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Warcraft: The Beginning

General Info

Warcraft: The Beginning logo
GenresAction, Adventure, Fantasy
Music ByRamin Djawadi
TaglineTwo worlds. One home.
Edited ByPaul Hirsch
Film NameWarcraft: The Beginning
StarringTravis Fimmel, Paula Patton, Ben Foster, Dominic Cooper, Toby Kebbell, Ben Schnetzer, Robert Kazinsky, Daniel Wu
Directed ByDuncan Jones
Produced ByThomas Tull, Jon Jashni, Charles Roven, Alex Gartner, Stuart Fenegan
Budget in USD160 million
Release Date2016-06-10
Running Time123 minutes
Screenplay ByCharles Leavitt, Duncan Jones
Content RatingPG-13
Distributed ByUniversal Pictures
Original TitleWarcraft
Box Office in USD439 million
CinematographySimon Duggan
Country of OriginUnited States
Trailer Youtube URLhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Rxoz13Bthc
Production Company NameLegendary Pictures, Blizzard Entertainment, Atlas Entertainment
Production Company Website URLhttps://www.legendary.com/film/warcraft/
Warcraft: The Beginning is an epic fantasy film that immerses viewers in the turbulent and spectacular realm of Azeroth, a land where harmony between humans and orcs is a fading dream. Directed by Duncan Jones, the film presents a coming-of-age story fueled by desperation, survival and sacrifice. The stakes are high as both species face extinction. Unlikely heroes from opposing factions are brought together, setting the stage for an epic confrontation that will determine the fate of their families and their homeland. Experience a global battlefield filled with tension, camaraderie in incredible locations, and heroic deeds. Part of the acclaimed World of Warcraft game franchise, this film transcends traditional fantasy and rewrites the rules of epic storytelling.


Warcraft: The Beginning is an immersive cinematic journey based on the popular Warcraft video game series. It unfolds the story of two heroes from opposing civilizations forced into a duel of fate as their worlds descend into brutal war. The story takes place in the kingdom of Azeroth, which is on the brink of destruction as it faces a terrifying race of invaders, the orc warriors, who want to colonize a new planet while their own destruction threatens.
Deftly blending action, adventure, and fantasy, the film portrays the gentle underbelly of a war in which both sides are entitled, but fueled by the need to attack each other's weirdness, destroying not only their existence, but their civilizations. It effectively conveys that real war isn't about them versus us, it's about so much more. What sets Warcraft: The Beginning apart is the excellent portrayal of heroes on both sides. Anduin Lothar of the Humans and Durotan of the Orcs battle prophecies of impending doom as they try to protect their friends and kin, setting the stage for a powerfully compelling story.
The film is adorned with exciting performances, epic battle scenes and advanced visual effects, offering a dizzying combination of spectacle and emotion. Directed by Duncan Jones and produced by Legendary Pictures, this is a bold entry into the world of video game-inspired cinema that brings a new dimension to the Warcraft legacy.



'Warcraft: The Beginning' "film" screenshots
'Warcraft: The Beginning' "film" screenshots
'Warcraft: The Beginning' "film" screenshots
'Warcraft: The Beginning' "film" screenshots
'Warcraft: The Beginning' "film" screenshots
'Warcraft: The Beginning' "film" screenshots


The story of Warcraft: The Beginning takes place in the mythical world of Azeroth. The once peaceful kingdom now stands on the brink of brutal war. The invaders are orcs, a monstrous race of aliens from the dying world of Draenor who want to colonize a new home through the portal. The Defenders are the inhabitants of Azeroth fighting to protect their prosperous world from marauding invaders.
The story follows Ser Anduin Lothar, the warlord of Azeroth, and Durotan, the leader of the Frostwolf Orc clan. Despite being on different sides of the war, both leaders are equally determined to do whatever it takes to secure the future of their people.
The story delves into their personal struggles, their quest for power, and the sacrifices they have to make in pursuit of peace. Lothar, defying a host of rampaging invaders, and Durotan, challenged by the ruthlessness of his own kind, both face dilemmas that blur the lines between good and evil, friend and foe.
An unlikely alliance blossoms amid the brutality of war, opening a window to unity. The film ends abruptly, leaving room for many intriguing possibilities. Warcraft: The Beginning is not just the beginning of war, it is the beginning of a story of power, survival, and most of all, hope.


Making Warcraft: The Beginning was an intense and challenging process due to the sheer scale of the franchise and the film itself. It all started with a vision to bring the incredibly expansive world of the Warcraft video game series to the big screen.
The major Hollywood studio Legendary Pictures teamed up with Blizzard Entertainment, the creators of the most popular video game series, and began the production process in 2012. at the beginning Thomas Tull, CEO of Legendary Pictures, saw huge potential in the history of video games and believed in the opportunity to transform into a premier cinematic experience.
Duncan Jones, an avid gamer and experienced filmmaker, was responsible for directing the film. As a Warcraft player himself, Jones was able to connect to the project on a personal level and lay the groundwork for the epic saga to come.
The production leaned heavily on CGI to create the magical kingdom of Azeroth and its orc inhabitants, sparing no expense, employing the industry's best SFX house, Industrial Light & Magic. The teams worked together to develop advanced motion capture technology that brought Ogre's main characters to life.
Filming took place in Canada in 2014. between January and May, but the marketing campaign, post-production and CGI work lasted until the film's release in 2016. The result was a film whose creative scope kept the source material proud and told a worthy story. the vibrant fantasy universe of Warcraft.


The release of Warcraft: The Beginning was an important milestone in the expansion of the World of Warcraft universe. The film, which premiered in theaters worldwide in 2016, was a visually stunning representation of the tension and mayhem that fans have come to love in the iconic video game series. The epic story followed Anduin Lothar vs. Durotan as both human and orc factions were explored to emphasize the film's theme of heroism on both sides of the war, taking fans from gaming consoles to a fully realized and immersive cinematic experience.
Despite mixed reviews from critics, the film particularly appealed to fans of the franchise as it covered a complex, detailed story over the years. The film has been particularly well received in China, where World of Warcraft has a sizable fan base, breaking box office records and becoming one of the country's highest-grossing films of all time. Impressive performances by stars like Travis Fimmel, Paula Patton and Ben Foster brought these beloved characters to life in a way that felt fresh but true to their roots. This film delighted fans around the world and left the door open for possible future adaptations of this multiverse.


Despite having a dedicated fan base for the long-running video game franchise, Warcraft: The Beginning received a mixed response upon release. Critics generally praised the film for its stunning visuals, complex world-building, and successful capture of the title game's essence. However, they also pointed out some disadvantages.
The frequent transitions and fast pacing were noted, with some critics saying it hurt character development and lost emotional impact. Many felt that the film, while visually impressive, suffered from a convoluted plot and underdeveloped characters due to its ambitious attempts to connect multiple storylines and adapt the games' large universe. On the other hand, fans of the game praised the movie for its faithfulness to the source material. Above all, the vast and rich world of Azeroth has been brought to life in vivid detail, delighting fans who have spent countless hours traveling through these virtual lands.
Despite mixed reactions, Warcraft: The Beginning proved that video games could be turned into movies and laid the groundwork for future adventures in the genre. Despite the lukewarm reception, the movie managed to earn a decent amount, which shows the high interest in gaming movies. Future adaptations could benefit from this innovative effort, striking a balance between fan service and providing a self-contained, cohesive story for the uninitiated. While not perfect, Warcraft: The Beginning took bold steps to bring the beloved gaming universe to the big screen.

Cultural impact

Warcraft: The Beginning has had a profound impact on popular culture, reaching beyond video game enthusiasts to affect society as a whole. The captivating blend of fantasy, action and vibrant world-building resonated with audiences worldwide and inspired subsequent fantasy works with similar qualities.
This impressive film not only intrigued the local gaming community, but also interested those who are not familiar with the Warcraft universe. The film's obvious crossover appeal is a testament to its ability to transcend the preconceived boundaries of its genre. As a result, many fantasy enthusiasts were born who would otherwise not have been able to explore such worlds. In addition, the film sparked conversations about mixing human actors with CGI characters, showcasing technological advancements in the world of cinema. This hybrid of humanity and technology, exemplified by the characters of Durotan and Orgrim, sets a precedent for fantasy films with greater depth and realism.
The film also made great strides in popularizing the video game adaptation genre. However, its less-than-absolute success served as a lesson that highlighted the potential and challenges of this unexplored genre, ultimately paving the way for future fantasy adaptations.
Finally, Warcraft: The Beginning was an international cultural unit. With global appeal, particularly noticeable in China, the film demonstrated the universal appeal of fantasy and showed that colorful and richly created worlds can transcend cultural and linguistic barriers. Its success overseas is a testament to the Warcraft universe's influence on a global scale.
In these ways, Warcraft: The Beginning has had a significant cultural impact, expanded the horizons of the fantasy genre, pioneered technological applications in cinema, and united audiences around the world to enjoy a fantasy universe together.