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The Witcher: House of Glass

General Info

The Witcher: House of Glass logo
AuthorPaul Tobin
PublisherDark Horse Comics
IllustratorJoe Querio
Issue Number1 of 5
Release Date2014-03-19
Number of Pages32
Original TitleThe Witcher: House of Glass
Comics Issue NameThe Witcher: House of Glass
Country of OriginThe United States
Publisher Website URLhttps://www.darkhorse.com
In The Witcher: House of Glas, our beloved silver-haired Geralt of Rivia not only fights supernatural monsters, but also faces terrifying ghostly apparitions in mysterious mansions, hunting cursed beasts that were once human. - a reasonable and horrible truth, when people often turn out to be more terrible than the monsters themselves. Spread over five brutal issues, this series is a perfect blend of dark art, the curious world of The Witcher, and an engaging narrative. This comedy series is a self-contained story, unlikely to be told or repeated, and remains non-canonical to the main chronicle of Geralt's life. A must read for Witcher fans who crave real adventure.


House of Glass is a fascinating addition to The Witcher universe. Set outside of the traditional Witcher games and books, this comic features our eternal witcher, Geralt of Rivia, on a highly immersive new adventure. The story takes place in a mysterious and eerie abode - the Glass House, located in a dark forest.
Despite his known monster-hunting experience, Geralt faces enemies unlike anything he's faced before. Haunted by chilling horrors and mind-bending puzzles at every turn, our heroic witch must push her strength and wits to the limit. The mansion is more than meets the eye and hides deadly secrets that unfold in a symphony of twists and turns.
The chilling atmosphere is beautifully enhanced by the visually appealing and beautifully detailed illustrations. The intensity of the plot is combined with intense character development. Readers can delve into Geralt's character and witness his stoic courage and indomitable determination in a vast supernatural environment.
A must-read for Witcher fans, The Glass House immerses the reader in a hauntingly beautiful yet unforgiving world that matches the dark fantasy essence of the Witcher universe. More than a Geralt of Rivia story, this comic is an exploration of resilience, cunning, and survival in the face of unfathomable horrors.


The Witcher: House of Glass takes Geralt of Rivia to a mysterious forest full of dense forests and haunted tombs. While there, he meets a widower who is afraid of a hideous creature. The widow's house, the Glass House, is a terrifying place full of horrible and grotesque surprises. Haunted by nightmarish creatures and haunted by the chilling voice of his dead wife, the widower's sanity begins to falter. With his martial prowess and wit, Geralt must endure many horrors as he tries to unravel the mystery behind the Glass House. However, he discovers that all is not as it seems. As he delves into the sinister secrets of the house, he is tested to the limit - both as a witch and as a human. With a fascinating story full of details and fascinating twists, The Witcher: House of Glass presents an enchanting tale where the line between the living and the dead becomes irrevocably blurred.


The Witcher: House of Glass is an epic comic book series created in collaboration between Dark Horse Comics and CD Projekt Red. Drawing on deep knowledge of the Witcher universe, the comics offer fans a deeper dive into Geralt's persona and monster-hunting adventures. The comics seamlessly blend the dark and grim world of the Witches with the mysterious tension of traditional ghost stories to create a compelling story. A team of skilled writers and artists have painstakingly brought to life the detailed and haunting images that define the Witcher universe. From the ominous glass house found in a strange forest to the monstrous creatures that lurk within, each panel is a masterpiece of artistic expression. The sense of dread is heightened by the striking use of color schemes and shadows, creating an ominous atmosphere that keeps readers on their toes. The production team managed to balance the comic's unique artistic vision with the essence of the source material, easily immersing fans into Geralt's world. The evolution of the world of graphic storytelling in The Witcher: House of Glass is a testament to the power of collaboration between game developers and comic book artists.


The Witcher: House of Glass is an intriguing addition to the excitement of The Witcher universe. Uncover the amazing adventures of the legendary Geralt of Rivia. In this five-issue comic series, our Witch gets lost in the tormented lands of the Black Forest, where she meets a widower haunted by a nightmarish creature. Geralt is drawn into a tangle of disturbing events and disturbing horrors. Written by Eisner Award-winning author Paul Tobin and illustrated by Joe Querio, the vivid colors bring the dark and mysterious world of The Witcher to life. House of Glass does a great job of bringing out the depth of Geralt's character and the vibrant world he inhabits. The Witcher comic series perfectly combines elements of dark fantasy gameplay and novels, expanding the Witcher lore to explore haunting stories filled with monsters, magic and mystery. Immerse yourself in the world of The Witcher, where the line between good and evil is blurred and all is not as it seems.


The Witcher: House of Glass comics were released in 2014. March. and was an exciting expansion of the Witcher universe for passionate fans of the game and the new series. It features an engaging story filled with classic Witcher elements, with a complex blend of dark fantasy and horror. This stand-alone series features an enigmatic story full of disturbing mysteries waiting to be solved.
The story takes Geralt to the heart of a dense forest. Geralt leads a desperate man through a forest full of ominous ghosts and nameless horrors and arrives at the Glass House. Filled with unique, intriguing and terrifying entities, this house is a place of fear where the line between the living and the dead blurs. Geralt finds himself in a final fight for survival, trapped by the creepy inhabitants, as the real and metaphorical reality of the Glass House slowly unravels.
Remember! The Witcher: House of Glass isn't just a comic book; it is an intense and electrifying experience. For both newbies and seasoned Witcher fans alike, it offers a chance to experience Geralt's adventures outside of the game and the novels in a completely different medium. Immerse yourself in the fascinating tension between the witch and her supernatural enemies, supported by charming graphics and an engaging storyline. This is a testament to the incredible vastness of the Witcher universe. The Glass House resurrects the beloved silver-haired monster hunter in a surprisingly new yet familiar way.


Reception for The Witcher: House of Glass has been largely positive. Fans of the Witcher series have recognized the familiar setting and characters, so they feel a connection to this new addition to the universe. The unique storyline, which takes place between the events of the games, has attracted many returning readers, who have praised the comic for its narrative depth and emotional resonance. The seamless interweaving of story and art provided an experience that combined both the visual appeal of the comics and the immersive storytelling that is synonymous with the Witcher universe. However, some longtime fans felt that it lacked the complexity of The Witcher's typical narrative, with the comic's story being more straightforward and straightforward. However, the concise narrative made it easy for newcomers to the series to understand the concepts and characters. As for the artwork, the gritty and dark aesthetic has been praised for fitting well with the themes of the Witcher series. However, the styling of some of the iconic characters received mixed reviews, with some readers saying it deviated too much from the established look. Overall, despite its minor quibbles, The Witcher: House of Glass was a compelling addition to the Witcher universe, a testament to the enduring appeal and appeal of its world and characters.

Cultural impact

The Witcher: House of Glass had a major impact on pop culture, expanding the reach of the Witcher universe beyond the best-selling books and critically acclaimed game series. Blending iconic elements of horror and dark fantasy, the comics have expanded their fan base by attracting graphic novel fans who appreciate the detailed and evocative illustrations that bring Geralt's grim and dark world to life in an entirely new medium. House of Glass is a stand-alone story, making The Witcher accessible to a new audience that may not be familiar with the original stories. The comic's unique blend of captivating storytelling and artistic excellence underscores The Witcher's cultural power and versatility as a fantasy franchise.