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General Info

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Faction NameHorde
The Horde, a coalition of marginalized races, is the epitome of unity and strength in the World of Warcraft universe. Founded by exiled Orc clans, it now hosts a diverse range of creatures, from the rugged Tauren and Forsaken rebels to the resourceful Goblins and rebellious Blood Elves. Despite their individual quirks, they all share a common understanding of the need to work together to survive. They strongly believe in the values ​​of honesty, strength and honor. Revered for its resilience, the Horde adheres to a do-or-die philosophy and fights fiercely against prejudice and hostile forces that seek to eradicate it. Unlike the Alliance, the Horde values ​​adaptation and survival, resorting to morally ambiguous choices in the face of adversity. It's a raw, uncompromising will and a sense of unity that binds them together against all odds.


The Horde is a coalition of powerful and resilient races in the World of Warcraft universe known for their fierce will to survive and unwavering loyalty to one another. Includes resistant races such as trolls, orcs, taurens, and undead. Despite being often mistaken for an evil group due to their savage origins, the Horde represents strength and determination against all odds.
Their hometowns show their tenacity, with the capital Orgrimmar resembling an imposing fortress that stands proud against the rigors of the arid desert environment. Each race of the Horde gives the faction their own strengths and abilities, making them a formidable opponent in any fight they face. Epic tales of the Horde's struggle for dominance, survival, and unity are central to the overall narrative of World of Warcraft. Their deep-rooted traditions and cultures make each race of the Horde distinct and full of quirks for players to discover.
The Horde's motto, "Honor. Never forsake it, never forsake it" captures the essence of the faction: their indelible spirit underscores their relentless drive to protect and prosper. The powerful Horde is often seen as a beacon of hope for the misunderstood and downtrodden, a refuge for those seeking acceptance without giving up their power. They continue to leave an indelible mark on the landscape of Azeroth, reinforcing the idea that strength comes not just from brute force, but from unity, loyalty, and the will to keep fighting no matter the cost.


One of the two main political factions in the Empire of Azeroth, the Horde has a rich history of survival, tenacity, and honor. Originally formed out of necessity, the Horde has evolved from a loosely assembled group of survivors into a cohesive and complex fighting force with a strong sense of community and purpose.
The Horde's existence was a desperate measure during the First War, when the orc clans of Draenor were manipulated into invading Azeroth through the Dark Portal under the leadership of Gul'dan and Blackhand. They have united in a unique force to survive. They were aided by trolls from the Darkspear tribe and tauren from the Bloodhoof tribe, who shared similar goals and believed that strength and unity were the way forward. Despite initial promise under Thrall, the Horde fell under the dark influence of Garrosh Hellscream, who used the Horde in the war against Azeroth. This dark period in the Horde's history culminated in a civil war, a battle in which Garrosh was overthrown and the Darkspear trolls Vol'jin took over.
The Horde changed a lot, with Sylvan Windrunner briefly taking over before being removed. The future of the Horde now rests in the hands of the orc Thrall, the troll Zekhan, and other leaders who seek to restore honor and stability.
Through this rollercoaster of power struggles and leadership changes, the Horde has remained true to its core principles of survival, perseverance, and honor. It is an entity born of necessity that has withstood battles, wars, and massive leadership changes to remain a powerful force on Azeroth. The story of the Horde is not only a story of survival, but also a testament to its ability to grow, change and adapt, even in the face of incredible adversity.

Notable Members

Member #
Sylvanas Windrunner
Varok Saurfang
Garrosh Hellscream
Baine Bloodhoof
Lor'themar Theron
Ji Firepaw
Lady Liadrin
Overlord Geya'rah
First Arcanist Thalyssra


One of the most powerful factions in World of Warcraft, the Horde spans a variety of geographical areas, each with its own unique rugged and savage beauty. Orcs live in some of the harshest parts of Azeroth and rule from Orgrimar, a fortified city built across a canyon wall in the northern city of Kalimdor. The red colored landscapes reflect the power of this daring race.
Another Horde domain is the lush tropical Echo Islands off the southeast coast of Kalimdor, home to the Dark Willow troll tribe. Under the leadership of the troll leader Vol'jin, the tribe restored their place here after a self-sacrificing battle with their former insane leader, Zalazane. The Red Rock of Mulgor surrounds the peaceful tauren in the central parts of Kalimdor, where a quick-witted race lives in harmony with nature in its capital, Thunder Bluff.
The Undead, or Forsaken, own a kingdom aptly named The Undercity, shrouded in mysterious shadows beneath the ruins of Lordaeron. Meanwhile, the resourceful goblins of the Bilgewater Cartel inhabit the islands of Kezan and the Lost Isles, creating a picturesque spectacle of smoke from their relentless work. The Horde's geography is as diverse as its races, symbolizing their resilience and adaptability.

Legacy and Impact

As the main faction in the World of Warcraft universe, the Horde has a wide-ranging impact and diverse legacy. Originally considered warmongers, they developed and dispelled stereotypes, advocated unity and the pursuit of honor. As a force made up of outcasts and refugees, the Horde's constant struggle to survive and be accepted in Azeroth resonated with fans, making them a favorite among gamers.
During gameplay, the Horde's unique racial abilities, rich story zones, and engaging quests greatly influenced player choices and game strategies. The Horde also played a major role in shaping the storyline of the Warcraft series, with their complex character dynamics as a counterpoint to the Alliance. The Horde's legacy has spread beyond the game, influencing other media and creating a wealth of fan art. The Horde's symbol, a red flag with a black handprint, has become a cultural phenomenon that can be seen not only in-game, but also on merchandise, apparel and fan conventions around the world.
In short, the rich and complex history of the Horde and the emotional depth of its characters have left an indelible mark on the World of Warcraft universe and the hearts of players around the world.