unfolds into an exciting journey filled with the dark fantasy elements that The Witcher franchise is known for. The script, written by Paul Tobin, delves into the nuanced nature of Geralt of Rivia, while also expanding the magical world he inhabits.
The artwork, painstakingly illustrated by Joe Querio, brings the story to life. The intricate details of each panel blend beautifully with Carlos Badilla's strangely charming colors. The harmonious synchronicity of words and images effectively transports readers into the world of The Witcher, which embraces the ominous yet alluring allure of the supernatural and the unknown.
This comic series marks another successful partnership between Dark Horse Comics and CD Projekt Red, a testament to their commitment to preserving the integrity of the source material while continuing to explore exciting new storylines. As such, The Witcher: Fox Children is both an integral part of the larger Witcher saga and a masterpiece in its own right. Since then, the comic book series has received many positive reviews, cementing its place in the pantheon of must-read material for any fan of the Witcher universe.


The Witcher: Fox Children is another exciting installment in the popular The Witcher comic series, featuring a hypnotic story and unique art. Immerse yourself in the Witcher universe and show the adventures of Geralt of Rivia outside the game world. In this series, Geralt encounters a mysterious ghost ship that hides a terrible secret. Between battling sea monsters and sailing a creepy ship, White Wolf is pushed to his limits. As readers, we gain a better understanding of Geralt's charismatic and complex personality and the complex moral choices he often faces as a witch. This series is a must read for any fan of the Witcher universe looking for added depth and layers to their favorite characters.


The Witcher: Fox Children, another incredible addition to the popular The Witcher comic, was revealed to fans in 2015. in April This stunning edition continues the story of the famous Geralt of Rivia, returning readers to his dark and twisted universe. Working with screenwriter Paul Tobin and artist Joe Querio, Dark Horse has created another compelling story that complements the complex world of The Witcher. Children of the Fox presents a chilling scenario where Geralt finds himself on a ship full of stupid and deadly creatures. In her deadliest journey, she must rely on her own skills and wits to survive, and possibly others. Like all witch tales, it unfolds unpredictably, taking readers down a path of mystery, horror, and intrigue. The beautiful yet disturbing illustrations perfectly reflect the harsh reality of Geralt's universe. Whether you're a dedicated fan of The Witcher series or just starting your journey, The Witcher: Fox Children proves to be a seamlessly woven story that blends the stunning details of the Witcher world with an intricate storytelling style. you are informed. on the edge of your seat. This comic series is a must-have addition to your Witcher collection.


"The Witcher: Fox Children comics have received a positive response from the audience. They have been praised for their impressive graphics that greatly enhance the overall story. Readers greatly appreciated the detail and complexity of the portrayal of both the characters and the environment, commenting that it brought them closer to the dark and harsh world of The Witcher. The story itself was also well received for being deep and engaging without feeling unnatural or forced. Fans of The Witcher franchise praised Fox Children for staying true to the spirit of the original. works that convey the same combination of grit, humor, and moral ambiguity that gave the Witcher series its unique appeal. However, some new readers reported that the plot and characters felt a bit dense, possibly due to their unfamiliarity with the Witcher universe. However, this did not dampen the overall positive reception. The Witcher: Fox Children proved that comics can be a valuable medium for exploring the rich history of the Witcher series.

Cultural impact

The Witcher: Fox Children comics have made a huge impact on pop culture, expanding the dark and mythic universe of The Witcher. As an integral part of The Witcher franchise, they gave fans a deeper understanding of Geralt's adventures that hadn't yet been covered in games or books. This enriched story was able to attract new audiences to the franchise and introduce new fans to the existing fan base. In addition, the vivid portrayal of characters and complex storylines, aligned with the games and books, have raised the bar in the world of comic book literature. The intricate artwork seamlessly complements the narrative, giving readers an engaging experience. Thus, the thrilling rise of Geralt's world in the comics "The Witcher: Fox's Children" left an indelible mark on popular culture.