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General Info

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Faction NameAlliance
The Alliance is a powerful union in the World of Warcraft universe, made up of brave and noble races who share common values ​​and mutual respect. This exalted coalition consists of humans, dwarves, night elves, dwarves, draenei, worgen, hollow elves, lightforged draenei, dark iron dwarves, human Kul Tiran, and clockwork. They strive to bring peace, stability, and justice to Azeroth, constantly opposing the chaotic forces of the Horde as they clash with their High Princes. The way of life, philosophy and architecture of the Alliance are deeply rooted in medieval traditions, with knights, castles and nobility as common themes. Despite the diverse characteristics of its members, the unity and camaraderie that unites them is the real strength of the Alliance. Whether fending off an invasion or exploring uncharted territory, they carry out each mission with fearless courage and an unwavering sense of justice.


The Alliance Faction embodies the virtues of honor and justice in the dynamic World of Warcraft universe. Known for their dogged tenacity and fierce determination, the Alliance has proven over the centuries to be a formidable force against the rifts of darkness. Comprised of brave humans, mystical night elves, resourceful dwarves, stoic dwarves, enigmatic worgen, and draenei and pandaren-oriented, the alliance represents a variety of cultures, each providing unique strengths to the faction.
Stormwind City is their stronghold that has withstood the winds of adversity, making the Alliance a stronghold of civilization in a world full of war and chaos. Alliance members value tenacity, faith and a strong commitment to the well-being of their people above all else. As a member of the Alliance, you stand on the front lines against the horrors of the Horde and the Burning Legion, wielding the torch of hope and lighting the beacon of justice.
The Alliance boasts legendary heroes such as King Varian Wrynn, Jaina Proudmoore, and Anduin Lothar, all of whom left an indelible mark on the grand stage of Azeroth. Joining the Alliance means ensuring the survival and prosperity of Azeroth against the deadliest enemies imaginable. So pack your gear, answer the call and leave your mark in the annals of this ever-evolving tradition.


The Alliance is a powerful alliance between different factions, united by the same choice of honor, courage and peace. The main principle of this conglomerate comes from the desire to create a peaceful world free from unrest and strife.
The human kingdom of Stormwind, under King Varian Wrynn, is an important cornerstone of the Alliance's strength. Faced with the aftermath of the First Human-Orc War, Stormwind's rebirth is driven by a quest for order and justice. Stormwind is inspired by its architectural grandeur and is a beacon of hope for the Alliance. Next up are the mystical night elves of Kalimdor with the calm and peaceful forests of Nordrasil. With an ancient civilization, they reiterate the importance of respecting nature while showing great hostility to any disturbance of their sacred land. They joined the Alliance after the third Burning Legion invasion.
Forming a pact with the Stormwind Kingdom, the dwarves of Ironforge contribute their magnificent stone and metalworking vessels to the Pact. Their beautiful city in the mountains shows their strength and iron will. Gnomeregan dwarves, though small in size, play an important role in the Pact. Their mind-boggling inventions and unparalleled knowledge of technology and magic proved to be an asset. After losing the city to a deadly radiation leak, the Alliance offered them refuge in Ironforge and welcomed them.
Eventually, the draenei hid in Azeroth after fleeing Outland to escape the Burning Legion. As recent additions to the Pact, they bring their advanced technology and powerful light-based magic with them. Over the centuries, the leaders of the Alliance have prioritized peace and prosperity. However, they remain ready to stand up to those who threaten their values ​​and security. The covenant embodies the spirit of unity in diversity and symbolizes a beacon of hope in turbulent times.

Notable Members

Member #
King Varian Wrynn
Anduin Wrynn
Jaina Proudmoore
Alleria Windrunner
Muradin Bronzebeard
Malfurion Stormrage
Genn Greymane
Tyrande Whisperwind
Gelbin Mekkatorque
Moira Thaurissan
Falstad Wildhammer
Shandris Feathermoon
Aysa Cloudsinger
Vereesa Windrunner
Archmage Modera
High Tinker Mekkatorque
Danath Trollbane
Grand Admiral Jes-Tereth
High Exarch Turalyon


One of the two main political factions in the World of Warcraft universe, the Alliance controls several different territories, each with its own unique geography. One of the main territories is the human kingdom of Stormwind, a strong and sprawling human city in the southern part of the Eastern Kingdom. It consists of large medieval-style buildings and a huge castle surrounded by lush forests and fresh rivers.
To the north of Stormwind lies Ironforge, an iconic dwarven city carved into the Dun Morogh mountain region. The terrain here is mostly snow and ice, with high peaks reaching for the snowy sky. The vast, peaceful forests of Teldrasil and the breathtaking heights of Mount Hyjal are what the night elves call home. These areas feature giant ancient trees touching the night sky and vibrant, magical forests filled with mystical creatures.
The draenei of the Alliance established their capital in the floating city of Exodar on the island of Azuremyst. The landscape here is a mix of misty valleys, stunning mushrooms and crystalline forests, giving it an ethereal feel.
Each district of the Alliance is a rich and diverse world, from snow-capped mountains, lush forests to sparkling rivers that reflect the culture and resilience of its inhabitants. This interplay of different landscapes and cultures sets the Alliance territories apart and invites adventure at every turn.

Legacy and Impact

The Alliance faction has had a significant and lasting impact on the World of Warcraft universe. Their dedication to justice and peace largely determines the course of Azeroth's history. The Alliance is seen as a beacon of hope, showing resilience and determination to maintain harmony, especially during harrowing conflicts such as the Great War against the Lich King.
The faction's relentless pursuit of the forces of chaos also indirectly affected the policies and strategies of their enemies. The loyal camaraderie of the Alliance has inspired many players to join the faction and take part in their unique dramatic stories. The fantasy appeal of the alliance, with its grand cities and legendary heroes, has left an indelible mark on the WoW community and has become an integral part of the game's globally recognized brand. Thus, the pact not only added to the game's history, but also affected the players' experience in the World of Warcraft universe.