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Kingdom of Kaedwen

General Info

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Faction NameKingdom of Kaedwen
Located in the heart of the Northern Kingdoms, the Kingdom of Kaedven has the coldest winters on earth and the coldest people. King Henselt rules with an iron fist, fiercely guarding his borders against external threats and internal strife. Known for its prestigious and skilled knights errant, Kaedwen prides itself on its military prowess. Their infamous winter training regimen at the Kaer Morhen fortress uses the supernatural combat skills of witches. But the nation has more than soldiers, vast forests and tranquil rivers offer breathtaking natural beauty. High in the distant mountains, the rugged beauty of the Kaedwen landscape is reflected in the people. They are as hardy as the sturdy pines, enduring harsh winters and standing up for their kingdom's sovereignty and courage. Wizarding occupations are revered as the infamous blue streaks are also associated with magic. They are proof that despite her tough exterior, Kaedwen thrives on unwavering devotion to history, fierce loyalty, and brute force.


In the unforgiving lands of the Northern Kingdom, Kaedven lies among misty hills and deep valleys. It is considered one of the largest areas in the region, whose rough and rugged environment surprisingly reflects the indomitable spirit of its inhabitants.

Despite the harsh climate and terrifying desert, the kingdom of Kaedven thrives under the rule of King Henselt, a formidable leader as harsh as Kaedven's winters. The kingdom's military prowess is reflected in the Kaedweni army, renowned for ruthless tactics and unyielding courage. Although considered great in all four corners of the continent, this kingdom is constantly threatened by both internal politics and external forces. With the gleaming fortress of Ard Carraigh shrouded in an ethereal veil of frost and snow, the kingdom of Kaedwen is a sight to behold. But it is the population that sets the kingdom apart. From hardened peasants to brave knights, each individual embodies strength, resilience and fierce loyalty to their empire.

Kaedven has more than just swords and shields, but a rich folklore with a history of mystical creatures and ancient rituals. The practice of magic and witchcraft, often considered a superstitious realm, adds to her enigmatic charisma. In the treacherously volatile world of The Witcher, the kingdom of Kaedwen is a testament to pure survival instinct and tenacity, successfully carving out an existence in a ruthless yet strangely fascinating reality.


The Kingdom of Kaedven, the largest nation in the Northern Kingdom, is steeped in a rich and tumultuous history. It was ruled by many earthly kings until King Viduka founded the current ruling dynasty. Nestled between the Blue and Kestrel mountain ranges, this motley kingdom has seen more than its fair share of turmoil, war, and turmoil in its quest for supremacy in the Witcher universe.

The kingdom's history is particularly marked by infamous feuds with neighboring Aedirn over the region of Lormark, also known as Upper Aedirn. This border dispute took a particularly grim turn during the Second Northern War, when Kaedven, allied with Redania, annexed the disputed territory. The Nilfgaardian invasions had a huge impact on Kaedwen history. After the Peace of Sintra, which ended the First Nilfgaardian War, Kaedven, like most other northern kingdoms, became a vassal of the Nilfgaardian Empire. Kings Henselt of Kaedven and Demavend of Aedirn were able to regain their independence during the Second War, but the victory came at a great cost.

At the end of the Second War, the kingdom suffered a bloody coup, which is remembered as the Thanedd Coup. The cataclysmic event left many magic users dead, radically changing the social and political landscape of the kingdom. King Henselt's reign in Kaedwen was marked by militaristic rule. However, his ruthlessness led to his assassination, leading to a period of instability. The resulting power vacuum led to the Third Northern War, where Kaedven was re-annexed by Redania under Radovid V.

The future of Kaedven, a land of unparalleled natural beauty and formidable warriors, remains uncertain in the ever-unstable state of the Witcher universe. Today, Kaedwen relies heavily on its vast military, strategic position, and precious natural resources to survive under threat from all sides. Only time will tell what fate has in store for this kingdom located proudly in the misty northern forests.

Notable Members

Member #
Prince Stennis
Baron Kimbolt
Baron Jobst


Located in the cold Northern Realm, Kaedwen boasts a rugged, breathtaking landscape, framed by the icy Blue Mountains to the east and west, separated by the River Pontar from the hostile lands of Redania. Based in the spectacular town of Ard Carragh, the kingdom is famous for its harsh climate, with cold winds that howl across the barren tundra and penetrate dense pine forests, a testament to the resilience of its people.

The northern region of the kingdom is mostly made up of vast forests, including the dreaded Craiden Forest, home to the infamous Leshen. Dragon's Dream, the ominous mountain of Chaas, lies in the northeast of the region, shrouded in mystical legend.

In the south, however, the rolling hills give way to vast plains, mostly agricultural land, essential to the kingdom's sustenance. Several vital tributaries of the Pontar, namely the Buina and Lixela, flow through the kingdom, their cold waters teeming with salmon and trout that contribute impressively to the kingdom's economy. The bustling dwarven city of Vergen in the southeast offers a fascinating insight into the integrated communities of humans and non-humans, a rare but vital part of the Empire's political landscape.

Finally, the fabled Mahakam Mountains mark the great wall to the south, crowning its peaks with the highest concentration of dwarves and mines in the known world. Kaedwen's geography, in all its harsh but beautiful glory, truly reflects the endurance and resilience of its people.

Legacy and Impact

Often referred to as the harsh and raw heart of the North, Kaedven has had a huge impact on the political and military landscape of the wizarding world. His legacy is his unflappable strength and strategic acumen, which determined the course of many wars and influenced great alliances. Despite being caught at the crossroads of numerous invasions, Kaedwen managed to maintain its identity and sovereignty.

The kingdom's military prowess is legendary and has often been the deciding factor in many wars in the north. Her warriors, loyal and brutal, are the protagonists of the battles of the Witcher universe. Beyond its military impact, Kaedwen is living proof of survival, a beacon to other kingdoms trying to maintain their identity and independence in times of political turmoil and conflict.

Additionally, the warm and bold culture of Kaedwen has left a lasting impact, adding richness and depth to the tapestry of the Witcher universe. With its complex political dynamics and iconic characters such as King Henselt, the kingdom has shaped many stories and storylines. In short, Kaedwen's legacy and impact is as wide and deep as its snowy landscapes.