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Burning Legion

General Info

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Faction NameBurning Legion
The Burning Legion is a vast army of demonic beings under the unrelenting will of the Dark Titan Sarger. Filled with an insatiable hunger to destroy all life, this faction's legacy is one of unprecedented destruction and chaos. Throughout the World of Warcraft universe, the armies of the Burning Legion are feared from the many worlds conquered by their fury. There are countless of them, and their strategies strike fear into the strongest hearts. Their members are united by a vision of an empty void, a lifeless universe, their desire manifests. Because they only desire destruction, diplomacy with the Burning Legion is impossible, making them a permanent enemy in World of Warcraft. Be careful because their power can never be underestimated.


The Burning Legion represents the epitome of chaotic destruction in the World of Warcraft universe. Their training was initiated by the fallen titan Sarger, who, seeing the unrelenting spread of evil, succumbed to despair. He formed this horde of demons with one goal in mind: to erase all existence and effectively cleanse the cosmos of the imperfections he saw oppressed.
These demonic creatures greedily consume life, leaving only a bare void. The Burning Legion's fearsome reputation is based on an insatiable lust for power and a ruthless method of destruction. Summoned from many worlds, each demon of the Legion brings unique terror and destruction with its own insidious schemes and abilities.
The Burning Legion's almost undying loyalty to their cause and their master, Sarger, set them on a downward path through worlds and realities. The greatness of their power is proven by the successful destruction of countless civilizations throughout the cosmos. Nothing is sacred and nothing is safe as the Burning Legion launches a catastrophic assault on existence itself.
However, against all odds, champions from different races and worlds faced and fought against this merciless wave of chaos, uniting to protect their home and existence, representing an undying spark of hope and courage. The story of the Burning Legion is not only a story of wanton destruction, but also a story of unity and resistance of those who refuse to bow to the flames of destruction. It encourages us to remain fearless in the face of great adversity, making World of Warcraft more than just a game, but a compelling story of resilience and unity.


The Burning Legion is an intoxicating and destructive force that exists outside of our reality. Its vast history spans the dark ages of the universe, traces of its chaos imprinted on countless worlds.
Born from the primal and unfathomable evil known as the Dark Titan Sarger, the Burning Legion was once a crusade against the vile beings that threatened the cosmos. Originally named the Champion of the Pantheon, the mighty Sarger faced the sad truth of the void during his long odyssey to ensure creation. The evil nature of the universe, embodied by the demonic beings that thrive in its corners, ultimately led to Sargeras' disillusionment. Desperate, he broke through the prison walls of slain demons and paved the way for the formation of his ruthless apocalyptic force, the Burning Legion. His motive turned into an insidious plan to purify the universe by plunging it into chaos, believing it to be the only solution to combat the lurking shadow of cosmic evil.
For millennia, the Burning Legion has sought total domination, leaving behind smoking trails and destroyed worlds. They sow fear and destruction, plunging civilizations into an unceasing chaos of war and destruction. Demon armies of immeasurable power and ferocity have been at the forefront of all cataclysmic events, creating a complex history of treachery, destruction, and rebellion. However, one of the most striking moments in our history is the legendary War of the Elders. Drawn by the rogue Sorceress Queen Azshara, the Legion wreaked unprecedented havoc on Azeroth. Although the Legion's campaign ended bitterly, it was a poignant reminder of their destructive tenacity.
The story of the Burning Legion is a story of darkness, a testament to the unquenchable desire for chaos. Their past is a mirror of their future, an unrelenting drive for disorder and destruction, a burning and lasting legacy that dances in the ashes of every world they destroy. It is the flaming badge of the Legion, unquenchable and unforgettable.

Notable Members

Member #
Jubeka Shadowbreaker
Kanrethad Ebonlocke


The domain of the Burning Legion extends beyond the forms and concepts of material geography as we know it. This vast army of demonic creatures lives in the Twisting Nether, an ethereal and chaotic dimension where the laws of nature are in a state of flux. In a way, the Twisting Nether collaborates with the Great Dark Beyond, allowing the Burning Legion to invade multiple realities and spread its evil influence.
Their strongholds are either fortresses jutting out of the chaotic streams of the Netherland, or massive starships such as the Legion's command ship, the Tomb of Sargeras. This monumental ship capable of interstellar travel is home to a host of demonic creatures ready to unleash upon unsuspecting worlds. In addition, the Burning Legion has left its mark on countless planets throughout the universe. They were responsible for turning Draenor into Outland, creating many portals to the surface. Also, their attempt to corrupt Azeroth led to the creation of Fellwood and the Wasteland of the Blasted Lands. Their influence has profoundly altered the geography of war-torn worlds, leaving painful scars as reminders of their destructive abilities.

Legacy and Impact

The legacy of the Burning Legion is one of destruction and battle. This evil force left an indelible scar on the face of Azeroth and beyond, the echoes of which continue to vibrate in every corner of the universe. The Legion is so vast and powerful that it has rewritten the history of countless worlds, wiping out all life and destroying civilizations with its unbridled desire to dominate the cosmos.
But the effects of the Burning Legion go beyond destruction. Their existence forced different nations and races to unite against a common enemy, revealing an unprecedented display of courage, resilience and self-sacrifice. These alliances and the deeds that resulted from them shaped the fate of Azeroth and strengthened the resolve of its inhabitants. Despite the pain and loss the Legion caused, they inadvertently instilled unity and courage in those who faced their carnage.
The legacy of the Burning Legion is a paradoxical testament to the strength, unity and resilience of life when threatened with destruction.